Rankin County Grooms

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YERBY, J W TAGART, Mollie 1888-Dec-25
YOUNG, Benjamin LEWIS, Ella 1871-Dec-28
YOUNG, Brooks DEAR, Amy 1873-Aug-27
YOUNG, Brooks WILLIAMS, Laura 1881-Sep-20
YOUNG, C A SMITH, Tempee 1872-Jun-04
YOUNG, Charlie COLE, Caroline 1869-Dec-02
YOUNG, Ezekiel CAMPBELL, Minerva 1843-Dec-02
YOUNG, Ezekiel CAMPBELL, Minerva A 1843-Dec-02
YOUNG, Henry JOHNSON, Mary 1881-Mar-05
YOUNG, J H W FRANCIS, Virginia 1856-May-13
YOUNG, James BUTLER, Anna 1889-Feb-02
YOUNG, James SHELTON, Martha 1857-Jul-09
YOUNG, James WEATHERSBY, Charlotte 1874-Jul-17
YOUNG, Jim THOMPSON, Liza 1873-Mar-04
YOUNG, King TRAVIS, Ann 1879-Feb-21
YOUNG, Luke PERKINS, Winnie 1874-Dec-26
YOUNG, Monroe HATCHER, Savana 1889-Jul-27
YOUNG, Monroe THOMAS, Laura 1883-Mar-13
YOUNG, Munroe ROSS, Laura 1879-Jan-27
YOUNG, Pleas FOSTER, Laura 1879-May-17
YOUNG, Pleas THOMAS, Jane 1884-Oct-20
YOUNG, Prince MCGEE, Laura 1884-Apr-08
YOUNG, Sam MCLAURIN, Mariah 1877-Jan-17
YOUNG, Thomas MURRAY, Mary 1894-Mar-20
YOUNG, Thomas PERKINS, Lucinda 1874-Nov-11
YOUNG, Wesley HICKS, Sallie 1885-Jan-03
YOUNGER, James DUFFIELD, Priscilla 1858-Oct-21
ZACHARY, Lloyd WIMBS, Laney 1869-Feb-20
ZOLLENGER, Valentine WEYER, Mary 1861-Oct-14
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