Sharkey County Brides

K - L

KAGLER, Ella WILSON, Isaiah 1891-Feb-12
KAGLER, Lula TURNER, Steven 1882-Mar-09
KAGLER, Mollie PRATER, John 1890-Jan-20
KAHEE, Lula TAYLOR, S T 1891-Jan-01
KAISER, Annette WILLIS, Dennis 1896-Dec-23
KEARNEY, Ida T SMITH, Walter W 1891-Nov-10
KEETH, Nola HARVEY, J A 1897-Jun-05
KELLY, Creasy ROBERSON, Fred 1892-Feb-19
KELLY, Emma JOINER, Howard 1897-Aug-27
KELLY, Judy JOHNSON, John 1877-Jul-02
KELLY, Margaret EMMETT, Sandy 1885-Jan-30
KELLY, Mary LORD, Henry 1877-Dec-13
KELLY, Mollie CARTER, Sandy 1887-Feb-18
KELLY, Sallie MASON, Nathan 1896-Dec-07
KELLY, Sylvia WILLIAMS, Charles 1877-Feb-22
KEMP, Bettie EVANS, James 1897-Oct-12
KEY, Alice WILSON, Elijah 1878-Nov-01
KIMBALL, Kate CARSON, Jerry 1887-Sep-10
KING, Annie GRANT, Peter 1900-Nov-25
KING, Arbelia MOORE, John 1893-Dec-23
KING, Bettie OLIVER, Pat 1895-May-11
KING, Charlotte RICHARDSON, Willie 1900-Dec-08
KING, Eliza PENNY, Joseph 1897-Sep-11
KING, Eliza WATSON, Jordan 1886-Jul-08
KING, Fannie SHARP, Ben 1888-Nov-16
KING, Francis ALEXANDER,  Dr 1880-Jul-02
KING, Gertrude BANKS, Bryant 1891-Dec-10
KING, Leaner CALDWELL, Green 1889-Apr-12
KING, Malvina MITCHELL, Willie 1900-Oct-11
KING, Mary GANT, Abe 1895-Feb-28
KING, Mary NEVELS, Ben 1886-Oct-18
KING, May Louisa JOHNSON, Scott 1889-Dec-09
KING, Minnie STUBBS, Jack 1900-Sep-20
KING, Rebecca GLOVER, Joseph 1889-Dec-26
KING, Sallie GRANT, Ben 1894-May-24
KING, Susan BANKS, Frank 1889-Apr-20
KING, Susanna GIBBS, Nora 1895-Aug-05
KING, Tinney BROOM, Shelton 1897-Dec-23
KINLEY, Pearl MOORE, George 1900-Feb-09
KINNEY, Mary SMITH, Nelson 1889-Dec-31
KIRBY, Francis WILLIAMS, Warren 1884-Feb-16
KIRBY, Minny LOFREY, Adam 1884-Oct-26
KIRKLAND, Mary GRANT, G W 1883-Jan-18
KIRKLAND, Nancy FOSTER, Sandy 1883-Dec-14
KITCHEN, Georgia RUMLETT, Levi 1882-Jun-21
KNIBLIN, Harriet SCOTT, Bee 1885-Aug-06
KNIGHT, Abie MARTIN, Dock 1899-Mar-11
KNIGHT, Annette MILES, Allin 1898-Jan-06
KNIGHT, Ida JANE, Mary R 1899-Jan-01
KNIGHT, Lelia DAVENPORT, J H 1896-Jan-23
KNIGHT, Lucy SPROULS, Elias 1895-Jul-28
KNIGHT, Sarah CLARK, Ed 1889-Dec-18
KNIGHTERS, Everlina WILLIAMS, Hilliard 1897-Dec-20
KNUCKLES, Mattie BATES, Spencer 1877-Dec-27
KOHILL, Emma MASON, Reuben 1880-Jan-29
KURTINAN, Ida DEADMAN, T F 1900-Sep-06
LACEY, Anna PERRY, Well 1897-Jun-14
LACKEY, Katie HENDERSON, Lee 1900-May-05
LACKS, Sarah WATSON, J W 1896-Aug-08
LACY, Rosa MCGARY, Joe 1898-May-15
