Sharkey County Grooms


RADFORD, J F PENDARVIS, Annie 1883-Apr-01
RADLIFF, D BOYER, Alma 1886-Feb-10
RAINEY, Dave LEWIS, Maggie 1900-May-07
RANDLE, Sam WILBRANCH, Lizzie 1893-Apr-20
RANDLE, Will NATHAN, Mat 1900-Oct-11
RANDOLPH, Jim JENKINS, Susan Mrs 1893-May-22
RANKIN, George WILSON, Bassie 1898-May-20
RANKIN, Owens PARKS, Lizzie 1879-May-10
RASCO, John SMITH, Rina 1899-Dec-26
RATCLIFF, William LEE, S L Mrs 1884-Dec-23
RATLIFF, Dock MCPHERSON, Millie 1898-Sep-07
RATLIFF, Soloman WILLIAMS, Anna 1887-Dec-24
RATLIFF, W M MCDANIEL, Ellen 1886-Jan-07
RATTEN, George HICKS, Martha 1899-Mar-06
RAYMOND, Calvin HOYT, Eliza 1881-Mar-29
REAVELERY, Marshall CARTWRIGHT, Sarah 1896-Mar-08
REAVLY, Thomas WYNN, Agnis 1880-Jul-20
RED, Elijah CLEMENTS, Mary 1890-Feb-14
RED, Perry SUMMONS, Lizzie 1890-Feb-14
REDD, Perry ROSA, Susan 1899-May-05
REDMAN, Rafe RICHARDSON, Janie 1899-Oct-23
REDMOND, James M MANN, Corrinne 1894-Oct-30
REECE, James HOLLIDAY, Mary 1895-Jul-25
REECE, Major BUNYARD, Harriet 1892-Aug-08
REED, Alex COLEMAN, Sally 1890-Mar-10
REED, Clint COVINGTON, Florence 1890-Oct-30
REED, George DEAN, Smithie 1889-Sep-26
REED, James REED, Ella 1889-Aug-15
REED, Jerome RICHARDS, Julia 1900-Nov-22
REED, Lewis JAMES, Francis 1893-Dec-14
REED, Roberson WALKER, Annie 1891-Aug-12
REED, Robert ALEXANDA, Anna 1895-Nov-27
REED, Stephen JONES, Ida 1882-Dec-24
REED, Steve JACKSON, Ellen 1887-Nov-04
REED, Steve WILKERSON, Kattie 1889-May-05
REED, Thomas RHODES, Minervia 1898-Apr-03
REED, William DEAN, Alice 1888-Aug-27
REED, William GOSS, Pinkie 1900-Feb-15
REED, Willie MCGINNIS, Annie 1886-Jun-24
REED, Willie WILSON, Henrietta 1898-Feb-27
REED, Willie R TELLS, Nancy 1891-May-15
REESE, Hinson PIERCE, Evana 1877-Jan-06
REEVLEY, Dan RICHARDSON, Carry 1885-Dec-03
RENIPLES, Henry FIELDS, Jane 1882-Oct-16
RENNZEY, Eddie HEDGEMAN, Anna 1887-Jan-29
REVELY, Jeff STEWART, Sarah 1898-Apr-19
REWLEY, Dave COLLIER, Laura 1887-Jul-16
REWLEY, Marshall JACKSON, Jennie 1888-May-02
REWLEY, William WILSON, Pennie 1894-Jan-10
RHINES, Jessie ROSS, Henrietta 1898-Mar-17
RHINES, John GIBBS, Alice 1897-Jan-13
RHINES, John HICKS, Lula 1893-Jul-08
RHODES, Ed GREEN, Mariah 1885-Nov-21
RHODES, Eli MAY, Emma Jane 1886-Mar-06
RHODES, James LEWIS, Ginie 1899-Oct-30
RHODES, John MACK, Eveline 1885-Aug-01
RHODES, Murphy JOHNSON, Hester 1878-Jul-18
RHODES, Thomas CALLAWAY, Lizzie 1889-Jan-23
RICHARDS, G L WILSON, Bettie 1899-May-21
RICHARDSON, Alex RICHARDSON, Martha 1883-Feb-02
RICHARDSON, Elijah TAYLOR, Penny 1880-Oct-22
RICHARDSON, George WILLIAMS, Fannie 1889-Feb-21
RICHARDSON, Henry HIGDON, Georgie 1889-May-08
