Sharkey County Brides

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PACKER, Mattie PSALTER, Haywood 1897-Nov-27
PAGE, Annie CLARKE, Jacob 1894-Aug-15
PAGE, Josephine BAGGETT, Daniel 1897-Jan-13
PAGE, Lizzie CARTER, Tom 1894-Oct-15
PAGE, Mary EVERIZE, Ben 1887-Feb-03
PAGE, Virginia JONES, Ed 1885-Jul-02
PALMER, Lucy HICKMAN, Frank 1878-Apr-03
PALMER, Rachel BRAMBLE, Rausom 1896-Dec-10
PARHAM, Lucie L BAKER, P P 1898-Feb-15
PARIS, Antoinette THOMAS, Henry 1892-Mar-31
PARISH, Martha Ann CARRINGTON, Jim 1881-Nov-25
PARK, Ellen SCOTT, H J 1899-Apr-08
PARKER, Lee Ann CLARK, Sam 1882-Nov-25
PARKER, Lori BOHANAN, Andrew 1887-Nov-28
PARKER, Louise TURNER, Jim 1881-Apr-21
PARKER, Lucie GIVINGS, Robert 1882-Jan-25
PARKER, Lucy JOHNSON, Robert 1894-Feb-05
PARKER, Lula SEWELL, Richard 1897-May-06
PARKER, Mary ANDERSON, Philip 1890-Jan-16
PARKER, Narcis WHITE, Henry 1883-May-28
PARKER, Parilla BROWN, Charley 1890-May-14
PARKER, Rebecca WILLIAMS, Calvin 1877-Sep-20
PARKER, Sallie MILLER, Henry 1897-Jan-14
PARKER, Sally SAEY, James 1877-Aug-16
PARKHAM, Eliza H MCMAHAR, Thomas 1897-Dec-28
PARKS, Lizzie RANKIN, Owens 1879-May-10
PARLEY, Savannah WILLIAMS, Junius 1894-Mar-08
PARRISH, Ada CHASE, Sylvester 1900-Nov-03
PARSONS, Ella WHITFIELD, Clairborne 1899-Dec-30
PARSONS, Maria STOKES, Jack 1897-Oct-07
PATTERSON, Harriette BELL, Thomas J 1891-Mar-28
PATTERSON, Jane DAVIS, Nathan B 1880-Apr-22
PATTERSON, Mary MILTON, Sel 1890-Feb-13
PATTERSON, Mary Eliza FOSTER, Henry 1893-Jul-20
PATTERSON, Viola GREEN, Wilson 1900-Sep-05
PATTISON, Carrie LEE, Westley 1900-Mar-15
PATTISON, Mary HICKS, Johnie 1900-Apr-11
PATTISON, Sarah WILLIAMS, R H 1900-Apr-27
PAYNE, Corine HENDERSON, Marshall 1889-Oct-26
PAYNE, Lula ARMSTRONG, William 1899-Feb-01
PAYNE, Mona MCKEE, Marshall 1887-Nov-18
PAYNE, Rosa BOLDEN, N H 1897-May-29
PAYTON, Eliza CAMERAL, Reuben 1893-Sep-30
PAYTON, Mary MITCHELL, Charles 1894-Jul-24
PAYTON, Sallie WALKER, William 1897-Feb-26
PEARCE, Mattie LASHLEY, L D 1887-Aug-18
PEARL, Hettie WASHINGTON, Thomas 1898-Nov-20
PEARSON, Kate MILLER, H 1899-Jun-18
PEIRSON, Lulia JONES, Anderson 1900-Dec-24
PELLUM, Joan HILL, George 1877-Jan-29
PEMBERTON, Lillie DAVIS, Martin 1891-Apr-02
PEMBERTON, Maybelle SIMPKINS, Newton 1896-Oct-26
PENDARVIS, Annie RADFORD, J F 1883-Apr-01
PENDARVIS, M E Miss GREEN, John Wm 1881-Feb-02
PENDARVIS, Viola WARD, Hermon 1900-Apr-15
PENKINS, Sari DAY, Thomas 1878-Jan-03
PENNY, Maggie FRAZIER, Anderson 1886-Jan-23
PENNY, Mary NASH, John 1889-Jun-25
PENWRIGHT, Annie GADSON, Pharoah 1890-Jul-12
PEPPARD, Gally LEATHERWOOD, Newton 1897-Dec-26
PERKINS, Annie COLEMAN, John 1892-Feb-18
PERKINS, Carrie BRIGGS, John 1900-Jan-25
PERKINS, Charlotte NELSON, Joe 1889-Feb-20
PERKINS, Jeanie BAILEY, Ed 1892-Nov-10
PERRY, Annie CRAWFORD, Riley 1890-Oct-23
PERRY, Catherine MILTON, Louis 1880-Dec-31
PERRY, Ella SINGLETON, Johnnie 1895-Nov-10
PERRY, Josephine BROWN, Robert 1881-Feb-01
PERRY, Scip HARRIS, Mat 1883-Feb-14
PETERSON, Liddy JOHNSON, Oliver 1894-Jan-04
PETIRAY, Celia WHITE, Hilliard 1877-Feb-17
PETTISON, Ella Mrs WALTON, Nathan 1890-Feb-24
PHARIS, Sallie PEYTON, Bill 1893-Apr-19
PHEARSON, Susie DAIRS, Henry 1892-Dec-29
PHELPS, Florence STEVENS, Joel O 1892-Jan-31
PHELPS, Nannie Watkins GEORGE, Peter 1892-Jan-20
