Sharkey County Brides


DAIRS, Aggie WASHINGTON, Elias 1885-May-15
DAIRS, Barbara SPENCER, Fred 1897-Jun-28
DAIRS, Ella WILSON, W C 1887-Sep-08
DAIRS, Francis WIGGINS, Robert 1886-Mar-30
DAIRS, Lillie COOK, George 1888-Nov-15
DAIRS, Lithe WINTEE, Willie 1896-Dec-20
DAIRS, Lorraine ALEXANDER, Louis 1890-Mar-14
DAIRS, Lou HOLMES, Will 1894-Jan-25
DAIRS, Mary Ann MOSS, Joe 1891-Sep-05
DAIRS, Naress CURLY, Silas 1884-Jul-17
DAIRS, Olivia DAIRS, Allen 1887-Sep-15
DAIRS, Rachal SLEDGE, Mosely 1893-May-19
DALES, Tilda Mrs RICHARDSON, John 1889-Dec-25
DANDRIDGE, Susan EVANS, George 1877-Feb-17
DANIEL, Sallie HINDSMAN, Ky 1884-Jan-25
DANIELL, Florence ISHMAN, Blameul 1892-Dec-24
DANIELS, Addie BAILEY, Henry 1896-Aug-14
DANIELS, Angeline LANCHESTER, Wm 1879-Mar-18
DANIELS, Biba GILMORE, Wilson 1891-Dec-24
DANIELS, Lula WATSON, Johnnie 1898-Sep-20
DANIELS, Mary Eliza SLAUGHTER, Soloman 1892-Jan-19
DANIELS, Nancy COMMON, Isom 1880-Jun-05
DANIELS, Rita BLAIR, Weston 1776-Nov-13
DANIELS, Susie FOSTER, Silas 1899-Jun-16
DANIELS, Winnie HUDSON, Mat 1880-Jan-16
DARDEN, Ann WILLIAMS, Ed 1887-Mar-05
DARDEN, Cora DORSEY, Jack 1884-Jan-28
DARKISS, Mary WARE, Emanuel 1886-Dec-11
DATES, Bettye MCEWAYNE, Lewis 1887-Apr-10
DAVENPORT, Carolina LOUIS, Anthony 1879-Aug-03
DAVENPORT, Hannah PARHAM, William 1891-Feb-19
DAVENPORT, Jamie MAJOY, William 1892-Jan-24
DAVENPORT, Nancy FIELDS, Martin 1894-Apr-25
DAVIDSON, Celia TEDO, James 1894-Jan-28
DAVIS, Amandy HENDERSON, Ed 1890-Jan-09
DAVIS, Amelia BUTLER, George 1894-Jan-16
DAVIS, Annie FIELDS, Luke 1899-Jul-10
DAVIS, Annie STEWART, Robert 1897-May-03
DAVIS, Bettie CHARLESTON, Glover 1893-Jul-08
DAVIS, Bettie THOMAS, Willie 1895-Nov-21
DAVIS, Celeste GREEN, Jim 1900-Apr-24
DAVIS, Charity YOUNG, Melton 1900-Aug-20
DAVIS, Charlotte HARGATE, Bill 1894-Dec-27
DAVIS, Corine JOHNSON, George 1896-Nov-26
DAVIS, Cornelia OLIVER, Edmond 1895-Dec-26
DAVIS, Crecy WILLIAMS, J N 1889-Dec-21
DAVIS, Delia MASON, George 1897-Dec-26
DAVIS, Della GREEN, John 1892-Jan-20
DAVIS, Dina SCOTT, Shed 1896-Jan-30
DAVIS, Ella JOHNSON, Charles 1888-Feb-09
DAVIS, Emma HARRIS, Cassie 1893-Dec-23
DAVIS, Eveline Mrs GRIFFING, S H 1889-Oct-28
DAVIS, Fannie SANDS, Lem 1882-Dec-28
DAVIS, Francis SMITH, Charley 1881-Apr-27
DAVIS, Griselly RIGHT, David 1776-Nov-13
DAVIS, Hannah SUTTON, Jerry 1890-Dec-17
DAVIS, Ida Bell MCGARY, Fred 1899-Mar-15
DAVIS, Irene HUMPHREYS, Harry 1899-Feb-04
