Sharkey County Grooms

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PAGE, Alexander MILLER, Annie 1885-Dec-06
PAGE, Harvey WILLIAMS, Mahala 1892-Nov-22
PAGE, Jake ROBINSON, Maggie 1900-Oct-06
PAGE, Jake THOMPSON, Cherry 1887-Dec-08
PALLY, George PRICE, Viney 1896-Nov-05
PARHAM, J G STEVENS, Alice G 1877-Apr-28
PARHAM, William DAVENPORT, Hannah 1891-Feb-19
PARIS, James SLAYTON, Hannah 1891-Jun-27
PARISH, Henry HARDEN, Mary King 1897-Dec-02
PARISH, John WEEKS, Annie 1877-Jan-21
PARKER, A N EVANS, Martha 1878-Jun-29
PARKER, Ailsey DIGGINS, Alex 1887-Dec-28
PARKER, Alex DAVIS, Mary 1895-Dec-11
PARKER, Benjamin EDWARDS, Charity 1884-Nov-13
PARKER, Hiram WILLIS, Ailsie 1876-Sep-23
PARKER, John ROBERTSON, Lori 1880-Jan-26
PARKER, R W SWINNEY, Biddy 1877-Sep-08
PARKER, Robert THOMPSON, Polly 1896-Dec-10
PARKER, Tommie SIMPSON, Serah 1888-Feb-22
PARKER, V R WILLIAMS, Sophia 1882-Mar-01
PARKER, Will BURTON, Caroline 1886-Oct-30
PARKER, Will WILLIAMS, Sarah L 1899-Nov-27
PARKHAM, Wm JOHNSON, Elvina 1879-Jul-15
PARKS, D REYNOLDS, Virginia 1879-Jan-21
PARKS, Emmanuel PITMAN, Sallie 1896-Oct-08
PARKS, John WALKER, Maggie 1897-Dec-20
PARLEY, Charles CARSON, Luvenia 1890-May-28
PARNELL, Allen WILLIAMS, Ella 1896-Dec-16
PARNELL, Dan MCGEE, Lizzie 1891-Feb-15
PARSON, S R GUNNER, Lucinda 1880-Nov-24
PARSONS, Alexander COBB, Ella Jane 1891-Feb-09
PASCO, Martin NAPOLEON, Sophia 1880-Jan-29
PASTEN, Billie HARVEY, Mary 1888-Dec-29
PASTIN, Lee SMITH, Carrie 1896-Jun-11
PATRIDGE, Hyman JACKSON, Adeline 1879-Jul-07
PATTEN, Westley BUCKINGHAM, Ida 1896-Nov-01
PATTERSON, Andrew WHITTEAKER, Celeste 1877-Oct-17
PATTERSON, Charlie HENDERSON, A Miss 1889-Jan-24
PATTERSON, Henry IRVIN, Mary Jane 1886-Apr-12
PATTERSON, Richard CALDWELL, Amanda 1897-Sep-26
PATTERSON, Wash MALONE, Anna 1882-Jan-20
PATTERSON, Wash ROBINSON, Roxanna 1878-Apr-20
PATTERSON, Wash WILLIAMS, Maggie 1895-Jan-17
PATTERSON, Willie PHILLIPS, Sarah 1892-Jun-28
PATTISON, Anderson PIERCE, Mandy 1882-Nov-16
PAULDING, Prince BUCKS, Mandy 1882-Oct-07
PAYNE, Beverley SHACKLEFORD, Ponora 1884-Sep-23
PAYNE, Beverly GARDNER, Clara 1877-Aug-28
PAYNE, Bob CALHOUN, Berry 1888-Jan-02
PAYNE, John JOHNSON, Rosa 1898-Nov-18
PAYNE, Zack MORGAN, Lou 1899-Jan-26
PEACE, Boston GARNER, Emma 1896-Nov-14
