Sharkey County Grooms

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NASH, John PENNY, Mary 1889-Jun-25
NATHAN, Alick BATTES, Hanah 1879-Jul-19
NATHANIEL, James HILL, Nancy 1892-Nov-17
NEAL, David CLAY, Bettie 1894-Dec-28
NEAL, Frank COLEMAN, Ana 1887-Feb-10
NEAL, Joseph MOORE, Arie 1893-Feb-03
NEAL, William SPRIOLES, Sarah 1900-Jul-12
NEELY, John NEIL, Elmira 1885-Oct-24
NEILL, J H POTTER, Malinda 1897-Jun-03
NELSE, Hambleton BOOKER, John 1893-Nov-11
NELSON, Arch MORRIS, George Ann 1888-Oct-27
NELSON, Ben GRINE, Jane 1887-Jan-29
NELSON, Jim BANKS, Augusta 1899-Apr-05
NELSON, Joe PERKINS, Charlotte 1889-Feb-20
NELSON, Lewis HARRIS, Laura 1886-Jul-29
NELSON, Mark HARTEN, Mary 1890-Jan-30
NEVELS, Andrew WILLIAMS, Lula 1890-Mar-10
NEVELS, Ben KING, Mary 1886-Oct-18
NEWAL, Alonzo HARRIS, Bettye 1883-Oct-25
NEWBERRY, William GRIFFIN, Beula Mrs 1888-Feb-09
NEWELL, Will WEATHERSPOON, Sarah Jane 1895-Aug-02
NEWMAN, Martin GARY, Cinda 1881-Oct-22
NEWTON, Sam NELSON, Carrie 1898-Dec-06
NIBBY, Robert BONSHWA, Jean 1886-Oct-06
NICHOLS, Isham ANDERSON, Josephine 1884-Oct-01
NICHOLS, James HARRIS, Agnis 1878-Nov-15
NICHOLSON, Joe MITCHELL, Matilda 1890-Dec-21
NICHOLSON, Johnnie MOORMAN, Sallie 1892-Nov-03
NICHOLSON, Lee WEST, Deby 1886-May-12
NICKELLS, James WHITE, Adaline 1882-Feb-03
NICKERSON, Joe BAURIL, Hanah 1889-Jun-20
NICKSON, Thomas WASHINGTON, Mary 1882-Feb-20
NIXON, E P TREADWELL, Cora 1899-Jan-29
NIXON, N J DUKE, Suzie 1883-Jun-13
NOBLE, James CARSON, Willie 1884-Aug-07
NORMAN, Archie CHISEL, Texanna 1895-Dec-14
NORMAN, Haston VALENTINE, Lou 1899-Dec-24
NORMAN, Peter FORD, Hannah 1881-Apr-07
NORRELL, J W BOYD, M A Miss 1884-Dec-04
NORRIS, H M HENRY, Callie S 1895-Jan-03
NORTON, T I WATSON, Savanna 1900-Jun-28
OAKS, Ben JACKSON, Kate 1899-Aug-01
ODIS, William HENDERSON, Zilpha 1897-Feb-03
OLEARY, Manus BAKER, Ida 1887-Feb-02
OLIVER, Black MOULDER, Caroline 1898-Jan-29
OLIVER, Edmond DAVIS, Cornelia 1895-Dec-26
OLIVER, Gabe REED, Ellen 1893-May-07
OLIVER, Gabriel JONES, Rachael 1880-Jun-07
OLIVER, Pat KING, Bettie 1895-May-11
ORE, Sam GIBSON, Susie 1900-Jan-15
ORENDORF, Thomas BELL, Alice 1882-Mar-14
OTTS, John BROWDER, Mollie 1877-Dec-19
OUALTER, W A ONEAL, Lucy 1878-Mar-13
OVERBY, J A SHRADER, Ellen 1877-Dec-10
OVERBY, William BARTON, Mary 1881-Jun-03
OWENS, Alex BOHANAN, Fannie 1881-May-21
OWENS, Alexander CROWDER, Lou 1894-Jul-10
OWENS, Ed HARRISS, Laney 1888-Nov-20
OWENS, Jim SNOWDER, Lucretia Ann 1895-Jun-22
OWENS, John Henry COLEMAN, Mima 1892-Dec-27
OWENS, Nelson HILL, Louisa 1881-Aug-08
OWENS, Thomas WHITEHEAD, Sarah 1879-Jul-30



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