Sharkey County Grooms


TACKET, Tom BROWN, Jane 1887-Feb-11
TARR, D D MARM, Ora Leigh 1900-Jan-10
TAYLOR, Abe FRAZIER, Florence 1899-Sep-25
TAYLOR, Andrew JOHNSON, Mary 1891-Feb-10
TAYLOR, Booker SHEPHARD, Lizzie 1894-Mar-11
TAYLOR, Charles WILLIAMS, Amelia 1900-Dec-24
TAYLOR, Clinton BENNETT, Julia 1893-Apr-26
TAYLOR, Daniel COOK, Lucinda 1886-Dec-30
TAYLOR, Ed JOHNSON, Emma 1890-May-20
TAYLOR, Gilbert JOHNSON, Elizabeth 1890-Jan-21
TAYLOR, Gilbert REWLEY, Agnes Ann 1886-Jul-10
TAYLOR, Janus SIMPKIN, Leila 1891-Jan-29
TAYLOR, Jerry COLEMAN, Cora 1887-Nov-12
TAYLOR, Joe WILLIAMS, Cora 1894-Aug-26
TAYLOR, John REED, Winnie 1879-Nov-15
TAYLOR, John ROBINSON, Penny 1878-Apr-22
TAYLOR, John WILLIAMS, Annie 1884-Mar-07
TAYLOR, Jordan STEVENS, Patsy 1889-Sep-19
TAYLOR, Julius BAKER, Ester 1882-Feb-24
TAYLOR, Julius ROBERSON, Dina 1885-Sep-15
TAYLOR, M M RICE, Lizzie 1895-Apr-18
TAYLOR, Robert MITCHELL, Mary 1896-Dec-24
TAYLOR, S T KAHEE, Lula 1891-Jan-01
TAYLOR, Samuel A RUNNELLS, Myrtise 1892-May-26
TAYLOR, T N THOMPSON, Sadie 1900-Jul-12
TAYLOR, Will CONNER, Patsy 1892-Dec-26
TAYLOR, William ROBINSON, Nancy 1890-Jun-07
TEDO, James DAVIDSON, Celia 1894-Jan-28
TELL, George SOWED, Bettie 1885-Nov-07
TELLIS, Elijah SMITH, Lizzie 1894-May-05
TENNIS, Aaron FOSTER, Nancy 1898-Mar-17
TEXAS, William DIXON, Frances 1899-Dec-26
THADONIA, Eaton CARTER, Henry 1880-Oct-21
THAURUM, H E OMALLEY, Betty 1878-Dec-20
THOMAS, Almonzo GALES, Ida 1892-Oct-10
THOMAS, Benjamin BAKER, Jane 1890-Apr-12
THOMAS, Charles STEEL, Isabella 1897-Aug-08
THOMAS, Charlie ROBERTSON, Annie 1879-Apr-05
THOMAS, Ed BOVCIR, Linda 1897-Feb-27
THOMAS, Ed CATHELL, Annie Lou 1899-Mar-03
THOMAS, Forest WINBUSH, Anna 1890-Jun-03
THOMAS, Frank JONES, Josephine 1898-Mar-04
THOMAS, Henry MITCHEL, Matilda 1881-Feb-02
THOMAS, Henry PARIS, Antoinette 1892-Mar-31
THOMAS, Henry POINDEXTER, Rose 1888-Oct-06
THOMAS, Henry WILLIAMS, Rachel 1885-Jul-29
THOMAS, Isaac WILLIAMS, Amy 1879-Apr-16
THOMAS, Isom BRECKENRIDGE, Emma 1890-Jan-14
THOMAS, James JOHNSON, Eddi 1879-Feb-10
THOMAS, Joe BOYD, Ona 1889-Oct-24
THOMAS, John MILLER, Caroline 1896-Nov-21
THOMAS, John MILLER, Virginia 1898-Feb-13
THOMAS, John VINCENT, Hester 1900-May-31
THOMAS, John Hnery BUTLER, Ida 1897-Sep-21
THOMAS, Julius WALTERS, Emma 1895-Nov-07
THOMAS, Robert JACKSON, Eliza 1894-Jan-16
THOMAS, Sam WARE, Littie Ann 1895-Dec-03
THOMAS, Shaker GEE, Aggie 1886-Mar-16
THOMAS, Sid JONES, Bella 1898-Jan-19
THOMAS, Smith BLAIR, Margarett 1888-Jan-27
THOMAS, William CHASE, Savella 1899-Sep-21
THOMAS, William HENDERSON, Agnes 1897-Nov-27
THOMAS, William HENDERSON, Annie 1893-Jul-15
THOMAS, Willie DAVIS, Bettie 1895-Nov-21
THOMPSON, Alex ANDERSON, Susan 1888-Mar-17
THOMPSON, Allen HOLMES, Maria 1897-Jan-23
THOMPSON, Fred ROBERTSON, Josephine 1896-Dec-24
THOMPSON, G H BAILEY, Mary 1885-Jun-30
THOMPSON, Gabriel JONES, Jane 1900-May-14
THOMPSON, Gabriel MURRAY, Viney 1897-Feb-28
THOMPSON, Henry MOORE, Nellie 1891-Jan-11
THOMPSON, Herbert WATSON, Sallie 1880-May-27
THOMPSON, Isam HUDSON, Julie 1893-Nov-25
