Sharkey County Brides

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NAPOLEON, Sophia PASCO, Martin 1880-Jan-29
NAPPILL, Mary STEVERSON, Ben 1891-Oct-15
NATHAN, Mat RANDLE, Will 1900-Oct-11
NATHANIEL, Arcriea HARRIS, Butler 1885-Sep-17
NATHANIEL, Harriett CLARK, William 1891-Sep-16
NATHANIEL, Lizzie CLARK, Almonzo 1896-Feb-06
NAY, Adele De PIERCE, John 1876-Nov-07
NEAL, Ester YOUNG, Sam 1889-Jan-05
NEAL, Ida ATKINS, Robt 1900-Dec-25
NEAL, Silvy YOUNG, Dave 1888-Sep-15
NEAL, Sylvia COLBERT, Louis 1884-Apr-10
NEELEY, Molley HARPER, Jim 1893-Apr-18
NEIL, Agnes FORD, Thomas 1884-Dec-25
NEIL, Elmira NEELY, John 1885-Oct-24
NELSON, Annie Mrs CITIZEN, Dave 1891-Jul-23
NELSON, Bettie SMITH, Devin 1896-Feb-25
NELSON, Carrie NEWTON, Sam 1898-Dec-06
NELSON, Laura CHAMBERS, Howard 1885-Oct-24
NELSON, Liza DAWSON, Andrew 1891-Dec-03
NELSON, Lizzie JOHNSON, Green 1890-Aug-30
NELSON, Maria SMITH, Thomas 1890-Aug-21
NELSON, Mary WILLIAMS, Mose 1897-Oct-28
NELSON, Polly SHACKLEFORD, Gus 1890-Aug-24
NELSON, Rebecca HALL, Jordon 1889-Jan-26
NELSON, Rose CAMPBELL, Thornton 1882-Mar-23
NEVELS, Louisa PEYTON, Will 1897-Jan-28
NEWFORD, Roberta CHISHOLM, T J 1885-Dec-28
NEWLY, Vesti CONLEY, Isaac 1894-Jul-05
NICHOLS, Lou BOLDEN, Noah 1896-Jan-09
NICHOLS, Maggie GOFF, Henry 1898-Dec-04
NICHOLS, Mary Ann SMITH, D R 1881-Aug-10
NICHOLS, Perlinda PHILLIPS, Gus 1884-Jul-02
NICHOLSON, Annie COHN, Colby 1886-Jan-28
NICHOLSON, Emily WASHINGTON, Silas 1893-Jan-05
NEWMAN, Rachal DAWSON, Fabe 1900-Dec-26
NEWTON, Lizzie WEST, Morris 1898-Mar-30
NICHOLAS, Becky BANKS, Eddie 1891-Oct-16
NICHOLAS, Susan COLE, Charles A 1879-Oct-05
NICHOLS, Alis BROWN, Richard 1881-Nov-11
NICHOLSON, Loucinda BUCHANAN, John 1887-Dec-22
NICKLES, Nancy HAWKINS, Lewis 1881-Jun-11
NIXON, Perriwa BROWN, Henry 1895-Dec-25
NOBLE, Georgie Ann HILL, Burrett 1890-Sep-27
NOBLE, Robie BOYD, Louis 1900-Feb-03
NORMAN, Fannie BROOKS, James 1899-Dec-21
NORMAN, Hannah COLE, Burrell 1886-Sep-20
NORMAN, Manda WOODS, Joe 1888-Sep-27
NORMAN, Mary FORD, Alfred 1894-Feb-27
NORMAN, Mollie BROWN, Henry 1887-Dec-23
NORRIS, Eliza TORRENCE, William 1900-Jul-14
OAKS, Laura COLLINS, Dick 1898-Jan-23
OATES, Annie JOHNSON, Henry 1891-May-09
OBY, Hannah COLLINS, David 1900-Dec-18
ODAY, Alice VECOVEN, Frank Van 1879-Sep-08
ODOM, Mary LEE, Richard 1896-Mar-11
ODUM, Annie BATTON, J C 1885-Dec-09
OLIVER, Anna MOORE, James 1888-Feb-18
OLIVER, Mary SHAW, Marlin 1900-Dec-10
OLIVER, Mat WARE, Henrietta 1900-May-05
OLIVER, Melia JENKINS, Mose 1877-Feb-21
OMALLEY, Betty THAURUM, H E 1878-Dec-20
ONEAL, Ellen BOYKIN, Brown 1880-Apr-12
ONEAL, Ellen HARPER, Elliott 1900-Jan-03
ONEAL, Lucy OUALTER, W A 1878-Mar-13
ONEAL, Stella HEIGDON, L M 1887-Mar-12
ONELL, Mollie HOGG, Joseph 1877-Jul-11
OREDORF, Delia WILLIAMS, Matt 1883-Jul-17
ORNSBY, Hester COLEMAN, Jim 1883-Dec-13
OUTLISS, Alice THOMPSON, Lamb 1891-Dec-20
OWENS, Crecy PEACE, Levy 1899-Jan-16
OWENS, Hannah GIBSON, Charlie 1891-Feb-26
OWENS, Mary JOHNSON, William 1893-Jan-15
OWENS, Mattie MCGRAW, Anthony 1900-Jan-14
OWENS, Mina COLLIGAN, Mack 1898-May-08
OWENS, Venietta GRAY, Westley 1895-Oct-22
OWENS, Virginia JACKSON, James 1885-Nov-19



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