Sharkey County Brides


RANDALL, Ritchie CLARK, William 1876-May-08
RANDOLPH, Rozelia DAWSON, Benjamin 1892-Nov-10
RANKIN, Hattie HARRISON, C L 1888-Aug-02
RASCO, Berta SIBLEY, Sim 1898-Jan-18
RATCLIFF, Minnie MONTGOMERY, John 1898-Jul-21
RAVILL, Virginia LOUIVILLE, Henrey 1893-Jul-16
RAWLS, Fannie FISHER, Jack 1898-Mar-05
RAY, Jennie EVANS, James 1894-Jul-20
RAYNER, Laura HARVEY, James 1881-Jul-01
RAYNER, Laura MERCER, Wm 1883-Jun-10
REA, Ada JEFFERSON, General 1891-May-07
REACE, Sumancy BAKER, Isaac 1886-Feb-03
REASE, Winnie YOUNG, Joseph 1894-Oct-02
REDFIELD, Fannie GALLEN, John 1888-Aug-03
REDFIELD, Nancy BENNETT, Alfred 1900-Jan-29
REDING, Kate WARE, George 1889-Feb-20
REDING, Rebecca FLOYD, James 1883-Mar-15
REDMOND, Malissa LATLIMORE, James 1891-Dec-18
REDMOND, Mary JOHNSON, Burney 1890-Dec-18
REDMOND, Pearl MURRAY, Wilt 1898-May-21
REECE, Nancy HARRIS, Alfred 1899-Dec-26
REED, Alonia WATSON, Elbert 1879-Jan-18
REED, Catherine GARDNER, Prince 1883-Sep-27
REED, Ella REED, James 1889-Aug-15
REED, Ellen OLIVER, Gabe 1893-May-07
REED, Florence DALE, Ruffian 1899-Nov-22
REED, Harriet WILKERSON, Joseph 1890-Jan-09
REED, Lena BROWN, George W 1889-Mar-09
REED, Lin STINSON, Matt 1887-Nov-28
REED, Louisa ANDERSON, Mose 1880-Dec-30
REED, Lula JOHNSON, Memphis 1890-May-26
REED, Mariah MACON, Nathan 1898-Aug-14
REED, Melly CARSON, William 1881-Sep-08
REED, Mittie HAWKINS, Bill 1890-Aug-30
REED, Sallie WARREN, Cash 1895-Dec-21
REED, Sarah CITIZEN, Dave 1881-Nov-27
REED, Savannah PEYTON, William 1890-Oct-22
REED, Winnie TAYLOR, John 1879-Nov-15
REEVES, Peggy CARREE, Thomas 1886-Aug-07
REID, Frances WHITING, Dock 1900-Oct-09
REID, Harriett WILLIAMS, Henry 1894-Dec-27
REID, Laura ROSS, Jerry 1884-May-31
REUBEN, Myra SMITH, Tom 1890-May-31
REVELY, Alice CURRY, Albert 1886-Nov-04
REWLEY, Agnes Ann TAYLOR, Gilbert 1886-Jul-10
REYNOLDS, Carnie BROWDER, Walter 1883-Sep-12
REYNOLDS, Francis L CRANE, A C 1878-Feb-03
REYNOLDS, Lear CLARK, W C 1895-Oct-31
REYNOLDS, Rany MCEVINE, Thomas 1881-Dec-24
REYNOLDS, Virginia PARKS, D 1879-Jan-21
RHINE, Sarah PEIRCE, William 1898-Mar-11
RHODES, Liza ALLEN, Cicero 1900-Feb-26
RHODES, Mary KING, Phil 1892-Feb-04
RHODES, Minervia REED, Thomas 1898-Apr-03
RHONE, Jemima GIBS, John 1887-Jul-10
RICE, Lizzie TAYLOR, M M 1895-Apr-18
RICHARDS, Julia REED, Jerome 1900-Nov-22
RICHARDS, Lucy Jones WILLIAMS, Henry 1900-Apr-17
RICHARDS, Rachel WILLIAMS, George 1896-Dec-12
RICHARDS, Susan DANIELS, Thomas 1891-Jan-07
RICHARDSON, Adeline CARTER, Joe 1900-Oct-11
RICHARDSON, Carry REEVLEY, Dan 1885-Dec-03
RICHARDSON, Charlotte DAVIS, Gus 1898-Apr-16
RICHARDSON, Janie REDMAN, Rafe 1899-Oct-23
RICHARDSON, Louise COMBS, Garnett 1900-Jun-16
