Rankin County Brides

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YANCY, Tilda JENKINS, Isaac 1871-Jul-06
YIZER, Rosa WELLS, Johnie 1897-Feb-11
YOUNG, Alabama DEER, Evander 1878-Jan-07
YOUNG, Alice BUTLER, Mariah 1881-Aug-06
YOUNG, Aney BROWN, Ben 1865-Dec-12
YOUNG, Ardora HARRIS, Henry 1869-Jul-18
YOUNG, Bell HOBSON, Lucinda 1873-Feb-06
YOUNG, Eliza SUTTON, William 1877-Sep-25
YOUNG, Ella BRAGG, D C 1895-Dec-28
YOUNG, Emma BUTLER, Charley 1883-Mar-16
YOUNG, Jane BROWN, Robert 1886-Dec-03
YOUNG, Julia MCAFEE, Peter 1881-Nov-29
YOUNG, Laura BERRY, Essex 1885-Jan-02
YOUNG, Lettie SHAW, Bob 1897-Jun-02
YOUNG, Lillie SPENCE, Charley 1897-Sep-12
YOUNG, Liza THOMPSON, Will 1893-Jan-11
YOUNG, Lizzie FLIPPEN, Madison 1866-Jun-04
YOUNG, M J Miss MCKAGGART, Alonzo 1867-Jul-06
YOUNG, Maiah LEWIS, James 1870-Jan-01
YOUNG, Margaret LEWIS, George 1873-May-17
YOUNG, Maria BAUGH, Burl 1891-Jul-09
YOUNG, Martha BERRY, Essex 1897-Dec-23
YOUNG, Mary MCGEE, Primus 1884-Jul-05
YOUNG, Mary ROLLS, Dan 1865-Dec-23
YOUNG, Nellie TODD, Lewis 1880-Sep-16
YOUNG, Patsie FREEMAN, John 1880-Apr-03
YOUNG, Rachael COLE, Clayton 1873-Feb-06
YOUNG, Rena WHITE, Austin 1896-Jan-24
YOUNG, Winnie RAWLS, Randall 1887-Dec-14
YOUNGER, Nelly CHAPMAN, Green 1869-Sep-03
YOUR, Mary MCALPIN, J P 1892-Nov-26
ZACKERY, Susie WARREN, Henry 1894-Feb-10
ZONER, Virginia SHARPE, Lee 1892-Aug-12
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