DAVIS, Julie Ellen GILMORE, Gaston 1892-Jan-07
DAVIS, Laura FAIR, Tom 1899-Sep-20
DAVIS, Lavinnia BROWN, Jordan 1897-Jan-30
DAVIS, Louisa ALEXANDER, Louis 1890-Mar-14
DAVIS, Lucy JONES, Tip 1897-Oct-02
DAVIS, Maggie MORRIS, Andrew 1898-Jul-21
DAVIS, Maggie SOMERS, Benjamin 1876-Jul-05
DAVIS, Mandy JOHNSON, Leir 1886-Jan-05
DAVIS, Mariah FERGUSON, Andrew 1879-Sep-11
DAVIS, Martha PORTER, William 1893-Sep-07
DAVIS, Mary PARKER, Alex 1895-Dec-11
DAVIS, Mary Ella THOMPSON, J W 1887-Mar-18
DAVIS, Mary Mrs BOLTEN, Westley 1892-Jan-21
DAVIS, Mellie BELL, Simon 1879-Aug-21
DAVIS, Minnie LOTT, Willie 1898-Dec-15
DAVIS, Minnie SOMEDY, Jackson 1896-Mar-21
DAVIS, Morzella HAWKINS, Nath 1895-Apr-23
DAVIS, Pearley LIGGINS, James 1900-Oct-21
DAVIS, Rena WILSON, Kajah 1898-Dec-24
DAVIS, Rosa HERRING, Thomas 1891-Jan-01
DAVIS, Sadie COLEMAN, Willis 1895-Jan-05
DAVIS, Sallie WATSON, Charley 1881-Mar-10
DAVIS, Sarah SCOTT, Alex 1892-Jun-12
DAVIS, Sarah SMITH, Nathan 1776-Nov-17
DAVIS, Sharlott ALEXANDER, Neal 1899-Apr-26
DAVIS, Sharlott ALEXANDER, Ned 1899-Apr-26
DAVIS, Virginia HAMPTON, Sam 1894-Jan-18
DAWSEY, Mittie BAWSEY, Andrew 1887-Oct-25
DAWSON, Anaky DUKES, Jim 1883-Feb-27
DAWSON, Annaca WILSON, Vince 1882-Jan-02
DAWSON, Eliza GIBSON, C G 1886-Jun-16
DAWSON, Fannie SMITH, J W 1896-May-16
DAWSON, Leana LYNCH, W C 1886-Dec-06
DAWSON, Lucinda HARRIS, Beverly 1895-Jun-25
DAWSON, Malinda HICKS, Jeff 1891-Feb-19
DAWSON, Polly SPRIGGS, Bank 1881-Dec-08
DAY, Emily WARFIELD, Ben 1898-Feb-24
DAY, Mary AGA, Daniel 1887-Dec-29
DAY, Mary AGEE, Daniel 1887-Dec-29
DAY, Nancy ROBINSON, Eddie 1881-Aug-20
DE GRAFFEUNEIDH, Lella WILLIS, Wyatt 1897-Sep-30
DEAN, Alice JACKSON, Richard 1887-Oct-04
DEAN, Alice REED, William 1888-Aug-27
DEAN, Charity JACKSON, Dave 1900-May-24
DEAN, Della SANDERS, Will 1899-Jan-22
DEAN, Mary KINNIS, Dave 1900-May-24
DEAN, Smithie REED, George 1889-Sep-26
DEANS, Silla MABINNEY, Ben 1899-Apr-21
DEDMORE, Annie CROWSON, E L 1894-Nov-18
DEER, Clara Jane MANGUM, William 1889-Apr-05
DELOACH, Alice SCOFIELD, James 1896-Sep-16
DEMINE, Florence ELLIS, Paul 1885-Mar-13
DEMINETTE, Sallie WILSON, J W 1885-Mar-21
DENKINS, Mariah BRAXTON, Joe 1898-Dec-24
DENNING, Elizabeth GATLING, John 1894-Oct-30
DENNIS, Jane HUDSON, Frank 1893-Jul-31
DENNIS, Lucy ADAMS, Paul 1895-Nov-10
DESAIR, Tizzie BODY, Simon 1895-May-04
DICKENSON, Alice JONES, Tom 1881-Nov-28