THOMPSON, J W DAVIS, Mary Ella 1887-Mar-18
THOMPSON, J W JOHNSON, Billie 1893-Jan-02
THOMPSON, Joshua JOHNSON, Ida 1881-Aug-09
THOMPSON, L W DUKE, E P Miss 1899-Jan-09
THOMPSON, Lamb OUTLISS, Alice 1891-Dec-20
THOMPSON, Lamb POLK, Mary 1883-Aug-14
THOMPSON, Landen AUSTEN, Minervia 1899-Sep-14
THOMPSON, Lawrence HICKS, Addieline 1889-Jan-03
THOMPSON, Leir WASHINGTON, Adaline 1877-Apr-21
THOMPSON, Levy STEWART, Harrah 1885-Sep-11
THOMPSON, Mose MAYSON, Arrena 1891-Jan-06
THOMPSON, Spencer JOHNSON, Lucy 1885-Jul-25
THOMPSON, Wallace BREWER, Frances 1889-Dec-28
THOMPSON, Walter WILLIAMS, Ada 1894-Sep-06
THOMPSON, William WASHINGTON, Elvira 1887-Jan-29
THORNTON, George JENNEN, Lessie 1877-Dec-24
THORNTON, John JONES, Catherine 1880-Sep-02
TILLIS, Jerry CLARK, Emma 1897-Jan-08
TILLMAN, Lucas HARVEY, Mary 1899-Oct-21
TILLMAN, Perry PORTER, Matilda 1898-Jan-10
TILLMAN, William BILLFER, Minnie 1896-Jan-06
TINNEY, Robert POTTER, Alice 1900-Oct-10
TINNEY, Woodson BALLE, Ella 1899-Aug-21
TISDALE, B F LUSK, Linnie C 1892-Mar-21
TISON, Monroe JOHNSON, Grace Ann 1880-Mar-11
TOBIAS, William CRAIG, Laura N 1883-Apr-03
TOD, Calvin WILLIAMS, Carrie 1900-Mar-15
TOLER, Robert FOSTER, Mary Eliza 1890-Jan-02
TOLIVER, Louis WINN, Julia 1893-Jan-02
TOLIVER, Silas CLINTON, Fannie 1887-Dec-29
TORRANCE, John SMITH, Emma 1898-Jan-27
TORRANT, Layfayett e         MARTIN, Joanah 1898-Dec-25
TORRENCE, William NORRIS, Eliza 1900-Jul-14
TORTE, William WATSON, Laura 1897-Jan-11
TOWNS, Bruce WILLIAMS, Mariah 1900-Mar-10
TOWNS, Payton BALLARD, Nancy 1894-Dec-16
TOWNS, Peyton TILLMORE, Lucy 1892-Dec-25
TOWNSEND, Dave BOKIN, Mariah 1880-Feb-28
TRADER, William PORTER, Martha 1896-Aug-14
TRIM, E B THOMPSON, Fannie 1889-Dec-07
TRIM, J H WELLS, Eunice 1898-Oct-11
TRUCKS, Abner WADDY, Norah 1896-Oct-19
TUBENEEL, Joseph STEPHENS, Josie 1900-Mar-31
TUCKER, Baitley CROCKETT, Estella 1890-Apr-01
TUCKER, E B WELLS, Annie 1884-Jul-15
TUCKER, E H FLEMING, Georgianna 1888-Dec-24
TUCKER, Hiram FLEMING, Lucrecia 1888-Dec-24
TUCKER, Hiram WESLEY, Sally 1882-Jun-12
TUCKER, S Y GRIFFIN, Effie Lena 1886-Feb-26
TUCKER, Saul SEMMS, Luciser 1886-Feb-13
TURBEVILLE, George POPE, Delah 1883-Aug-29
TURNER, Bill SMITH, Ellen 1885-Apr-08
TURNER, Esgee CRAWFORD, Lulula 1893-Oct-30
TURNER, George JOHNSON, Adaline 1888-Dec-18
TURNER, George THOMPSON, Lizzie 1888-Dec-07
TURNER, George G HARRISON, Caroline 1884-Dec-15
TURNER, Henry RICHMOND, Lula 1892-Nov-02
TURNER, Ike MAYS, Georgie 1897-Feb-10
TURNER, Isaha CRAWFORD, Ella 1884-Oct-26
TURNER, Jacob BANNER, Polly 1884-Apr-10
TURNER, Jim PARKER, Louise 1881-Apr-21
TURNER, John BARKER, Harriet 1890-Dec-28
TURNER, John POWELL, Mary 1889-Mar-04
TURNER, Steven KAGLER, Lula 1882-Mar-09
TURNER, Tom THOMAS, Lina 1900-Apr-03
TURNER, W J RUSSELL, Pearl 1888-Aug-03
TURNER, W M PRICE, Mary 1893-Feb-16
TURRACE, Ed WILLIAMS, Lucy 1891-May-09
TUTSON, William HODGES, Irena 1890-Feb-13
TYLER, Ernest HILL, Nicie 1899-Apr-09
TYLER, John ROBERSON, Annie 1886-Oct-20



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