Sharkey County Grooms


GADSON, Pharoah PENWRIGHT, Annie 1890-Jul-12
GAGE, William LAWSON, Bytha 1897-Mar-11
GAINES, Lige MCDOWELL, Birda 1898-Mar-07
GAINES, Norman THOMPSON, Rachael 1885-Jan-08
GAINS, Wesley BROWN, Sarah 1898-Dec-25
GALBREATH, A B STEVENS, Maude E 1893-Jul-26
GALES, Alex WILLIAMS, Mary 1884-Feb-14
GALES, Bill COMMODORE, Slyvia 1881-Sep-29
GALES, Hicks WATSON, Rebecca 1898-Jan-07
GALES, Johnson COMMODORE, Indian 1882-Mar-01
GALES, Otis GREEN, Hannah 1888-Aug-06
GALES, Peter WINN, Pearlire 1880-May-13
GALES, Tyler JOHNSON, Ella 1880-Mar-05
GALES, Tyler VALENTINE, Cinda 1881-Dec-24
GALLEN, John REDFIELD, Fannie 1888-Aug-03
GALLOWAY, Charley SEPHINS, Dorcas 1900-Mar-31
GANT, Abe KING, Mary 1895-Feb-28
GANT, Margie LOEUY, Johnson 1892-Dec-10
GARDNER, Lewis MCLANE, Eliza 1887-Jun-16
GARDNER, Lewis WASINGTON, Polly 1900-Mar-08
GARDNER, Prince REED, Catherine 1883-Sep-27
GARDTEN, Martin ANDERSON, Maria 1897-Jan-21
GARLAND, Roy WASHINGTON, Ella 1887-Jan-04
GARNER, B T WATSON, Mattie 1878-Nov-13
GARRETT, David LYNCH, Mollie 1879-Dec-23
GARRISON, George DICKSON, Betsy 1900-Dec-12
GARTER, Martin GILLS, Louisa 1887-Sep-22
GATLING, John DENNING, Elizabeth 1894-Oct-30
GAY, Grant BAKER, Lizzie 1886-Dec-09
GAYLES, Charley SMITH, Rebecca 1892-Jan-01
GAYLIS, Alfred SMITH, Evira 1888-Jan-09
GEE, Archie MCELROY, Julia 1878-Mar-07
GEE, Charles JONES, Fannie 1878-Jul-06
GEE, Noah BYRD, Clarisa 1878-Sep-05
GEORGE, Peter PHELPS, Nannie Watkins 1892-Jan-20
GEORGE, William JACKSON, Easter 1890-Dec-23
GERRADINE, Sonny Bill BROWN, Mandy 1892-Aug-17
GIBBS, Fred WALTON, Mary 1892-Jan-30
GIBBS, Henry HICKS, Mollie 1898-Feb-24
GIBBS, John SIMMONS, Lula 1898-Oct-13
GIBBS, Willie CLARK, Quena 1893-May-05
GIBBS, Willie HARGETT, Mollie 1891-Jan-29
GIBS, John RHONE, Jemima 1887-Jul-10
GIBSON, C G DAWSON, Eliza 1886-Jun-16
GIBSON, Charlie OWENS, Hannah 1891-Feb-26
GIBSON, Charlie THOMPSON, Edie 1882-Feb-16
GIBSON, E P HUMPHREYS, Sula 1892-Nov-07
GIBSON, James FIELDS, Julia 1894-Oct-31
GIBSON, Scip WADE, Agnes 1885-Dec-31
GIBSON, Sib WHEELER, Nancy 1876-Jul-15
GIBSON, Sidney THOMPSON, Hannah 1900-Jul-14
GILES, William CARTWRIGHT, Mary 1890-Feb-20
GILL, Isam COLE, Alex 1884-Dec-25
GILL, Rufus BOOKER, Jennie 1892-Apr-30
GILLAN, Lott THOMPSON, Luci 1888-Feb-08
GILLERSON, Daniel WILLIAMS, Mary 1887-Aug-13
GILLIAM, Scott HICKS, America 1900-Feb-19
