Sharkey County Grooms


DABBS, Alex BROWN, Delia 1891-Jan-02
DAIRD, King FIELDS, Ada 1888-Sep-18
DAIRS, Allen DAIRS, Olivia 1887-Sep-15
DAIRS, Henry PHEARSON, Susie 1892-Dec-29
DAIRS, King HALL, Rosa 1888-Jan-27
DAIRS, Willie SIMPSON, Hattie 1893-Jun-21
DALE, Ruffian REED, Florence 1899-Nov-22
DANIEL, Jerry ANDERSON, Vina 1893-Nov-23
DANIELS, Alex BURKS, Ida 1886-Oct-09
DANIELS, H D HOWARD, Mattie 1891-Jan-08
DANIELS, Israel BAKER, Jennie 1899-Dec-17
DANIELS, Israel TEDO, Agnes 1888-Mar-05
DANIELS, Monroe ANDERSON, Rhoda 1892-Nov-30
DANIELS, Thomas RICHARDS, Susan 1891-Jan-07
DANKSEN, London BROOKS, Elizabeth 1877-Jan-25
DANSBY, George ROBERSON, Lori 1897-Jan-24
DARNELL, Jim SMITH, Lizzie 1889-Mar-08
DASH, Sam SPRIGGS, Jennie 1895-Jul-06
DATSON, Henry THOMAS, Rachel 1896-Dec-03
DAVENPORT, Dave GRICE, Beulah 1892-Dec-18
DAVENPORT, David WISH, Helen 1886-Nov-22
DAVENPORT, J H KNIGHT, Lelia 1896-Jan-23
DAVENPORT, Marshall EDWARDS, Emma 1891-Nov-14
DAVENPORT, Marshall SPAIN, Celie 1895-Jan-18
DAVES, Eli WASHINGTON, Ellen 1893-Apr-22
DAVID, Lott SMITH, Layana 1893-Dec-21
DAVIDSON, Henry BAKER, Georgia 1891-Apr-20
DAVIDSON, Henry STEEL, Charity 1896-May-07
DAVIS, Aero TURNER, Lizzie 1881-Sep-22
DAVIS, Allen WELLS, Grace 1896-Oct-19
DAVIS, Andrew GUNDY, Amanda 1891-Jan-29
DAVIS, C L SIMS, Julia 1899-Sep-21
DAVIS, Charley HARRIS, Mary Jane 1893-Dec-07
DAVIS, David HILL, Susanna 1890-Nov-13
DAVIS, Ed LATTIMORE, Georgia 1894-Sep-07
DAVIS, Elijah THOMPSON, Annie 1883-Dec-05
DAVIS, Ellis HEARN, N C 1896-May-13
DAVIS, George WATSON, Matilda 1882-Nov-16
DAVIS, George W MARTIN, Lizzie 1897-Aug-12
DAVIS, Gilbert FORD, Mary 1898-Feb-06
DAVIS, Gus RICHARDSON, Charlotte 1898-Apr-16
DAVIS, Harvey ROBINSON, Lucy 1899-Dec-26
DAVIS, Henry WASHINGTON, Eliza S 1892-Feb-25
DAVIS, Isahiah ANERVELLA, Rines 1886-Feb-06
DAVIS, J D Jr WILSON, Anna Elizabeth 1896-Dec-06
DAVIS, Jacob FRANK, Missy J 1900-Nov-22
DAVIS, James MELTON, Carolina 1878-Feb-05
DAVIS, James H HICKS, Hennrietta 1888-Jan-12
DAVIS, James H JACKSON, Sillers 1897-Apr-01
DAVIS, Jim BYRD, Victoria 1879-Mar-29
DAVIS, Joe BALTISE, Ella 1896-Mar-03
DAVIS, Joe HEARST, Arrena 1892-Dec-24
DAVIS, Kiah BECO, Martha 1896-Jul-16
DAVIS, Kit LANG, Pearlie 1896-Dec-17
DAVIS, Lee Grand MILES, Mira 1887-Apr-28
DAVIS, Levy AUSTIN, Georgie 1891-Aug-06
DAVIS, Louis LATTIMORE, Mattie 1892-Apr-14
DAVIS, Louis SUTTLE, Gracy 1880-Aug-21
DAVIS, Louis H JOHNSON, Jeffir 1891-Jun-10
DAVIS, Martin PEMBERTON, Lillie 1891-Apr-02
DAVIS, Martin WEST, Mary Theraisa 1882-Jul-06
DAVIS, Nathan B PATTERSON, Jane 1880-Apr-22
DAVIS, Thomas JOHNSON, Annie 1890-Dec-23
DAVIS, William RUNDLES, Barbara 1890-Sep-08
DAWNS, Hiram SMALL, Fannie 1888-Mar-15
DAWSON, Andrew NELSON, Liza 1891-Dec-03
DAWSON, Andrew ROSS, Julia 1896-Nov-26
DAWSON, Benjamin RANDOLPH, Rozelia 1892-Nov-10
DAWSON, Dock TURNER, Charlotte 1897-Jan-17
DAWSON, E L R THOMAS, Arena 1894-Aug-15
DAWSON, Fabe NEWMAN, Rachal 1900-Dec-26
DAWSON, Silas MCCLOUD, Cinda 1883-Feb-28
DAWSON, W W WILLIAMS, Ceily 1885-Oct-05
DAWSON, Wilse HILLIARD, Nancy 1898-Apr-20
DAWSON, Zike WILLIAMS, Penny 1880-Mar-13
DAY, Jim TEE, Aggie 1898-Mar-28
DAY, Thomas PENKINS, Sari 1878-Jan-03
DAY, Wesley WALKER, Laura 1898-Jan-27
DEADEN, Alfred JOHNSON, Lizzie 1896-May-12