PEACE, Levy OWENS, Crecy 1899-Jan-16
PEACOCK, Clouding TENNISON, Etta 1890-Jan-29
PEARSON, Albert FARROR, Ann 1884-Feb-07
PECK, Bass LUCAS, Francis 1889-Mar-16
PECK, Ferguson JACKSON, Ida 1891-Mar-13
PEIRCE, William RHINE, Sarah 1898-Mar-11
PEMBERTON, M H STEWART, Maud 1890-Dec-30
PENDARUS, Tom COVINGTON, Mala 1880-Feb-09
PENNY, Iunice GREEN, May 1882-Jan-14
PENNY, Joseph KING, Eliza 1897-Sep-11
PENWRIGHT, James COOPER, Lucy 1876-Nov-19
PENWRIGHT, Jim WILLIAMS, Annie 1897-Oct-28
PEPPARD, W J FLOYD, Cora E 1895-Oct-03
PERKINS, ROBERTS, Sylvia 1893-Sep-17
PERKINS, Austin BILL, Matilda 1880-May-28
PERKINS, Cornelius BAKER, Daniel 1893-Mar-29
PERKINS, Phillip MILES, Maudy 1900-Jan-31
PERKINS, Steve WATSON, Cora 1884-Mar-05
PERRY, Elijah SMITH, Patsy E 1890-Nov-27
PERRY, Joe ROBERTSON, Ella 1894-Feb-27
PERRY, Well LACEY, Anna 1897-Jun-14
PERRYMAN, Henry LAWSON, Mary 1894-May-03
PERRYMAN, Henry MCCOMB, Ida 1893-Jan-16
PETERSON, Arthur MOTLEY, Queen 1897-Feb-09
PEVELY, Tom WILLIAMS, Polly 1886-May-22
PEYTON, Bill PHARIS, Sallie 1893-Apr-19
PEYTON, W H SANDERS, M M Miss 1900-Dec-25
PEYTON, Will NEVELS, Louisa 1897-Jan-28
PEYTON, William REED, Savannah 1890-Oct-22
PHILIPS, Abraham MILLER, Amy 1878-Apr-10
PHILLIP, Iaird GREEN, Lillie 1900-Apr-12
PHILLIPS, Charley GRAY, Dilta 1880-Jul-08
PHILLIPS, Gilbert WOODS, Loucinda 1897-Mar-10
PHILLIPS, Gus NICHOLS, Perlinda 1884-Jul-02
PHILLIPS, Henry ENGLAND, Penny 1891-Nov-26
PHILLIPS, James BROKENBROUGH, Annie 1895-Nov-10
PHILLIPS, John MOORE, Patsy 1896-Oct-22
PHILLIPS, W G THOMPSON, Virginia 1879-Jan-30
PHILLIPS, William MILES, Mary 1892-Jul-28
PHOENIX, Will JEFFERSON, Sealy 1893-Aug-06
PIERCE, John NAY, Adele De 1876-Nov-07
PIERSON, A BROOMFIELD, Amelia 1892-Dec-01
PILGRIM, J H ROBINETTE, Mattie 1890-Dec-17
PINKNEY, Louis SAMILTON, Patty 1895-Dec-24
PITTMAN, Charley CRAIG, Bettie 1897-Nov-03
PITTMAN, Steve ROSS, Malinda 1892-Nov-10
PITTMAN, Steve WELLS, Malinda 1893-Apr-03
PITTS, Dan ROBERSON, Lucy 1883-Sep-01
PITTS, Johnnie HOOPER, Ida 1896-Feb-19
PITTS, Peter HAWKS, Maranda 1899-Mar-30
PLAT, Down FIELDS, Minerva 1890-Aug-16
POINDEXTER, Charley LEWIS, Milly 1882-Dec-26
POINDEXTER, George FAIRFAX, Easter 1876-Jun-08
POINTER, Ed WIGGINS, Henrietta 1895-Mar-03
POKE, Simon HICKS, Harriett 1897-Nov-14
