Sharkey County Brides


TABON, Cora ARMSTRONG, James H 1899-Jan-11
TABS, Mary STEWARD, William 1889-Apr-09
TABURN, Katie ARMSTRONG, W H 1897-Jun-05
TAIRY, Elvira LEWIS, Taylor 1880-May-20
TALBERT, Fannie EDWARDS, Evan 1895-Feb-10
TAYLOR, Addie WHITE, Sandy 1900-Jul-20
TAYLOR, Anna WILSON, John 1892-Jul-24
TAYLOR, Annie WILSON, Morris 1879-Jul-01
TAYLOR, Charlotte WHITE, William 1890-Aug-21
TAYLOR, Dixie FORD, Serena 1892-Apr-09
TAYLOR, Dolly WILLIAMS, John 1891-Jan-31
TAYLOR, Easter HOLLIDAY, Charlie 1885-Nov-21
TAYLOR, Etta CUMMINGS, Rollie 1900-Jan-15
TAYLOR, Fannie GORDON, J Wesley 1899-Nov-12
TAYLOR, Jane MORDICA, Ruffin 1880-Mar-01
TAYLOR, Julia HILLAND, Henry Jr 1889-Dec-23
TAYLOR, Laura HARRIS, Frank 1900-Apr-20
TAYLOR, Martha MACK, Spias 1884-Mar-27
TAYLOR, Mary BRIDGES, Henry 1890-Jan-29
TAYLOR, Mattie BOOKER, William 1897-Nov-03
TAYLOR, Millie JOHNSON, W M 1898-Nov-19
TAYLOR, Minly HAWKINS, William 1889-May-17
TAYLOR, Penny RICHARDSON, Elijah 1880-Oct-22
TAYLOR, Percilla STROUD, Tom 1895-Dec-14
TEANE, Silla BANKS, Will 1899-May-04
TEAR, Biddie BROWN, William 1900-Nov-08
TEDO, Agnes DANIELS, Israel 1888-Mar-05
TEDO, Lucy MONTGOMERY, Arch 1893-Feb-18
TEE, Aggie DAY, Jim 1898-Mar-28
TEIFER, Bettie STEVENS, Frank 1880-Sep-07
TELENOR, Harriet JONES, Louis 1882-Feb-16
TELLIS, Rachal SMITH, Washington 1876-Jul-08
TELLS, Nancy REED, Willie R 1891-May-15
TENNISON, Etta PEACOCK, Clouding 1890-Jan-29
TENNY, Georgia FRANKLIN, William 1895-Dec-25
TEXAS, Isabella LEE, Sam 1900-Jun-02
THADRACH, Malicia MCALPINE, J F 1879-Nov-11
THAMES, Rebecca HASKLE, James 1899-Nov-23
THEARMAN, Carrie CARTER, Edward 1880-Oct-12
THOMAS, Ann WASHINGTON, Will 1890-Aug-07
THOMAS, Annie MCGARY, Nathan 1896-Jan-09
THOMAS, Annie SMITH, Loveless 1886-Nov-29
THOMAS, Annie WILSON, Jake 1897-Dec-18
THOMAS, Arena DAWSON, E L R 1894-Aug-15
THOMAS, Cynthia BIRD, Reuben 1887-Feb-10
THOMAS, Delia JACKSON, Dock 1896-Dec-19
THOMAS, Dink HARNEY, Leroy 1883-Aug-15
THOMAS, Florence KING, Garfield 1895-Nov-15
THOMAS, Lillie WINGATE, Charles 1898-Nov-12
THOMAS, Lina TURNER, Tom 1900-Apr-03
THOMAS, Luanna JENKINS, Richard 1883-Oct-21
THOMAS, Lucy COLEMAN, Seban 1898-Feb-14
THOMAS, Maggie PRICE, William 1896-Dec-06
THOMAS, Mandy WALKER, Frank 1886-Mar-13
THOMAS, Mary GRACE, I G 1895-Mar-15
THOMAS, Mary HARPER, John 1898-Jan-13
THOMAS, Mary Jane ARMSTEAD, Jim 1897-Feb-15
THOMAS, Mattie GLEMTNEE, Zeb 1883-Dec-18
THOMAS, Mattie JACKSON, Soloman 1887-Oct-25
THOMAS, Melinda BRAXTON, Henry 1882-Apr-13
THOMAS, Millie WILLIS, Edward 1893-Feb-28
THOMAS, Nellie JONES, Thomas 1895-Oct-15
THOMAS, Rachel DATSON, Henry 1896-Dec-03
THOMAS, Tilda PURTLET, William 1900-Jan-08
THOMAS, Viola MONTGOMERY, Will 1893-Jun-21
THOMAS, Zemley Mrs BOLDS, Henry 1892-Dec-21
THOMASON, Mary Ann ROBINSON, Joe 1878-Apr-20
THOMPSON, Ada HICKS, Joe 1889-Jan-05
THOMPSON, Amy MCFEARSON, Albert 1880-Nov-12
THOMPSON, Annie DAVIS, Elijah 1883-Dec-05
THOMPSON, Carrie MAXWELL, Elias 1880-Jan-14
THOMPSON, Cherry PAGE, Jake 1887-Dec-08
THOMPSON, Dixie ADAMS, Charlie 1889-Sep-04
THOMPSON, Ead MALONE, Annie 1878-Feb-21
THOMPSON, Edie GIBSON, Charlie 1882-Feb-16
THOMPSON, Elia SMITH, Lougenia 1897-Apr-11
THOMPSON, Eliza WATKINS, William 1880-Sep-15
THOMPSON, Ella WILLIAMS, Robert 1895-Nov-23
THOMPSON, Ellen WILLIS, John 1891-Jan-23