DICKERSON, Renie JONES, J J 1881-Dec-21
DICKINSON, Florence MCLEMORE, Charles 1878-Mar-11
DICKINSON, Margaret COX, Soloman 1878-May-10
DICKSON, Betsy GARRISON, George 1900-Dec-12
DIGGINS, Rebecca POWELL, Richard 1893-Mar-25
DILL, Emma FARIEND, Felix 1879-Aug-01
DINE, Sarah BULLOCK, J P 1886-Sep-02
DINGIMS, Lula HARVEY, Joe 1896-Dec-24
DINKINS, Easter SAVAGE, Gus 1898-Jan-20
DIVINE, Mahala HOLMES, Anthony 1892-Dec-01
DIXON, Adeline BROWN, Orange 1882-Dec-28
DIXON, Carrie MOORE, Henderson 1887-Jan-22
DIXON, Elizabeth MORRISON, George 1890-Dec-04
DIXON, Frances TEXAS, William 1899-Dec-26
DIXON, Jualine JACKSON, Robert 1883-Apr-21
DIXON, Livinia WASHINGTON, George 1881-Dec-14
DIXON, Lula JOHNSON, Willis 1887-Nov-15
DIXON, Mary SADDLER, George 1900-Dec-25
DIXON, Susan JACKSON, George 1891-Mar-25
DOBSON, Dianna CLIFTON, Prentiss 1893-Feb-08
DONALD, Adline HENDERSON, Daniel 1878-May-16
DONALD, Emilina JONES, Ed 1879-May-17
DONALD, Lena ALEXANDER, Ike 1900-Jan-27
DONALDSON, Malinda WADE, Lee 1898-Mar-03
DORDEN, Sallie FRIERSON, J F 1895-Dec-22
DORFLINGER, Caroline SAUNDERS, J W 1886-Feb-27
DORFLINGER, Emma SMITH, L H 1887-Dec-07
DORSEY, Alice BROWN, William 1892-Feb-02
DORSEY, Cora BOHANAN, Charley 1887-Nov-28
DORSEY, Ellen WILLIAMS, Richard 1888-Dec-26
DORSEY, George BALDWELL, Silas 1877-Mar-31
DORSEY, Lizzie BOWLIN, Henry 1896-Nov-09
DORSEY, Lou BROWN, Andrew 1897-Feb-20
DORSEY, Salina WRIGHT, James 1893-Dec-23
DORSEY, Sarah KING, Monroe 1891-Apr-23
DORSEY, Virginia HOWARD, Chess 1888-Aug-29
DOTSON, Ora WILLIAMS, Willie 1891-Dec-24
DOTSY, Kittie MCGEE, James 1886-Aug-12
DOVE, Violet BUCKINGHAM, James 1899-Sep-17
DOVER, Mary HUNTER, Willie 1884-Nov-08
DOVU, Mary SCOFIELD, P S 1880-Jan-23
DOYLE, Cornelia BYRD, Sam 1887-Jun-30
DRUMISE, Eliza A CHANEY, J F 1879-Dec-21
DUCKET, Nancy HAMPTON, Elijah 1877-Oct-18
DUCKETT, Leaha HENDERSON, Martha 1900-Dec-19
DUCKETT, Maudy GOFF, Henry 1889-Jan-03
DUDLEY, Emma MITCHELL, Alex 1899-Oct-23
DUDLEY, Fannie ENGLAND, John 1895-Oct-18
DUFFIELD, Maria KIRK, Simpson 1890-Feb-12
DUGAN, Bridget CANOVAN, John 1898-Feb-08
DUKE, E P Miss THOMPSON, L W 1899-Jan-09
DUKE, Katie HAMPSEY, James 1894-Feb-04
DUKE, Martha E BRYAN, Lucern 1894-Dec-02
DUKE, Suzie NIXON, N J 1883-Jun-13
DURESE, Alma L STEGALL, G E 1900-Jan-17
DURGE, Indiana CHILDERS, Luther 1884-Feb-24
DURGISS, Manory BROWN, Peter 1888-Feb-29



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