POLITE, Benjamin CONELY, Emily 1880-Jan-13
POLK, T C EVANS, Carrie 1897-Mar-09
POLLARD, George BOWERS, Josephine 1890-Jan-11
POLLARD, Mack JOHNSON, Clara 1893-May-11
POLTER, Henry MARSHALL, Malinda 1888-Mar-24
PONDARVIS, T A WALKER, Mollie 1886-Dec-29
POPE, Sam ABNER, Marrah 1892-Oct-15
POPE, William LEE, Hattie 1895-Dec-25
PORTER, Ambros HENDERSON, Francis 1883-Mar-10
PORTER, Anderson WALLACE, Mary 1888-Dec-10
PORTER, Henry HARVEY, Mary 1885-Dec-09
PORTER, John WYNN, Adelia 1891-Dec-24
PORTER, Pierce PORTER, Margarett 1886-May-05
PORTER, William DAVIS, Martha 1893-Sep-07
POTSON, Manuel HEARD, Fannie 1891-Nov-21
POTTER, Nelson GRIFFIN, Eveline 1895-Oct-26
POWELL, Andrew WILLIAMS, Siltha 1891-Mar-15
POWELL, Ben CAMPBELL, Hattie 1898-Jan-08
POWELL, G W BYRD, Callie 1888-Jan-20
POWELL, John EDWARDS, M R Miss 1888-Aug-30
POWELL, Joseph MILLER, Marry 1887-Jul-21
POWELL, Richard DIGGINS, Rebecca 1893-Mar-25
PRATER, James GIFERS, Mary 1886-Jan-27
PRATER, John KAGLER, Mollie 1890-Jan-20
PRATER, Mitchell HILL, Mary 1895-Mar-26
PRATT, Louis SAMPLE, Lucy 1880-Aug-09
PRESIDENT, Louis JAMES, Evalina 1896-May-14
PRESTLEY, Lewis ARNOLD, Lizzie 1886-Oct-13
PRESTON, Cornelius GIBSON, Melinda 1880-Aug-28
PRESTON, John MITCHELL, Mamie 1897-Sep-04
PRESTON, Rufus WARD, Patience 1888-Dec-15
PRICE, Ben MOSELEY, Betsy 1892-Oct-15
PRICE, Gary BOYD, Margret 1883-Aug-23
PRICE, J A BOYKIN, Mannie 1898-Feb-02
PRICE, Mack HAWKINS, Mandy 1885-Jun-13
PRICE, Phillip ROBERSON, Mary 1898-Oct-19
PRICE, Richard GEE, Charity 1889-Aug-19
PRICE, Sell HILLS, Laura 1892-Mar-20
PRICE, Thomas RUSSELL, Lizzie 1889-Feb-04
PRICE, Tom WHITTAKER, Hatie 1892-Jan-07
PRICE, William THOMAS, Maggie 1896-Dec-06
PRIMUS, Sam CRAWFORD, Martha 1885-Aug-06
PRINCE, Philip FRANLIN, Harriet 1883-Oct-18
PROCTOR, Mitchell SWANSON, Laura 1898-Apr-21
PSALTER, Haywood PACKER, Mattie 1897-Nov-27
PULLET, Corn JOHNSON, Cornelia 1890-Dec-13
PULLET, Ernest MOORE, Minnie 1894-Jan-10
PURNELL, Dennis BURCH, Hattie 1894-Feb-03
PURNELL, Harry BROOKS, Henrietta 1894-May-12
PURTLET, William THOMAS, Tilda 1900-Jan-08
PURVINS, George FARRAR, Lori 1888-Feb-01
PURVIS, Mack WASHINGTON, Mary 1893-Apr-06
PYE, Ed WRIGHT, Fannie 1894-Mar-09
QUILLON, Harrison HARRIS, Caroline 1884-Dec-31



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