RICHARDSON, Henry PRESTON, Lora 1888-Jul-04
RICHARDSON, Henry WILLIAMS, Annie 1877-Aug-04
RICHARDSON, Howard CURBY, Minnie 1885-Dec-30
RICHARDSON, James BRYANT, Lucy 1886-Jun-26
RICHARDSON, John DALES, Tilda Mrs 1889-Dec-25
RICHARDSON, John MCDOWELL, Jane 1898-Aug-15
RICHARDSON, Marshall MALONE, Adeline 1884-Sep-04
RICHARDSON, W D EARL, Edna 1889-May-29
RICHARDSON, Will GRACE, Ellen 1899-Dec-28
RICHARDSON, Will SACKS, Martha 1900-Dec-09
RICHARDSON, Willie KING, Charlotte 1900-Dec-08
RICHBURG, Montgomery EDWARDS, Mollie 1888-Feb-02
RICHBURG, Orange LEE, Fanny 1885-May-01
RICHMOND, Henry COLEMAN, Mawillie 1895-Dec-24
RIDDING, John WALKER, Claudie 1899-Apr-28
RIDLEY, George WILKINS, Susan Ann 1876-Sep-23
RIGHT, David DAVIS, Griselly 1776-Nov-13
RILEY, Amos HAMPTON, Sallie 1886-Mar-06
RILEY, J G BOYKIN, Lizzie 1881-Mar-22
RILEY, J R HENDRICKS, Jennie 1895-May-16
RILLER, Joseph Herman SHELBY, Molly Kate 1890-Dec-28
RIVERS, Pink BANKS, Susan 1877-Apr-22
RIVES, John WILKINS, Mollie 1891-Oct-06
ROAN, D R EVANS, Lucy 1895-Aug-15
ROBERSON, Allen BROWN, Ethel 1898-Sep-07
ROBERSON, Arthur COURTS, Lula 1895-Jan-10
ROBERSON, Bob MILES, Dorey 1888-Oct-27
ROBERSON, Dave YOUNG, Annie 1890-Dec-15
ROBERSON, Flem WILLIAMS, Lula 1895-Dec-31
ROBERSON, Fred KELLY, Creasy 1892-Feb-19
ROBERSON, Fred SMITH, Tilla 1898-Mar-03
ROBERSON, Hezakiah LOVE, Susanna 1895-Nov-03
ROBERSON, John MONTGOMERY, Mary 1896-Mar-19
ROBERSON, L R SMITH, Lula 1885-Nov-30
ROBERSON, Phelix JONES, Rachel 1887-Nov-26
ROBERSON, Philip JOHNSON, Mary 1891-Apr-05
ROBERSON, Tommy HENDERSON, Delia 1891-Jun-28
ROBERSON, William HOLMES, Lula 1898-Feb-15
ROBERTS, Ben WOODS, Parphinia 1887-Dec-23
ROBERTS, George BANKS, Elvira 1893-Feb-12
ROBERTS, Jim SCOTT, Jinnie 1886-May-15
ROBERTS, John Q BRAZIER, Mamie L 1888-Jan-31
ROBERTS, Sam WYATT, Anna 1892-Oct-09
ROBERTS, Thomas CAMPBELL, Laura 1885-Dec-29
ROBERTSON, Andrew BARNES, Harriet 1893-Apr-22
ROBERTSON, Charles POKE, Emma 1881-Nov-12
ROBERTSON, George HART, Louberta 1896-Dec-20
ROBERTSON, Jack LEE, Sallie 1880-Apr-03
ROBERTSON, James HUNTER, Mary 1893-May-06
ROBERTSON, Wilson MITCHELL, Flora 1883-Apr-07
ROBINSON, A B WADSWORTH, Maria 1888-Oct-04
ROBINSON, Abe CELLERS, Manda 1883-Dec-19
ROBINSON, Alex SLEDGE, Hannah 1882-Sep-04
ROBINSON, Alfred MAGEE, Katie 1890-Jun-27
ROBINSON, Allen HOLMES, Hattie 1891-Oct-28
ROBINSON, Bob ANGEE, Dorsy 1882-May-17
ROBINSON, Ed LOVE, Jimnie 1895-Feb-28
ROBINSON, Ed YOUNG, Francis 1899-Nov-12
ROBINSON, Eddie DAY, Nancy 1881-Aug-20
ROBINSON, Frank GREY, Clara 1877-Apr-07
ROBINSON, Harry BROWN, Priscilla 1879-Apr-22
