Sharkey County Brides

E - F

EARL, Edna RICHARDSON, W D 1889-May-29
EARLY, Susan LYNCH, Tony 1882-Sep-30
EASTER, Charlotte KING, Anderson 1891-Oct-20
EASTER, Lizzie HAYS, Babe 1900-Aug-24
EASTER, Marah BROWN, Sandy 1891-Apr-28
EASTER, Rose SHAW, Albert 1891-Dec-22
EASTIN, Amanda GREEN, Nelson 1899-Feb-09
EATON, Ida COX, Harry 1887-Mar-24
ECHOLS, Sarah Jane JONES, Henry 1887-Nov-10
EDDINGTON, Beverly CARSON, Nancy 1898-Jan-07
EDMONSON, Sarah YOUNG, Sam 1888-Oct-20
EDWARDS, Annie BANKS, Adolph 1899-Mar-10
EDWARDS, Charity PARKER, Benjamin 1884-Nov-13
EDWARDS, Charlotte HENRY, John 1893-Jul-09
EDWARDS, Emma DAVENPORT, Marshall 1891-Nov-14
EDWARDS, Emoline MOORE, Jonas 1893-Feb-11
EDWARDS, Hattie SMITH, Preston 1895-Nov-01
EDWARDS, Irene KIRK, Stark 1897-May-27
EDWARDS, Lucy FLOYD, James 1888-Jun-30
EDWARDS, M R Miss POWELL, John 1888-Aug-30
EDWARDS, Mariah DURGAN, Joe 1886-Aug-25
EDWARDS, Mariah RYAN, George 1899-Feb-25
EDWARDS, Mary COTTLE, James 1892-May-05
EDWARDS, Mintie SMITH, Arnold 1899-Feb-25
EDWARDS, Mollie RICHBURG, Montgomery 1888-Feb-02
EDWARDS, Ophelia JACKSON, Escy 1885-Jul-26
EDWARDS, Sallie DENNIS, Henry 1878-May-06
EDWARDS, Shauna FARISH, Gene 1878-Dec-20
ELLINGTON, Agnis D EVERETT, B F 1883-Jan-08
ELLINGTON, Hattie FRIM, T T 1891-Mar-15
ELLINGTON, Minnie WRIGHT, A L 1880-Feb-14
ELLIOTT, A B Miss RODGERS, J D 1885-Feb-18
ELLIOTT, Carrie DINN, John 1899-Feb-05
ELLIS, Jinnie S SONG, J W 1897-Mar-06
ELLIS, Laura CASY, Alex 1896-Mar-20
ELLIS, Melinda MYERS, Charles 1776-Nov-20
ELMINE, Saralah Mrs LOMAX, A H 1887-Mar-30
EMLEN, Jennie FERGUSON, Richmond 1879-Oct-30
EMORY, Julia BARKSDALE, Henry 1878-May-26
ENDLEY, Sophia MOORE, Bark 1900-Aug-28
ENGLAND, E Miss HUDSON, H J 1899-Sep-06
ENGLAND, Mannie MARTIN, Jessie 1892-Jun-16
ENGLAND, Penny PHILLIPS, Henry 1891-Nov-26
ENGLAND, Willie EMERSON, Elonzo 1898-Apr-05
ENGLISH, Menerva JACKSON, Henry 1888-Jun-30
ENGLISH, Sophie LEWIS, John 1897-Nov-06
ENNON, Salina ENNON, John 1898-Jan-05
EPHRAHAUS, Lula SMITH, Arnold 1889-Mar-03
EPPS, Julia Mrs SIDNEY, Stephen 1888-Jan-10
EPPS, May HELMS, Anna 1886-Jun-05
EPPS, Sallie RUTLEGE, Henry 1882-May-27
ERIE, Louise WATTS, E E 1891-Dec-20
ERVIN, A O Mrs WILLIAMS, W B 1899-Oct-25
ERVIN, Nettie E HENRY, S N 1888-Jun-20
ETTIE, Mary MITCHELL, Aaron 1900-Dec-21
EVANS, Carrie POLK, T C 1897-Mar-09