GILLIAN, C K BLACKMAN, Lizzie 1898-Jun-20
GILLMORE, Abe BROOKS, Littie 1888-Feb-25
GILMORE, Gaston DAVIS, Julie Ellen 1892-Jan-07
GILMORE, James ANDERSON, Olivia 1895-Jul-25
GILMORE, James MELVIN, Virginia 1892-Jan-28
GILMORE, Liddie BYRD, Jack 1896-Nov-05
GILMORE, Louisa WOODS, Robert 1894-Nov-24
GILMORE, Olivia SALOAN, James 1900-May-27
GILMORE, Rosanna BRANDON, Lark 1893-Apr-06
GILMORE, Wilson DANIELS, Biba 1891-Dec-24
GINNIE, Sandy M JOHNSON, Cindy 1883-Nov-13
GINTMAN, George JAMES, Emma 1883-May-26
GIVENS, Jim MURRAY, Phillis 1886-Sep-01
GIVINGS, Robert PARKER, Lucie 1882-Jan-25
GLANTER, Tom SPEARMAN, Colline 1883-Jan-27
GLANTON, Ike JACKSON, Martha Eliza 1888-Aug-31
GLANTON, Isaac MOLAND, Eliza 1881-Mar-10
GLANTON, Joe AUSTY, Dressy 1900-Dec-25
GLASS, Murton JENKINS, Emma 1879-May-10
GLEMTNEE, Zeb THOMAS, Mattie 1883-Dec-18
GLEN, Monroe GRAYES, Mary 1888-Apr-28
GLENN, Monroe ROAN, Lola 1879-Dec-23
GLENN, Monroe WILLIAMS, Slyvia 1896-Aug-15
GLOVER, Jack SMITH, Elmira 1887-Nov-09
GLOVER, John WILLIAMS, Eliza 1888-Nov-28
GLOVER, Joseph KING, Rebecca 1889-Dec-26
GLOVER, Pleasant HARRISTON, Mary 1895-May-02
GOFF, Henry DUCKETT, Maudy 1889-Jan-03
GOFF, Henry NICHOLS, Maggie 1898-Dec-04
GOFF, Louis BROWN, Julia 1896-Dec-29
GOFFNER, William MARSHALL, Lou 1893-Jan-03
GOLDING, William FRIARSON, Emma 1884-Jan-31
GOODE, Armstead CARTER, Melisi 1884-Jun-26
GOODE, Henry GARRANT, Ella 1897-Oct-21
GOODLOE, Washington SMITH, Clarisa Ann 1877-Mar-07
GORDEN, Harrison GREEN, Nancy 1892-Jun-02
GORDON, J Wesley TAYLOR, Fannie 1899-Nov-12
GORDON, John BLACK, Patsy 1881-Jun-09
GOSS, Joe JONES, Pheby 1896-Oct-11
GRACE, Eddie GRACE, Josephine 1886-Oct-16
GRACE, I G THOMAS, Mary 1895-Mar-15
GRACE, Isaac WILLIAMS, Sarah 1891-Mar-16
GRACE, John GARET, Mary 1888-Jan-12
GRACE, Lewis ROBINSON, Sarah Mrs 1889-Sep-06
GRACE, William JOHNSON, Sophia 1887-Apr-09
GRAFT, Fred FIELDER, Sallie 1881-Dec-13
GRAHAM, William BATES, Hattie 1887-Jul-14
GRAND, John JACKSON, Eliza 1897-Mar-01
GRANT, Ben KING, Sallie 1894-May-24
GRANT, G W KIRKLAND, Mary 1883-Jan-18
GRANT, Jerry WINDOM, Anna 1890-Jan-16
GRANT, Louis PIERCE, Margy 1878-Sep-24
GRANT, Peter KING, Annie 1900-Nov-25
GRANT, William SMITH, Sadie 1900-Aug-15
GRASS, Isaac STEWARD, Mima 1887-Jun-18
GRAVES, Henry HEIGHT, Fannie 1895-Dec-24
GRAY, Aaron GIVERS, Laura 1900-Nov-01