RICHARDSON, Marrah LACEY, Green 1892-Dec-08
RICHARDSON, Martha RICHARDSON, Alex 1883-Feb-02
RICHERSON, Helen BRYANT, Douglas 1889-May-09
RICHMOND, Fannie SAVAGE, John 1887-Dec-31
RICHMOND, Lula TURNER, Henry 1892-Nov-02
RICHMOND, Lulia LACKLAND, Gallie 1900-Dec-23
RICHMOND, Maria CHARLESTON, Kirk 1895-Dec-24
RICHMOND, Mary BELL, Jessie 1896-Sep-15
RIDLEY, Susan YOUNG, Pair 1879-Oct-25
RIEVELY, Emoline CHANTY, J C 1885-Sep-17
RILEY, Henrietta HINTON, Pinvino 1899-Nov-28
RINES, Tildy SIMS, Willie 1893-Jun-02
RIVERS, Amanda JOHNSON, Sal 1900-Feb-03
RIVERS, Fannie HOLLIDAY, Charley 1888-Apr-25
RIVERS, Olie HARPER, Frank 1899-Apr-16
RIVIN, Lucy WASHINGTON, Charley 1886-Mar-06
ROAN, Lola GLENN, Monroe 1879-Dec-23
ROBERSON, Ada MASON, Stewart 1899-Dec-28
ROBERSON, Annie TYLER, John 1886-Oct-20
ROBERSON, Bella CLARK, Eli 1893-Jan-13
ROBERSON, Caroline JACKSON, Ralph 1890-Aug-07
ROBERSON, Charlotte MEMBERS, Charlie 1894-Jan-25
ROBERSON, Denis Mrs ATKINS, Geo 1891-Oct-20
ROBERSON, Dina TAYLOR, Julius 1885-Sep-15
ROBERSON, Donie Mrs ATKINS, George 1891-Oct-20
ROBERSON, Ida BOOKER, William 1892-Mar-06
ROBERSON, Ida DOUGLAS, Albert 1900-Jan-04
ROBERSON, Jennie MCGEE, Charles 1893-Mar-04
ROBERSON, Laura BRYANT, Dennis 1893-Dec-23
ROBERSON, Lizzie VEAZEY, Perry 1900-Oct-18
ROBERSON, Lori DANSBY, George 1897-Jan-24
ROBERSON, Lucy PITTS, Dan 1883-Sep-01
ROBERSON, Maggie MITCHELL, Giles 1897-Jan-26
ROBERSON, Mandy SIKESEN, George 1886-Sep-02
ROBERSON, Mary PRICE, Phillip 1898-Oct-19
ROBERSON, Pinky WHITE, Phil 1897-Mar-21
ROBERSON, Rebecca MACK, Sam 1889-Sep-20
ROBERSON, Sallie SANDERS, Paul 1889-Oct-07
ROBERSON, Sallie WILLIAMS, James 1889-Mar-14
ROBERSON, Sophy JONES, Bud 1891-Feb-26
ROBERSON, Willie HENDERSON, Allen 1893-Apr-16
ROBERTS, Angeline WALKER, George 1898-May-12
ROBERTS, Clementina CARTWRIGHT, James H 1880-May-05
ROBERTS, Helen J ALLEN, R L 1897-Dec-22
ROBERTS, Sylvia PERKINS, 1893-Sep-17
ROBERTSON, Adeline AGEE, Eli 1900-Dec-23
ROBERTSON, Adeline AGES, Eli 1900-Dec-23
ROBERTSON, Annie THOMAS, Charlie 1879-Apr-05
ROBERTSON, Donie Mrs ATKINS, Geo 1891-Oct-20
ROBERTSON, Eliza RUNNELY, Sam 1880-Mar-22
ROBERTSON, Ella PERRY, Joe 1894-Feb-27
ROBERTSON, Josephine THOMPSON, Fred 1896-Dec-24
ROBERTSON, Lori PARKER, John 1880-Jan-26
ROBERTSON, Mollie BAKER, George 1881-Mar-05
ROBERTSON, Nancy STEWART, W M 1887-Feb-08
ROBINETTE, Mattie PILGRIM, J H 1890-Dec-17
ROBINSON, Eliza SMITH, William 1889-Dec-24
ROBINSON, Hester WADE, James A 1884-Jan-31
ROBINSON, Lizzie SANDERS, Morgan 1899-Oct-26
ROBINSON, Lucy DAVIS, Harvey 1899-Dec-26
ROBINSON, Maggie PAGE, Jake 1900-Oct-06
ROBINSON, Mary WYNN, Noah 1883-Mar-17