EVANS, Davgams CURTIS, Porter 1888-Jun-15
EVANS, Delia SMITH, John 1899-Oct-21
EVANS, Lucy ROAN, D R 1895-Aug-15
EVANS, Martha PARKER, A N 1878-Jun-29
EVANS, Mary BOYD, H N 1895-Jan-27
EVANS, Minerva MARTIN, Peter 1776-Dec-23
EVANS, Sarah FREEMAN, Nat 1896-Mar-06
EVERETT, Ivellytha C DEWEASE, A T 1896-Nov-08
EVERETT, Pelia EDMUNDSON, York 1880-Jan-26
EVERETT, Viney LITTLE, James 1899-Sep-30
FAIN, Anna BENDING, Wm 1883-Oct-21
FAIRCHILD, Lizzie LEE, Johnnie 1895-Sep-05
FAIRCHILDS, Annie SMITH, L R 1889-Dec-15
FAIRCHILDS, Elza BAILEY, Archie 1898-Apr-24
FAIRFAX, Easter POINDEXTER, George 1876-Jun-08
FAKES, Amelia ALLEN, Nathan 1887-Apr-19
FARM, Malinda HERRING, Jonnie 1897-Dec-23
FARRAR, Hanah BANKS, E H 1879-Aug-16
FARRAR, Lori PURVINS, George 1888-Feb-01
FARRAR, Tiney KEYS, Frank 1900-Feb-03
FARRAW, Pinkie WILLIAMS, Eli 1899-Apr-16
FARRIS, Irna WILLIAMS, Charlie 1896-Sep-30
FERGUSON, Richmond EMLEN, Jennie 1879-Oct-30
FERGUSON, Taylor HASKINS, Josephine 1895-Dec-26
FERNANDO, Tom BELL, Madona 1894-Feb-22
FARRISH, Annie JOHNSON, Edward 1900-Dec-06
FARROR, Ann PEARSON, Albert 1884-Feb-07
FERGUSON, Ellen SLAUGHTER, Harry 1892-Oct-20
FERGUSON, Fannie WALKER, Floyd 1896-Jun-10
FERGUSON, Jennie MEACHAM, Adam 1880-Dec-05
FERGUSON, Maria Jane LOVE, Benjamin 1895-Dec-29
FIELDER, Sallie GRAFT, Fred 1881-Dec-13
FIELDS, Ada DAIRD, King 1888-Sep-18
FIELDS, Jane RENIPLES, Henry 1882-Oct-16
FIELDS, Julia GIBSON, James 1894-Oct-31
FIELDS, Minerva PLAT, Down 1890-Aug-16
FIELDS, Stacey WILLIAMS, George 1900-Jan-28
FINN, Ellen AGESN, Solomon 1886-Nov-18
FIPHEE, Francis JEFFREY, Oscar 1887-Mar-10
FISHER, Catherin JOHNSON, Noah 1885-Nov-19
FISHER, Delphia HOY, Henry 1881-Mar-10
FISHER, Isabella JONES, James 1896-Apr-06
FISHER, J Maria JOHNSON, Matthew 1881-Jan-06
FISHER, Lou MITCHELL, Sam 1897-Feb-08
FISHER, Louisa COX, Grant 1887-Mar-10
FISHER, Lula LEWIS, John 1900-Jan-11
FISHER, Matilda HAMILTON, Jefferson 1895-Mar-14
FISHER, Mollie SANDERS, Dennis 1889-Mar-01
FISHER, Rose MARTIN, George 1880-Feb-12
FLAG, Lavina GUNDY, R R 1893-Oct-24
FLEMING, Georgianna TUCKER, E H 1888-Dec-24
FLEMING, Jenny EPPS, Caliph 1885-Dec-28
FLEMING, Lucrecia TUCKER, Hiram 1888-Dec-24
FLEWELLYN, Louisiana HUMPHRIES, C G S 1883-Apr-06
FLOWERS, Mattie KELLY, Frank 1897-Jan-01
FLOYD, Cora E PEPPARD, W J 1895-Oct-03
FLOYD, Ida HARDESTY, F C 1894-Dec-06
