Sharkey County Brides


ABNER, Marrah POPE, Sam 1892-Oct-15
ABO, Winnie MCGOWAN, Washington 1900-Sep-24
ADAMS, Delia SAM, Os 1877-Sep-08
ADAMS, Diza WINFIELD, Walker 1898-Mar-24
ADAMS, Frances SHRADER, Samuel H 1878-Sep-21
ADAMS, Maggie JOHNSON, Gus 1898-Mar-10
ADAMS, Manda CARSON, Pert 1886-Oct-23
ADAMS, Mary LAWSON, Jerry 1899-Dec-23
ADAMS, Mary MCDANIELS, Richard 1889-Feb-14
ADAMS, Mary Eliza HILL, C B 1895-Dec-24
ADAMS, Queen MOTLEY, Sam 1891-Apr-22
ADAMS, Rena HOLLIDAY, C W 1894-May-12
AGEE, Beckie BASEMAN, Albert 1893-Sep-11
AGEE, Cora MARSHALL, Robert 1885-Dec-24
AGEE, Lizzie COSBY, Dan 1895-Oct-24
AGEE, Mary Alice GRIFFIN, March 1881-Dec-29
AGEE, Sandy JACKSON, Charles 1878-Dec-02
ALBERT, Jinnie BLAIR, Thomas 1899-Jul-07
ALEX, Nancy BARNES, Andrew 1890-Dec-27
ALEXANDA, Anna REED, Robert 1895-Nov-27
ALEXANDER, Rosa MAYBERRY, Grant 1898-Sep-12
ALEXANDER, Sarah HARRIS, Jinnie 1898-Jan-16
ALLAIPH, Emma KALFERS, George 1879-Dec-30
ALLEN, Bonnie WIGGINS, Frank 1899-Nov-06
ALLEN, Georgiana FRIERSON, Willie 1896-Apr-28
ALLEN, Irena COOK, Albert 1895-Jan-31
ALLEN, Kittie MCQUISTER, 1896-Sep-19
ALLEN, Mattie ROSS, Jack 1895-Mar-26
AMBERS, Nora FOREMAN, Frank 1893-Oct-05
ANDERSON, Abigail JOHNSON, Alex 1882-Dec-22
ANDERSON, Alice EDWARDS, Thomas 1899-Apr-20
ANDERSON, Anna DORSEY, Sam 1896-Dec-21
ANDERSON, Annaka WHITTING, Wilson Jr 1891-Dec-17
ANDERSON, Bertha HOLLINGER, J W 1898-Jan-19
ANDERSON, Caroline UNDERWOOD, John 1883-May-17
ANDERSON, Claiborne WORMACK, Sallie 1893-Jan-26
ANDERSON, Dina HACK, Robert 1895-Sep-29
ANDERSON, Ella SMITH, Levi 1893-Sep-13
ANDERSON, Hannah FORD, E B 1886-Sep-05
ANDERSON, Hester JONES, Richard 1881-Aug-01
ANDERSON, Josephine NICHOLS, Isham 1884-Oct-01
ANDERSON, Judie BROWN, T B 1893-Dec-07
ANDERSON, Lillie SIMPLETON, Anderson 1900-Mar-21
ANDERSON, Louisa BRISTER, Louis 1891-Aug-13
ANDERSON, Maggie FRANKLAND, John 1898-Aug-05
ANDERSON, Malinda MILES, Robert 1885-Mar-12
ANDERSON, Maria GARDTEN, Martin 1897-Jan-21
ANDERSON, Martha FOREST, George 1900-Mar-18
ANDERSON, Martha M ENGLAND, James M 1898-Apr-26
ANDERSON, Mattie HALL, Charlie 1897-Feb-28
ANDERSON, Olivia GILMORE, James 1895-Jul-25
ANDERSON, Pearl MITCHELL, George 1899-May-28
ANDERSON, Pelince MURPHY, Macon 1886-Mar-06
ANDERSON, Rebecca HARRIS, Henry 1895-Dec-04
ANDERSON, Rhoda DANIELS, Monroe 1892-Nov-30
ANDERSON, Rosa IMES, John 1894-Oct-12
ANDERSON, Sarah SIMS, Wm 1883-Oct-03
ANDERSON, Sarah Ursula STEVENS, P W 1891-Feb-18
ANDERSON, Susan BROOMFIELD, Anthony 1891-Jul-18
ANDERSON, Susan THOMPSON, Alex 1888-Mar-17
ANDERSON, Vina DANIEL, Jerry 1893-Nov-23
ANDERSON, Virginia STOKES, Peter 1898-Apr-07
ANDREWS, Laura WASHINGTON, Andrew 1894-Dec-05
ANERVELLA, Rines DAVIS, Isahiah 1886-Feb-06
ANGEE, Dorsy ROBINSON, Bob 1882-May-17
ANSDALE, Mary Van STRONG, George 1891-Dec-31
ARCHER, Carrie YOUNG, Edmond 1879-Feb-13
ARCHER, Mary ROSS, George 1880-Feb-21
ARMSTEAD, Roxie VALENTINE, Austin 1878-Dec-23
ARMSTEAD, Susan LYMAN, Stewart 1879-Jul-24
ARMSTRONG, Craddia MONROE, Charley 1891-Jan-16
ARMSTRONG, Pinkie SPRIGGS, Ebb 1883-May-04
ARNES, Clarissa JONES, Soloman 1899-May-18
ARNOLD, Eliza STEVENS, Sam F 1889-Dec-25
ARNOLD, Lizzie PRESTLEY, Lewis 1886-Oct-13
ARNOLD, Rena BALLARD, John 1896-Dec-20
ARY, Martha COMMADORE, John 1887-Jul-04
ASLEY, Viney HENDERSON, Wm Henry 1900-Jan-07
ATLAS, Georgianna SUTTON, Alfred 1900-Jan-11
AUDREY, Lelia WASHINGTON, Ras 1895-Jun-02
AUDURY, Hattie MITCHELL, Charles 1897-Jun-21
AUSTEN, Minervia THOMPSON, Landen 1899-Sep-14
AUSTIN, Ida EATON, Henry 1880-Jan-22
AUSTIN, Lucy MILLER, Joe 1881-Jul-01
AUSTY, Dressy GLANTON, Joe 1900-Dec-25
AUTEN, Sarah CHESTNUT, Tommy 1894-May-24
AVERY, Lula JOHNSON, Monroe 1898-Nov-07
AYRES, Matilda ROBINSON, Henry 1881-Dec-17



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