ROBINSON, Matilda VINSON, Ruffin 1889-Feb-13
ROBINSON, Mattie FRAZER, Anderson 1877-Mar-29
ROBINSON, Nancy TAYLOR, William 1890-Jun-07
ROBINSON, Penny TAYLOR, John 1878-Apr-22
ROBINSON, Roxanna PATTERSON, Wash 1878-Apr-20
ROBINSON, Sarah Mrs GRACE, Lewis 1889-Sep-06
ROBY, Julia BALLARD, Lewis 1885-Mar-18
RODGERS, Caroline HARRIS, Rufus 1889-Feb-13
RODGERS, Charity BAKER, Thomas 1888-Jul-12
ROGERS, Agnes CRONWELL, Sol 1887-Nov-24
ROGERS, Edna AUSTIN, J V 1896-Dec-22
ROGERS, Evaline WILSON, Monk 1896-Mar-08
ROGERS, Fannie WHITE, William 1886-Jul-24
ROGERS, Fannie WHITEHEAD, William 1885-Mar-06
ROGERS, Lucy JOHNSON, Monroe 1891-Apr-16
ROGERS, Tiney BARNES, Elviy 1893-Feb-12
ROGERS, Victoria WALKER, Newton 1894-Jan-25
ROLLINS, Alice LOYD, Daird 1897-Dec-24
ROLLINS, Hattie BARNEY, John 1893-May-11
ROLLINS, Mary WATSON, Jeff 1892-Apr-02
ROSA, Susan REDD, Perry 1899-May-05
ROSE, Emma BYRD, Richard 1896-Jan-01
ROSE, Kittie HARRIS, Charlie 1889-Apr-18
ROSE, Matilda BRIM, Marshall 1900-Nov-29
ROSE, Susan COLLIER, Charles 1898-Dec-22
ROSEN, Easter WOODRUFF, John 1877-Jun-22
ROSEN, Rosa Mrs WATTS, W H 1885-Feb-24
ROSS, Henrietta RHINES, Jessie 1898-Mar-17
ROSS, Jane WARD, Alfred 1890-Aug-16
ROSS, Julia DAWSON, Andrew 1896-Nov-26
ROSS, Malinda PITTMAN, Steve 1892-Nov-10
ROSS, Mary GREEN, John 1897-Feb-14
ROSS, Mary Ann FIELDS, Luke 1889-Sep-12
ROSSEN, D M Miss FLOWERS, W C 1899-Dec-25
ROWE, Mahulda WALKER, Damon 1877-Sep-03
ROYALS, Bettie ARNOLD, C I 1900-Mar-08
RULFIELD, Pearlina WILLIAMS, Phillip 1893-Jan-20
RUNDLES, Barbara DAVIS, William 1890-Sep-08
RUNEBY, Adeline MITCHEL, Ruebin 1880-Dec-22
RUNNELLS, Myrtise TAYLOR, Samuel A 1892-May-26
RUSH, Ida WILKINSON, Jim 1899-Feb-08
RUSH, Julia WALKER, Richard 1887-Sep-10
RUSH, Julia WASHINGTON, Judge 1899-Aug-26
RUSHING, Sizzie SPELLER, Robert 1878-Apr-10
RUSSELL, Alice GRAY, Mauchey 1897-Dec-10
RUSSELL, Anna BLACK, Benjamin 1883-Dec-26
RUSSELL, Anna KELLY, Ed 1896-Dec-25
RUSSELL, Catherine RUSSIN, James 1876-Mar-21
RUSSELL, Georgiana WOODS, Harry 1885-Jan-22
RUSSELL, Lizzie PRICE, Thomas 1889-Feb-04
RUSSELL, Lora Mrs DOZIER, Abraham 1889-Nov-28
RUSSELL, M E Miss HILL, J B 1886-Feb-01
RUSSELL, Nancy WATKINS, William 1885-Mar-12
RUSSELL, Pearl TURNER, W J 1888-Aug-03
RUSSELL, Rosa WILLIAMS, Colbert 1900-Nov-10
RUSSELL, Virginia CARTER, William 1896-Dec-04
RUSSETT, Virginia ROSS, Ruben 1899-Dec-11
RYAN, Lula WALKER, John 1896-Jul-04
RYAN, Mattie CARTER, Arthur Benjamin 1896-Mar-29
RYAN, Odie WHITE, Nelson 1896-Mar-22
RYAN, Pheoby MOORE, Henderson 1896-Mar-11
RYANS, Celie SUTTLES, Willis 1891-Jan-24
RYANS, Narcissa BEVERLEY, Edmond 1892-Apr-14



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