LAMPKIN, Harriet BOYKIN, William 1890-Jan-31
LANE, Katie CROSS, W H 1893-Dec-13
LANE, Margrett MARKS, James 1889-May-02
LANE, Virginia WILLIAMS, Parker 1898-Nov-03
LANES, Margaret SMITH, Mason 1890-Feb-01
LANEY, Mary MYERS, Jack 1899-Nov-04
LANG, Mary B BROWN, John M 1890-Oct-26
LANG, Pearlie DAVIS, Kit 1896-Dec-17
LANG, Virginia MCPHEARSON, Lee 1898-Aug-25
LANG, W M Miss MCMULLAN, Jimmie 1886-Mar-25
LANGSTON, Mariah KIMBLE, Wess 1885-Apr-18
LANN, Alma COOK, B F 1899-Nov-05
LATTIMORE, Georgia DAVIS, Ed 1894-Sep-07
LATTIMORE, Mattie DAVIS, Louis 1892-Apr-14
LAW, Lizzie JEFFERSON, Grant 1891-Dec-05
LAWSON, Annie WILLIS, Allen 1898-Apr-26
LAWSON, Bytha GAGE, William 1897-Mar-11
LAWSON, Caroline SMITH, John 1886-Sep-08
LAWSON, Easter COMMONDORE, Haudy 1880-Dec-30
LAWSON, Emma WINTERS, Will 1895-Dec-23
LEE, Charley HARRIS, Eliza 1899-May-13
LEE, Charley SANDERS, Mary 1886-Jan-23
LEE, Earnest LEWIS, Agnes 1900-Dec-27
LEE, Ed CARSON, Catherine 1879-Oct-22
LEE, Fannie BRYANT, Samuel 1899-Sep-07
LEE, Fanny RICHBURG, Orange 1885-May-01
LEE, Francis HARDEE, Claiborne 1893-Jan-07
LEE, Hattie POPE, William 1895-Dec-25
LEE, Joan GREEN, W O 1900-Oct-17
LEE, Laura WASHINGTON, Harrison 1885-Jul-04
LEE, Malissa HAY, Andrew 1887-May-14
LEE, Mary CAMPBELL, Reuben 1891-Dec-31
LEE, Mary JEFFERSON, Floyd 1899-Oct-09
LEE, Pearline SMITH, Edward 1896-Jan-29
LEE, S E Miss STEVENS, Douglass 1889-Aug-13
LEE, S L Mrs RATCLIFF, William 1884-Dec-23
LEE, Sallie ROBERTSON, Jack 1880-Apr-03
LEE, Sopha JONES, Daniel 1892-Sep-08
LEMON, Hannah CADDELL, Ed 1898-May-21
LEMONS, Oitibe WINGED, Richard 1881-Sep-09
LEON, Jessie GRIGGS, Robert 1891-Mar-06
LETTLES, Malissa JACKSON, Stonewall 1897-Nov-07
LEVERETT, Flavilla LINZEY, James 1891-Feb-22
LEWIS, Ada FURGUSON, Armanias 1900-Jan-03
LEWIS, Agnes LEE, Earnest 1900-Dec-27
LEWIS, Amy BRYANT, Jack 1897-Feb-02
LEWIS, Annie FOX, Isam 1889-May-28
LEWIS, Caroline CLEVELAND, Willis 1892-Jan-21
LEWIS, Effie Jane LENNONS, Joe 1899-Dec-30
LEWIS, Emily DUCKETT, William 1885-Jul-13
LEWIS, Emma SIDNEY, Nicholas 1890-Aug-25
LEWIS, Ginie RHODES, James 1899-Oct-30
LEWIS, Jane BROADMAX, Henry 1891-Nov-22
LEWIS, Julia ANDERSON, Henry 1893-Jun-17
LEWIS, Kathern KIRBY, Johnnie 1882-Mar-02
LEWIS, Laura ELLIS, Joe 1890-Feb-01
LEWIS, Lizzie ROGERS, Jacob 1889-Apr-18
LEWIS, Maggie RAINEY, Dave 1900-May-07
LEWIS, Manervia ROBINSON, John 1880-Mar-05