ROBINSON, Henry AYRES, Matilda 1881-Dec-17
ROBINSON, J K EDWARDS, Ernest 1895-Jan-10
ROBINSON, Jack CARTER, Rhoda 1882-Feb-25
ROBINSON, Joe THOMASON, Mary Ann 1878-Apr-20
ROBINSON, John JACKSON, Charity 1879-Jun-26
ROBINSON, John LEWIS, Manervia 1880-Mar-05
ROBINSON, Milton GREEN, Louisa 1896-Oct-18
ROBINSON, Sam HIGHTOWER, Rinda 1877-Dec-31
ROBY, George WILLIAMS, Mazare 1899-Jan-14
RODGERS, Alex SPRIGGS, Lucinda 1889-Feb-13
RODGERS, J D ELLIOTT, A B Miss 1885-Feb-18
RODGERS, Jake JOHNSON, Mary Jane 1888-Oct-18
RODGERS, Richard JONES, Florida 1886-Apr-10
RODGERS, Sovine WHITE, Annie 1898-May-02
ROGAN, C W GOODWIN, Fadie L 1895-Oct-28
ROGERS, Freeman BALLARD, Annie 1887-Jan-01
ROGERS, Granville CHANEY, Lucinda 1884-Mar-11
ROGERS, Hertena JOHNSON, Sinsey 1878-Jan-15
ROGERS, Jacob LEWIS, Lizzie 1889-Apr-18
ROGERS, James CONSTANTINE, Rosa 1887-Nov-18
ROGERS, Joseph MILES, Lucy 1898-Aug-06
ROGERS, Mark CATHALIC, Harriet 1887-Mar-24
ROGERS, Squire HILL, Cora 1891-Jan-29
ROGERS, William WILLIAMS, Sallie 1886-Oct-28
ROLLS, Louis JOHNSON, Judy 1890-Mar-06
ROSE, Ed WILLIAMS, Mary 1890-Mar-29
ROSEN, Guy BRIDGMAN, Guy 1888-Jan-02
ROSS, Anderson SHAW, Carrine 1897-Feb-02
ROSS, George ARCHER, Mary 1880-Feb-21
ROSS, George WOODS, Bettie 1894-Sep-22
ROSS, Henry HARRIS, Visey 1893-Dec-09
ROSS, Jack ALLEN, Mattie 1895-Mar-26
ROSS, Jerry REID, Laura 1884-May-31
ROSS, Ruben RUSSETT, Virginia 1899-Dec-11
ROSS, William FORD, Lottie 1886-Mar-18
ROSS, William WELLS, Harriet 1889-Jan-01
ROWDY, George STROUD, Marsilla 1899-Dec-12
ROWEL, John WILLIAMS, Matilda 1881-Jun-30
ROYSTER, Harrison HOLMAN, Adeline 1894-Dec-18
ROYSTON, William GIBBS, Fannie 1895-Sep-14
RUMLETT, Levi KITCHEN, Georgia 1882-Jun-21
RUNNELY, Sam ROBERTSON, Eliza 1880-Mar-22
RUSH, William GREEN, Julia 1876-Oct-28
RUSH, William MARSHALL, Julia 1881-Aug-11
RUSHING, W W WEBB, Sarah E 1887-Jan-14
RUSHING, William WILLIAMS, Savannah 1897-Dec-16
RUSSELL, A J MCCRAW, Eliza 1885-Jan-24
RUSSELL, Alex JENNIN, Dillie 1900-Nov-15
RUSSELL, Dave GREEN, Lucy 1879-Dec-18
RUSSELL, Harlow LEWIS, Sallie 1895-Jan-15
RUSSELL, Levy WILLIAMS, Retler 1888-Nov-14
RUSSELL, Oleri HICKS, Ellen 1898-Jan-05
RUSSELL, Tom BRAMAN, Hannah 1883-Sep-10
RUSSELL, William STEPHENS, Georgiana 1879-Jan-21
RUSSIN, James RUSSELL, Catherine 1876-Mar-21
RUTLEDGE, Brown GARRISON, Annie 1878-Feb-06
RUTLEGE, Henry EPPS, Sallie 1882-May-27
RYAN, George EDWARDS, Mariah 1899-Feb-25
RYAN, Harris WADE, Mandy 1898-May-31
RYAN, Jeff BALDWIN, Pearline 1898-Mar-05
RYAN, Jim BEVERLEY, Lou 1897-Jun-17
RYANS, Willie STRING, Hattie 1900-Nov-21



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