DEADMAN, T F KURTINAN, Ida 1900-Sep-06
DEAL, Sam JOHNSON, Mattie 1890-Jan-25
DEAVENPORT, John STAMPS, Ida 1891-Oct-08
DEMENT, James TODD, Mary 1899-Mar-16
DENMAN, John A MANOR, Sizzie 1877-Sep-04
DENNEY, Monroe SPEARSON, Ella 1881-Feb-01
DENNIS, Charles PITTS, Lucy 1890-Jan-22
DENNIS, Henry EDWARDS, Sallie 1878-May-06
DENNIS, Robert WINN, Alice 1891-Dec-10
DENSON, Henry BROWN, Emma 1890-Aug-22
DEWEASE, A T EVERETT, Ivellytha C 1896-Nov-08
DICKERSON, John SANDERS, Mollie V 1887-Dec-24
DICKSON, Dick HAWKINS, Gabriella 1889-May-04
DICKSON, Simon S WILLIAMS, Annie 1896-Nov-26
DICKSON, Willie MACK, Francis 1896-Dec-27
DIGGINS, Alex PARKER, Ailsey 1887-Dec-28
DIGGINS, Calieb WASHINGTON, Julia Ann 1899-Jan-08
DIGRAFFWEVEIDT, Henry BROWN, Mariah 1900-Aug-23
DINN, John ELLIOTT, Carrie 1899-Feb-05
DIVEESE, Miller HENRY, Ora 1900-Sep-12
DIXON, Andrew PHILLIPS, Jeuwella 1895-Jan-04
DIXON, Ben HUNTER, Elizabeth 1890-Feb-05
DIXON, James SMITH, Mary 1890-Feb-22
DIXON, John GRAPHEWRIEF, Savannah 1896-Feb-12
DIXON, Mims HILLIARD, Louisa 1888-Mar-23
DIXON, Minas MARKS, Eliza 1890-Apr-04
DIXON, Minus CLEMENTS, Annie 1877-Feb-01
DIXON, Peter WATSON, Fannie 1877-Oct-05
DOLL, John SMALL, Fannie 1876-Jul-13
DONAHUE, Thomas JACKSON, Anna 1881-Feb-24
DORSEY, Calvin JOHNSON, Laura 1896-Nov-26
DORSEY, Ed BROWN, Sarah 1896-Jan-30
DORSEY, George SWINEY, Laura 1890-Feb-20
DORSEY, Guss MURPHY, Mary 1888-Dec-19
DORSEY, Harry BROWN, Bell 1897-Dec-24
DORSEY, Harry POTTS, Luetisha 1892-Sep-24
DORSEY, Jack CRUMP, Emma 1895-May-20
DORSEY, Jack DARDEN, Cora 1884-Jan-28
DORSEY, Joe MCCRAY, Rosella 1895-Feb-08
DORSEY, Sam ANDERSON, Anna 1896-Dec-21
DORSEY, Sherman BUTLER, Madeline 1890-Dec-30
DORSEY, Thomas SWEENEY, Clara 1893-Dec-28
DOSIER, Abraham FOSTER, Nancy 1879-Sep-02
DOUGLAS, Albert ROBERSON, Ida 1900-Jan-04
DOUGLAS, Leroy BATTON, Charity 1880-Jun-07
DOVE, Moses FORD, Violet 1883-Apr-19
DOVER, Calvin MARSHALL, Jimmie 1879-Jul-16
DOVIE, Andrew WATERS, Mary 1896-Nov-12
DOZIER, Abraham RUSSELL, Lora Mrs 1889-Nov-28
DOZIER, Lee LEE, Anna 1895-Oct-29
DRAYTON, Pampy PHIPPS, Hannah 1894-Mar-19
DRUM, Sam CAMPBELL, Rosette 1886-Dec-09
DRUMWRIGHT, J W MARBLE, Lucy 1881-Oct-20
DUALL, Sol HOFFMAN, Anna 1900-Mar-19
DUANE, A A COMBS, Katie 1884-Dec-27
DUCASE, John CROTWELL, M Mary 1886-Jan-28
DUCENBERRY, Turner GOODS, Ella 1889-May-10
DUCKETT, Billie LEWIS, Sarah 1888-Nov-03
DUCKETT, William LEWIS, Emily 1885-Jul-13
DUCKING, Jessie WRIGHT, Anna 1894-Jan-10
DUDLEY, Frank WARREN, Hester 1892-Mar-12
DUDLEY, Sam CASPER, Mary 1897-Feb-12
DUDLEY, Scott WASHINGTON, Lula 1900-Dec-04
DUKE, J R GUESS, O S Miss 1894-Apr-15
DUKE, Joe WELLS, Alice 1879-Jun-21
DUKE, T J GRICE, Bethania 1880-Oct-03
DUKES, Jim DAWSON, Anaky 1883-Feb-27
DUNCAN, Thomas BURNS, Willie 1879-Feb-03
DUNCAN, William WILLIS, Charlotte 1877-Jun-09
DUNCAN, Willie COLEMAN, Mary 1888-Sep-01
DUNN, Limuel JOHNSON, Sarah 1900-Jan-02
DUNN, Will SYNIA, Misses 1895-Dec-29
DURELON, Burrele WARD, Annie 1883-Apr-14
DURGAN, Joe EDWARDS, Mariah 1886-Aug-25
DURKINS, H S HICKMAN, Rena 1888-Apr-25
DURST, John SULIVAN, Delia D 1882-Feb-16
DUTTON, J D LUSK, Lydia J Mrs 1893-Apr-11
DYSON, John CORA, Sillie 1898-Mar-10



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