Sharkey County Grooms


ABBOTT, Hector MCMILLON, Maria 1889-Nov-13
ABBOTT, Jack CARTER, Rachael 1890-Jan-25
ABMER, Warren BURNS, Ritta 1880-Oct-30
ABNER, Warren BURNS, Ritta 1880-Oct-30
ACKWOOD, Elias WILLIAMS, Laura 1893-Jan-26
ADAMS, A J HAMPSEY, Susie 1886-Oct-27
ADAMS, A J HAUSEY, Suzie 1886-Oct-27
ADAMS, A T MILES, Josephine 1895-Dec-01
ADAMS, Charles SAMPSON, David 1889-Sep-04
ADAMS, Charlie THOMPSON, Dixie 1889-Sep-04
ADAMS, Daniel GIBBS, Ida 1879-Sep-11
ADAMS, Day FORD, Harriet 1879-Dec-11
ADAMS, Dloaph COMMON, Lucinda 1889-Feb-14
ADAMS, Green WINDHAM, Maggie 1887-Apr-14
ADAMS, J S WARD, Silvy 1898-Feb-03
ADAMS, John YOUNG, Ceily 1887-Dec-07
ADAMS, John YOUNG, Culy 1887-Dec-07
ADAMS, Joseph JONES, Lizzie 1893-Jan-25
ADAMS, Osey FORD, Harriet 1879-Dec-11
ADAMS, Paul DENNIS, Lucy 1895-Nov-10
ADAMS, Sim WILLIAMS, Rosa 1890-Dec-13
ADDINGTON, John WILLIAM, Susie 1895-Jul-05
ADDINGTON, John WILLIAMS, Susie 1895-Jul-05
ADLEY, Alex BLUE, Susie 1895-Dec-29
ADLY, Alex BLUE, Susie 1895-Dec-29
AGA, Daniel DAY, Mary 1887-Dec-29
AGEE, Daniel DAY, Mary 1887-Dec-29
AGEE, Eli ROBERTSON, Adeline 1900-Dec-23
AGEE, John LITTLE, Carrie 1889-Jun-15
AGEE, Robert WILLIAMS, Ida 1886-Dec-16
AGEE, Saloman WINN, Ellen 1886-Nov-18
AGEE, Solomon WINN, Ellen 1886-Nov-18
AGEE, William WILLIAMS, Lillie 1893-Dec-24
AGEE, Wm WILLIAMS, Lillie 1893-Dec-24
AGES, Eli ROBERTSON, Adeline 1900-Dec-23
AGES, Wm WILLIAMS, Lillie 1893-Dec-24
AGESN, Solomon FINN, Ellen 1886-Nov-18
AHECKLON, Chas  MARTON, Mary Ann 1882-Nov-30
ALEXANDER,  Dr KING, Francis 1880-Jul-02
ALEXANDER, Alford WALTON, Patience 1885-Nov-21
ALEXANDER, Alfred WALTON, Patience 1885-Nov-21
ALEXANDER, Bryant MCCLAIR, Margaret Ann 1896-Dec-05
ALEXANDER, Doctor KING, Francis 1880-Jul-02
ALEXANDER, Ike DONALD, Lena 1900-Jan-27
ALEXANDER, James MCFARLAND, Celia 1898-Jul-05
ALEXANDER, Louis DAIRS, Lorraine 1890-Mar-14
ALEXANDER, Louis DAVIS, Louisa 1890-Mar-14
ALEXANDER, Neal DAVIS, Sharlott 1899-Apr-26
ALEXANDER, Ned DAVIS, Sharlott 1899-Apr-26
ALEXANDER, Ray JOHNSON, Catharine 1883-Feb-26
ALEXANDER, Raz JOHNSON, Catherine 1883-Feb-26
ALLEN, Charley FOREMAN, Joseph 1893-Apr-05
ALLEN, Cicero RHODES, Liza 1900-Feb-26
ALLEN, Ed ISHMAN, Sallie 1896-Jul-06
ALLEN, Geo JACKSON, Henrietta 1881-Oct-01
ALLEN, Geo SPRIGGS, Ella 1886-Jan-07
ALLEN, George JACKSON, Henrietta 1881-Oct-04
ALLEN, Harran JOHNSON, Mariah 1888-Jul-14
ALLEN, Herman JOHNSON, Mariah 1888-Jul-14
ALLEN, Leo SPRIGGS, Ellen 1887-Jan-08
ALLEN, Louis WARREN, Lucretia 1895-Aug-21
ALLEN, Nathan FAKES, Amelia 1887-Apr-19
ALLEN, R L ROBERTS, Helen J 1897-Dec-22
ALLEN, West CLANTON, Louisa 1883-Jan-02
ALMAN, Phil PRATT, Betsy 1882-Jan-26
AMBROSE, Jessie LUVINA, Winnie 1900-Oct-28
ANDERSON, Albert HOLMES, Eliza 1897-Dec-23
ANDERSON, Albert SHACKLEFORD, Cora 1890-Jan-25
ANDERSON, Caleb SMITH, Sarah 1882-Feb-08
ANDERSON, Cardojia JONES, Savannah 1896-Dec-17