LEWIS, Milly POINDEXTER, Charley 1882-Dec-26
LEWIS, Nancy MILLER, Chestley 1896-Jan-09
LEWIS, Nisy HUNTER, Charlie 1885-Aug-06
LEWIS, Pollina HOLLINGSWORTH, Guy 1891-Apr-15
LEWIS, Sallie RUSSELL, Harlow 1895-Jan-15
LEWIS, Sarah DUCKETT, Billie 1888-Nov-03
LEWIS, Susie CHASE, James 1887-Jun-30
LIGHTNER, Mary Ellen BELL, Edward 1890-Nov-15
LILLY, Francis Mrs BENNETT, Johnson 1889-Dec-02
LIMONS, Virginia EVANS, Hezekiah 1895-Jan-15
LINDSAY, Callie MCCAFEE, Rufus 1882-Oct-23
LINDSAY, Ella BILL, Conway 1896-Jan-31
LINDSEY, Alice HOBBS, Willie 1898-Jan-22
LINDSEY, Eliza WARE, George 1890-Oct-16
LINTON, Fannie BATTINGER, Rawson 1895-Dec-11
LITTLE, Carrie AGEE, John 1889-Jun-15
LOCKETT, Mary JACKSON, Andrew 1897-Nov-24
LOCKHART, Bertha WALKER, Abe 1892-Jun-18
LOCKHART, Sewanner HOPPER, Sol 1894-Dec-22
LOCKLEY, Alice SHAW, George W 1893-Oct-22
LOGAN, Claricy WARE, Harrison 1883-Oct-16
LOGAN, Eliza HAYS, Robert 1887-Mar-22
LOGAN, Lotty WELLS, Andrew 1889-Apr-05
LONG, Irena Nevada ELLIS, J W 1895-May-16
LOTSON, Laura STEWART, Willie 1893-Jun-24
LOUIS, Emma JACKSON, Thomas 1879-Nov-22
LOVE, Ellen BRENT, William 1895-Oct-19
LOVE, Evana FIELDS, John 1893-Nov-25
LOVE, Flora MITCHELL, Greer 1877-May-04
LOVE, Jimnie ROBINSON, Ed 1895-Feb-28
LOVE, Laura WALKER, Dennis 1888-Nov-10
LOVE, Rachal FORMAN, Jeffrey 1889-Apr-24
LOVE, Sarah WEBSTER, Daniel 1879-Sep-27
LOVE, Susanna ROBERSON, Hezakiah 1895-Nov-03
LOVE, Viney SMITH, Tyler 1888-Aug-18
LOVELEY, Pauline WASHINGTON, Grant 1896-Jul-12
LOWE, Novella BARNES, W N 1900-Oct-21
LOWE, Saby JOHNSON, Walter 1894-Mar-28
LOYAD, Mandy WASHINGTON, James 1886-Apr-07
LOYD, Annie SIMPSON, Mose 1900-Mar-11
LOYD, Minnie BASHMORE, Joseph 1899-Dec-24
LOYDE, Mollie BRIGGS, William 1887-Dec-26
LUCAS, Francis PECK, Bass 1889-Mar-16
LUCAS, Lizzie BLARKLEY, Alex 1899-Mar-05
LUCAS, Minnie BANKS, Thomas 1896-Oct-22
LUCKETT, Jimmie MCWAYNE, Sam 1892-Sep-29
LUCKEY, Charlotte MARSHALL, Cato 1892-Jan-14
LUHM, Emma STURGIS, J B 1898-Jan-24
LUMBLEY, Dellie BRYAN, W A 1892-Dec-13
LUNSFORD, Sallie BOHN, R 1886-Apr-29
LUSK, Linnie C TISDALE, B F 1892-Mar-21
LUSK, Lydia J Mrs DUTTON, J D 1893-Apr-11
LUSTON, Sarah COLUMBUS, Joe 1879-Feb-20
LUVINA, Winnie AMBROSE, Jessie 1900-Oct-28
LYLE, Lucie SMITH, Alfred 1884-Sep-08
LYNCH, Carrie GREEN, Ben 1900-Nov-10
LYNCH, Mollie GARRETT, David 1879-Dec-23



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