FLOYD, Lucy SMITH, William 1896-Oct-07
FOLSOM, Nancy WILLIAMS, Henry 1884-Dec-13
FORD, Anna Lou WILLIAMS, Eli 1893-Dec-17
FORD, Hannah NORMAN, Peter 1881-Apr-07
FORD, Harriet ADAMS, Day 1879-Dec-11
FORD, Harriet ADAMS, Osey 1879-Dec-11
FORD, Ida Mrs WATERS, John M 1886-Dec-02
FORD, Julia HENDERSON, Sam 1896-Oct-24
FORD, Lottie ROSS, William 1886-Mar-18
FORD, Louisa LANGSTON, William 1888-Feb-11
FORD, Mary DAVIS, Gilbert 1898-Feb-06
FORD, Mary KNOX, Joshua 1896-Feb-29
FORD, Minnie BUCKNER, Henry 1887-Nov-18
FORD, Pheoby SULLIVAN, George 1897-Dec-16
FORD, Rebecca BOOKER, Isaac 1895-Nov-18
FORD, Serena TAYLOR, Dixie 1892-Apr-09
FORD, Violet DOVE, Moses 1883-Apr-19
FOREMAN, Agnes LEWIS, Ben 1893-Feb-12
FOREMAN, Virginia LIGGETT, Alexander 1888-Mar-23
FORT, Emma MOORE, Willis 1892-Dec-15
FOSSETT, Nettie G WALKER, E H 1900-May-11
FOSTER, Caroline GRAY, G W 1887-Mar-04
FOSTER, Charlotte MCLAIN, J H 1890-Feb-26
FOSTER, Cora WILLIAMS, Randall 1887-Sep-29
FOSTER, Easter HALL, Pleasant 1883-Jul-14
FOSTER, Hariet COLEMAN, Gabe 1884-Feb-20
FOSTER, Mary SCOTT, Henry 1899-Sep-25
FOSTER, Mary Eliza TOLER, Robert 1890-Jan-02
FOSTER, Nancy DOSIER, Abraham 1879-Sep-02
FOSTER, Nancy TENNIS, Aaron 1898-Mar-17
FOWLER, Mary Etta STEVENS, Jimmie 1892-Jan-14
FOX, Armena WADE, Lee 1887-Feb-09
FOX, Ida SLOCUM, John 1899-Apr-16
FRANCHESS, Mary BANKS, Samuel 1877-Nov-12
FRANCIS, Susan BANKS, Frank 1881-Aug-13
FRANK, Missy J DAVIS, Jacob 1900-Nov-22
FRANKLE, Eliza FLEMING, George 1892-Jan-06
FRANKLIN, Annie SPRIGGS, Matthew 1888-Mar-06
FRANKLIN, J S Miss LEONI, S H J 1888-May-30
FRANKLIN, Lizabeth GRIFFIN, Andrew 1898-Dec-15
FRANKLIN, Mahala COLE, Westley 1891-Mar-07
FRANKLIN, Mary STEWART, M 1895-Jun-27
FRANKLIN, Mattie HARRIS, Henry 1889-Jun-20
FRANKLIN, Melvina EVERITT, Sandy 1887-Sep-26
FRANKLINE, Angeline WILLIAMS, Jim 1892-Jan-30
FRANLIN, Harriet PRINCE, Philip 1883-Oct-18
FRAZIER, Florence TAYLOR, Abe 1899-Sep-25
FRAZIER, Josephine VICK, William 1888-Nov-02
FREEMAN, Delia SCALES, Thomas 1897-Feb-12
FREEMAN, Luella CAMPBELL, Peter 1886-Dec-09
FRIARSON, Emma GOLDING, William 1884-Jan-31
FRIARSON, Henrietta LEE, John 1879-Oct-19
FULLER, Frances LEWIS, Levi 1898-Mar-27
FULLER, Mamie SPRIGGS, Jim 1883-Jan-25
FULSHIRE, Julian LOVE, Henry 1897-Dec-26



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