ANDERSON, Emanuel MITCHELL, Rink 1885-Feb-06
ANDERSON, Frank JOHNSON, Francis 1876-Aug-07
ANDERSON, Fulton WILLIAMS, Luvilla 1899-Oct-17
ANDERSON, Henry CRUTLEY, Ella 1897-Jun-10
ANDERSON, Henry LEWIS, Julia 1893-Jun-17
ANDERSON, Henry MARTIN, Dora 1893-Jan-26
ANDERSON, Jacob BURTON, Charity 1887-Jun-25
ANDERSON, James SPRIGGS, Lucy 1899-Oct-24
ANDERSON, Jim JOHNSON, Isabella 1892-Feb-01
ANDERSON, Judge BROWN, Hettie 1893-Feb-06
ANDERSON, Lindsey JOHNSON, Katie 1880-Nov-03
ANDERSON, Mose REED, Louisa 1880-Dec-30
ANDERSON, Nathaniel WILLIAMS, Hattie 1899-Dec-19
ANDERSON, Philip PARKER, Mary 1890-Jan-16
ANDERSON, Sam BROWN, Annie 1891-Dec-24
ANDERSON, Sam SHORTS, Ella 1890-Dec-21
ANDERSON, Turner PLEASANT, Lizzie 1900-Mar-23
ANDERSON, W M PHILIPS, Josie Mrs 1897-Dec-12
ANDERSON, Will MOORE, Edny 1898-Feb-06
ANDERSON, William CHANEY, Sina 1899-Apr-09
ANDERSON, William COPHERS, Alice 1896-Nov-26
ANDERSON, William JONES, Mattie 1898-Feb-14
ANDERSON, William JONES, Mattie 1898-Mar-14
ANDING, Dallis BANKS, Nettie 1891-Nov-19
ANDREWS, Drew CAUCH, Nannie 1896-Oct-13
APPLEWHITE, Henry PHILLIPS, Carrie 1894-Mar-22
ARBUNCLE, Wm SANDERS, Ninny 1881-Nov-21
ARCHER, Stephen WHEAT, Sarah 1880-Apr-10
ARCHIE, Stehen SMIDDICK, Raney 1881-Dec-24
ARMAND, John STEVENSON, Emma 1900-Dec-18
ARMSTEAD, Jim THOMAS, Mary Jane 1897-Feb-15
ARMSTRONG, Almonzo MULDROW, Lou 1897-Dec-13
ARMSTRONG, Fred HILLS, Mollie 1899-Feb-04
ARMSTRONG, Gabriel GAINBERLE, Eliza 1888-Feb-16
ARMSTRONG, H C BROWN, Sarah M 1900-Dec-12
ARMSTRONG, James H TABON, Cora 1899-Jan-11
ARMSTRONG, N BANKS, Billie Miss 1900-Apr-05
ARMSTRONG, W H TABURN, Katie 1897-Jun-05
ARMSTRONG, William PAYNE, Lula 1899-Feb-01
ARMSTRONG, William SMITH, Sarah 1898-May-17
ARNELL, Wash HARKER, Josephine 1882-Jan-21
ARNOLD, C I ROYALS, Bettie 1900-Mar-08
ARNOLD, W A JOHNSON, Kate V 1892-Mar-05
ARNOLD, Wash WHITE, Easter 1879-Aug-18
ARNOLD, Washington SMITH, Mary 1878-Feb-11
ARTHUR, Henry JOHNSON, Kansas 1896-Oct-16
ASBERRY, Willie WILLIAMS, Lizzie 1899-Jan-26
ASH, Scott BAIRS, My My 1894-Mar-29
ASHAFFAHY, Jake COHER, Ester 1880-Jan-13
ASSBERRY, Willie WILLIAMS, Lizzie 1899-Jan-26
ATKINS, Geo ROBERSON, Denis Mrs 1891-Oct-20
ATKINS, Geo ROBERTSON, Donie Mrs 1891-Oct-20
ATKINS, George ROBERSON, Donie Mrs 1891-Oct-20
ATKINS, Robert MCNEAL, Ida 1900-Dec-25
ATKINS, Robt NEAL, Ida 1900-Dec-25
ATKINSON, Paul WILLIAM, Elizabeth 1892-Jul-02
ATKINSON, Paul WILLIAMS, Elizabeth 1892-Jul-02
ATLAS, Dave BROWN, Maggie 1898-Dec-22
AUGUSTUS, Jim COMMODORE, Delia 1883-Oct-15
AUGUSTUS, Jim A COMMODORE, Delia 1883-Oct-15
AULTERMAN, M C GUESS, Lyddie 1893-Dec-28
AULTERMAN, M G GUESS, Lyddie 1893-Dec-23
AUSTIN, David SANDERS, Vrline 1897-Dec-26
AUSTIN, Georgie DAVIS, Levy 1891-Aug-06
AUSTIN, J V ROGERS, Edna 1896-Dec-22
AUTHUR, Henry JOHNSON, Kansas 1896-Oct-15



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