GRAY, Charlie VALENTINE, Virginia 1900-Nov-15
GRAY, Dock WELLS, Eliza 1895-Oct-18
GRAY, G W FOSTER, Caroline 1887-Mar-04
GRAY, Grant PHILLIPS, Minnie 1896-Nov-29
GRAY, Mauchey RUSSELL, Alice 1897-Dec-10
GRAY, Webster GADSON, Virginia 1900-Jan-25
GRAY, Westley OWENS, Venietta 1895-Oct-22
GRAY, Will BENSON, Berty 1888-Jul-23
GRAY, William WILSON, Bash 1879-May-09
GRAYSON, Andrew WOODSON, Missouri 1890-Oct-23
GREEN, Adam GARRETT, Nancy 1891-Feb-05
GREEN, Anderson WILLIAMS, Mary 1895-Dec-22
GREEN, Andy SUMMER, Margaret 1893-Apr-09
GREEN, Ben CHARLESTON, Artesia 1900-Jan-26
GREEN, Ben LYNCH, Carrie 1900-Nov-10
GREEN, Caesar HARRIS, Georgia Ann 1892-Jul-25
GREEN, Charles BUTLER, Dovey Ann 1890-Jun-19
GREEN, Eziekiel PRESTON, Emma 1895-Nov-16
GREEN, George WOMACK, Malissa 1891-Jun-29
GREEN, Gus WEST, Estelle 1895-Dec-29
GREEN, Henry SMITH, Fannie 1900-Apr-18
GREEN, Jim DAVIS, Celeste 1900-Apr-24
GREEN, John DAVIS, Della 1892-Jan-20
GREEN, John ROSS, Mary 1897-Feb-14
GREEN, John Wm PENDARVIS, M E Miss 1881-Feb-02
GREEN, Mannie CLARK, Lula 1896-May-16
GREEN, Nelson EASTIN, Amanda 1899-Feb-09
GREEN, Thomas GRAY, Caroline 1883-Feb-23
GREEN, W O LEE, Joan 1900-Oct-17
GREEN, William JONES, Nancy 1891-Jun-15
GREEN, Wilson PATTERSON, Viola 1900-Sep-05
GREEN, Wm GRIMS, Lizzie 1883-Nov-03
GREENLEAF, Simon HARDAWAY, Ara 1885-Jan-30
GREER, Ray SMITH, Nellie 1891-Aug-27
GREYER, Ike JOINTER, Mary 1889-Nov-25
GRIFFIN, Andrew FRANKLIN, Lizabeth 1898-Dec-15
GRIFFIN, B T JONES, Annie 1896-Jul-30
GRIFFIN, Charley BOLTON, Lilly 1896-Nov-12
GRIFFIN, D R BOYKIN, Linda 1879-Jan-02
GRIFFIN, Dan WASHINGTON, Patsy 1879-Jan-23
GRIFFIN, Isaac WILLIAMS, Lizzie 1887-Dec-27
GRIFFIN, March AGEE, Mary Alice 1881-Dec-29
GRIFFIN, Martin MOORE, Susie 1898-Nov-20
GRIFFIN, Robert WILKERSON, Dicey 1892-Apr-20
GRIFFIN, Walker BOYD, Parlee 1876-Aug-18
GRIFFING, Hinds MADISON, Eliza Mrs 1891-Jan-30
GRIFFING, S H DAVIS, Eveline Mrs 1889-Oct-28
GRIGGS, Robert LEON, Jessie 1891-Mar-06
GRIMES, William SHARP, Laurena 1897-Jun-04
GRINSTON, Aaron JONES, Pinkey 1895-Apr-04
GROSS, John R JOHNSON, Pinky 1891-Sep-15
GUNDY, N L HORNSBY, Annie 1891-Mar-09
GUNDY, R P JONES, Fannie 1891-Mar-04
GUNDY, R R FLAG, Lavina 1893-Oct-24
GUNDY, Riley JONES, Fannie 1888-Mar-03
GUNDY, Riley P BUTLER, Emma 1896-Jun-04
GUNDY, W L BUTLER, Siana 1894-Jan-18



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