PHILIPS, Jane MOORE, John 1885-Jan-13
PHILIPS, Josie BRUCE, P R 1891-Mar-15
PHILIPS, Josie Mrs ANDERSON, W M 1897-Dec-12
PHILLIPS, Adeline JACKSON, David 1885-Oct-11
PHILLIPS, Airy HINES, Elbert 1880-May-05
PHILLIPS, Carrie APPLEWHITE, Henry 1894-Mar-22
PHILLIPS, Edna SAMPLE, S 1897-Oct-30
PHILLIPS, Georgie HAYES, Alick 1900-Jul-22
PHILLIPS, Jeuwella DIXON, Andrew 1895-Jan-04
PHILLIPS, Liza SPEED, General 1883-Apr-31
PHILLIPS, Mary HENRY, Inee 1877-Oct-01
PHILLIPS, Mary Pearle CASELLIE, Count R Piola 1894-Jul-25
PHILLIPS, Minnie GRAY, Grant 1896-Nov-29
PHILLIPS, Mollie BARNEY, Jesse 1890-Dec-21
PHILLIPS, Sallie LAWSON, Squire 1898-Jul-28
PHILLIPS, Sarah PATTERSON, Willie 1892-Jun-28
PHILLIS, Jane SCOTT, George 1887-Mar-12
PHIPPS, Hannah DRAYTON, Pampy 1894-Mar-19
PICKS, Ella MIXON, David 1898-Dec-25
PIERCE, Evana REESE, Hinson 1877-Jan-06
PIERCE, Mandy PATTISON, Anderson 1882-Nov-16
PIERCE, Margy GRANT, Louis 1878-Sep-24
PIERCE, Sarah BROWN, Alex 1893-Dec-25
PIERSON, Pauline SIMMONS, Tony S 1891-Jan-17
PINKARD, Susan SMALL, John 1879-Jun-05
PINKINS, Katie BURNETTE, E T 1899-Jun-28
PINKSTON, Rosa JOHNSON, Thomas 1895-Nov-17
PIPPIN, Fannie Mae STEVENS, F C 1897-Apr-25
PITMAN, Sallie PARKS, Emmanuel 1896-Oct-08
PITTMAN, Lula LUCKETT, Richard 1888-Apr-30
PITTMAN, Uney HEWTER, A 1890-Jan-06
PITTS, Anna CARTER, Samuel 1894-Oct-03
PITTS, Elizabeth HURLY, William 1899-Dec-26
PITTS, Lucy DENNIS, Charles 1890-Jan-22
PLEASANT, Lizzie ANDERSON, Turner 1900-Mar-23
POINDEXTER, Georganna HORN, Jefferson 1884-Oct-11
POINDEXTER, Rose THOMAS, Henry 1888-Oct-06
POKE, Emma ROBERTSON, Charles 1881-Nov-12
POLITE, Hannah LEMONS, Sico 1882-Mar-04
POLK, Luvenia WALKER, Wesley 1891-May-02
POLK, Mary THOMPSON, Lamb 1883-Aug-14
POPE, Delah TURBEVILLE, George 1883-Aug-29
PORTER, Francis KING, Amos 1894-Mar-17
PORTER, J E Mrs JONES, John W 1891-Sep-22
PORTER, Lizzie CARTER, Odie 1897-Jan-21
PORTER, Margarett PORTER, Pierce 1886-May-05
PORTER, Martha TRADER, William 1896-Aug-14
PORTER, Mary WILLIAMS, William 1898-Dec-25
PORTER, Matilda TILLMAN, Perry 1898-Jan-10
PORTER, Susie WALTON, Sam 1898-Oct-06
POTTER, Alice TINNEY, Robert 1900-Oct-10
POTTER, Malinda NEILL, J H 1897-Jun-03
POTTS, Fannie JOHNSON, W H 1894-May-20
POTTS, Fannie YOUNG, Dennis 1896-Nov-10
POTTS, Luetisha DORSEY, Harry 1892-Sep-24
POWELL, Alpha SHRADER, W P 1887-Mar-20
POWELL, Bettie BANKS, Sam 1888-Jan-23
POWELL, Corine SIMS, Thomas E 1899-Aug-29
POWELL, Fannie MARTIN, John 1887-Jan-12
POWELL, Mary FOREMAN, Bowie 1897-Dec-30
POWELL, Mary HAMPTON, Charles M 1879-May-21
POWELL, Mary TURNER, John 1889-Mar-04
PRATER, Sarah MILLER, Henry 1892-Dec-21
PRATT, Betsy ALMAN, Phil 1882-Jan-26
PRESTON, Edy FRANKLIN, Mark 1886-Sep-16
PRESTON, Emma GREEN, Eziekiel 1895-Nov-16
PRESTON, Lizzie WILLIAMS, Dave 1892-Sep-29
PRESTON, Lora RICHARDSON, Henry 1888-Jul-04
PRICE, Ida BOOSE, A H 1891-Oct-17
PRICE, Julia MOSELEY, Nelson 1880-Mar-04
PRICE, Laura BUCKINGHAM, George 1890-Dec-24
PRICE, Mary TURNER, W M 1893-Feb-16
PRICE, Mary Jane BYRD, Alex 1894-Jun-13
PRICE, Viney PALLY, George 1896-Nov-05
PRINCE, Betsy HILL, Sam 1884-Apr-15
PUGH, Martha EDWARDS, James Willis 1895-Nov-16
PULLETT, Aggie WELLS, Dan 1893-Feb-19
PURSE, Martha HULL, A B 1880-Mar-05



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