THOMPSON, Emma MONTGOMERY, Charles 1879-Sep-09
THOMPSON, Fannie TRIM, E B 1889-Dec-07
THOMPSON, Hannah GIBSON, Sidney 1900-Jul-14
THOMPSON, Jo Anna JACKSON, Wist 1885-Feb-02
THOMPSON, Lacritia WIGGINS, Mose 1884-Jan-22
THOMPSON, Lizzie TURNER, George 1888-Dec-07
THOMPSON, Louisa JACKSON, Luke 1886-Oct-06
THOMPSON, Luci GILLAN, Lott 1888-Feb-08
THOMPSON, Lucy JOHNSON, Botley 1880-Jul-31
THOMPSON, Maria WALLACE, Joe 1894-Jul-25
THOMPSON, Mary A WILLIAMS, E N 1888-Jan-23
THOMPSON, Polly PARKER, Robert 1896-Dec-10
THOMPSON, Rachael GAINES, Norman 1885-Jan-08
THOMPSON, Sadie TAYLOR, T N 1900-Jul-12
THOMPSON, Sarah WARD, Daniel 1896-Mar-05
THOMPSON, Sarah WELLS, John 1878-Nov-15
THOMPSON, Savannah JONES, William 1887-May-21
THOMPSON, Victoria YOUNG, Jessie 1892-Jan-28
THOMPSON, Virginia PHILLIPS, W G 1879-Jan-30
THOMPSON, Winnie WILLIS, Harry 1883-Jan-23
THORNTON, Ethel JOHNSON, A J 1884-Jan-10
THRASH, Laura SHAW, James 1900-Aug-20
THURMAN, Amanda JUNESEN, Dave 1886-Oct-11
THURMAN, Jane HENDRICKS, Daird 1887-Mar-22
THURMAN, Tina JENKINS, Richard 1880-Dec-17
TIAN, Lela BOYKIN, R C 1898-Feb-23
TICE, Jane LINTN, Robert 1891-Jul-16
TILLMORE, Lucy TOWNS, Peyton 1892-Dec-25
TILMAN, Mariah WEST, Abe 1900-Feb-19
TIMPLE, Mary HOFF, G H 1900-Nov-10
TINEY, Sarah WILLIAMS, Charley 1899-Nov-07
TINNEY, Dora MCGREEN, John 1900-Dec-03
TINNEY, Lucy BOYD, Burr 1881-Apr-07
TIRME, Mandy BIGGS, Nat 1888-Dec-19
TODD, Della EDWARDS, Huston 1898-Apr-14
TODD, Martha LIGHTFOOT, Morris 1895-Jan-24
TODD, Mary DEMENT, James 1899-Mar-16
TODDS, Malinda EVANS, Manuel 1898-Jan-27
TOLA, Mary E HICKS, Ben 1899-Jan-21
TOLIVER, Julie JONES, David 1894-Feb-01
TOMAS, Melissa WILLIAMS, Robert 1888-Jun-23
TOWNS, Anna FLOWERS, Robert 1892-Jul-23
TOWNS, Ellen WESLEY, J B 1877-Oct-30
TOWNS, Hattie JENEFER, William 1882-Jan-10
TOWNSEND, Carolina FISHER, Peter 1878-Mar-08
TOWNSEND, J H E Miss  KELLY, Grant 1900-Apr-19
TOWNSEND, Jennie HENDRICKS, Alex 1887-Jan-26
TOWNSEND, Louisa JONES, John 1896-Dec-18
TOWNSEND, Mely WEAVEL, Wilson 1888-Dec-26
TOWNSEND, Sylvia BENNETT, Percy 1893-Aug-10
TOWNSON, Charlotte JOHNSON, Wilson 1893-Jul-02
TREADWELL, Cora NIXON, E P 1899-Jan-29
TRUCKS, Ellen LOCKALA, M L 1893-Apr-27
TUCKER, Jennie WADE, James H 1877-Jan-03
TUCKER, Sallie SYLVESTER, James 1877-Jan-04
TURNER, Annie MIDDLETON, Grigs 1895-Nov-26
TURNER, Barbara E BROWN, James M 1899-Feb-03
TURNER, Carrie HILL, Squire 1883-Feb-14
TURNER, Catherine JONES, Wesley 1898-Mar-24
TURNER, Charlotte DAWSON, Dock 1897-Jan-17
TURNER, Hannah CUNNINGHAM, Jasen 1896-Sep-27
TURNER, J A Miss MCDANIEL, J M 1885-Apr-28
TURNER, Laura Ann SANFORD, R Douglas 1897-Dec-14
TURNER, Licton BROWN, Thomas 1883-Mar-10
TURNER, Liza BALLARD, Thomas 1898-Dec-11
TURNER, Lizzie DAVIS, Aero 1881-Sep-22
TURNER, Mary SMITH, Ted 1895-Jan-23
TURNER, Nettie WILLIAMS, Henry 1897-Mar-27
TURNER, Olivia MCMILLIN, Albert 1895-Apr-17
TURNER, Rosa EVERETT, Jacob 1892-Oct-13
TURNER, Sarah WHITE, J M 1886-Sep-16
TURNER, Susan FISHER, West 1881-Nov-17
TURNER, Suzie BROWN, Alex 1886-Nov-18
TURNER, Willie Ern est       WILLIAMS, George 1894-Oct-24
TURNEY, Anney BAKER, J M 1893-Apr-13
TWINE, Rebecca MALLETTE, Eddie 1897-Dec-29
TWTALL, Annie WILKINS, Minor 1895-Dec-21



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