Quitman County Grooms

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WADKINS, Henry HARRIS, Bertha 1899-Apr-09
WALKER, James JONES, Emma Mrs 1892-Jul-15
WALKER, Will WORD, Lou Mrs 1891-Jan-03
WALL, R W TOPP, Hannah 1900-May-27
WALLACE, Ed MATHEWS, Sharlotte 1890-Mar-05
WALLACE, W H BURNES, Caroline 1890-Nov-02
WALLS, Hayes CHAMBERS, Nellie 1894-Apr-26
WALTON, Ed VAUGHN, Rosie 1899-Dec-25
WAMBLE, Hampton HARRIS, Hattie 1896-Dec-20
WARD, Ben JACKSON, Mary 1889-Apr-20
WARD, Emmanuel GORDON, Emma Mrs 1896-Dec-24
WARD, Henry HAYNES, Catherine 1891-Feb-05
WARD, Joe OUTLAW, Lucy 1896-Apr-09
WARD, Joe RIDLEY, July 1897-Nov-20
WARD, Newt BAILEY, Tilly 1896-Aug-09
WARD, P J HOLLIDAY, M A Miss 1894-Dec-16
WARD, Will BROWN, Mary 1893-Apr-01
WASHINGTON, A R AKLES, Callie 1896-Dec-24
WASHINGTON, Arty NASH, Arty 1897-Oct-30
WASHINGTON, George MITCHELL, Sophronia 1895-Feb-10
WASHINGTON, Jim WILLIAMS, Sarah 1899-Jan-22
WATKINS, E W KIMBROW, Mattie 1892-Apr-22
WATKINS, Ed SMITH, Sue 1896-Apr-11
WATSON, Charlie FOSTER, Myrtle 1897-Jan-11
WATSON, Eugene BANKS, Mattie 1900-Aug-06
WATSON, Frank ROATEN, Georgianna 1884-Aug-16
WATSON, R W WHITE, Ressie 1898-Jul-06
WEATHERSPOON, Julius THOMPSON, Amanda 1893-Aug-09
WEBB, Tobe MOMAN, Rhodie 1885-Nov-03
WEEKS, G A JONES, Mollie 1898-Jan-10
WELCHER, George KEITH, Susan 1889-Aug-05
WELLS, Ike WILLSON, Hattie 1892-Dec-25
WESTBROOKS, Taylor BECK, Delia Mrs 1892-Feb-16
WESTEN, James COLLINS, Ollie 1895-Oct-27
WEYANT, W T HAYNEST, Drummie 1895-Dec-22
WHITE, F T BROWN, Ludia Mrs 1891-Oct-05
WHITE, Henry DAVIS, Lucy 1892-Jun-07
WHITE, Henry SHEGOY, Lou 1878-Oct-13
WHITE, Ira CARLTON, Fannie 1895-Dec-25
WHITE, J B VANHOUSER, Mattie 1879-Dec-03
WHITE, J C WHITE, Allice 1897-May-02
WHITE, J H GUESS, Blanche 1897-Apr-29
WHITE, J V SMITH, Alberta 1900-Apr-10
WHITE, John WILLIAMS, Susan Mrs 1890-Sep-10
WHITE, Joseph B GIDEN, Bettie 1893-Apr-16
WHITE, Wesley BOWMEN, Alice 1891-Feb-09
WHITFIELD, Holmes VANN, L A Miss 1891-Apr-09
WHITFIELD, John LANGFORD, Hester 1889-Feb-04
WHITFIELD, Tom ARTHUR, Jane 1890-Sep-06
WHITTED, J W REED, Martha M 1894-Aug-05
WIGGINS, George YOUNG, Roda Mrs 1879-Jun-27
WIGGINS, Ike JONES, Louiza 1898-Oct-13
WILBERN, Ben TRICE, Sallie 1898-Sep-03
WILBURN, J W BOYELSTON, A E Miss 1880-Jan-28
WILCHER, Lem HOKE, Cora 1894-Aug-19
WILEY, WRIGHT, March 1898-Feb-17
WILEY, Henry PHIPPS, Hannah 1898-Dec-26
WILEY, Mose DUNLAP, Ada 1900-Dec-27
WILEY, Robert PHIPPS, Lena 1899-Jan-05
WILLIAMS, Albert LOFTON, Miranda 1894-Sep-08
WILLIAMS, Arthur KUYKENDALL, Henrietta 1896-Feb-06
WILLIAMS, Ben CARSON, Sallie 1895-Oct-27
WILLIAMS, Caleb RICHARDSON, Rosa 1891-Mar-27
WILLIAMS, D B THOMPSON, Abbie 1896-Nov-23
WILLIAMS, Ed ROSEMOND, Addie 1897-Apr-13
WILLIAMS, Henry JACKSON, Ibbie 1885-Jun-11
WILLIAMS, Henry SMITH, Dora 1895-Nov-21
WILLIAMS, I O MEHANS, R A Miss 1890-Aug-21
WILLIAMS, Ike MATHIS, Sallie 1889-Jun-02
WILLIAMS, J W JONES, L E Miss 1897-Jun-21
WILLIAMS, John TERRELL, Sarah 1890-Aug-03
WILLIAMS, Jordan KUYKENDALL, Addis 1895-Dec-05
WILLIAMS, Robert INGRAM, Middie 1897-Aug-28
WILLIAMS, Sip BINGHAM, Grace 1893-Jul-16
WILLIAMS, Smalley POLLARD, Omie 1900-Feb-04
WILLIAMS, Tom WILLIAMS, Annie Mrs 1890-Feb-04
WILLIAMS, Tony EDWARDS, Kate 1877-Mar-20
WILLIAMS, W F HARTLEY, F E Miss 1891-Aug-09
WILLIAMS, Walter THOMPSON, Hattie 1897-Apr-01
WILLIAMS, Will LEE, Annie 1900-Mar-04
WILLIAMSON, Clabe FIELDS, Ellen 1896-Nov-18
WILLIFORD, O P OBRYAN, Mollie 1879-Sep-14
WILLINGHAM, Charles PANKEY, Georgia 1900-Apr-22
WILS, Bob GUY, Anna 1893-Jan-29
WILSE, Johnnie EATON, Patsy 1896-Dec-19
WILSON, B F MCARTHUR, Mary Ella 1893-Jun-07
WILSON, Esaw KENARD, Bettie 1900-Nov-26
WILSON, Jake JONES, Eliza 1889-Nov-22
WILSON, Phil KELLY, Henrietta 1887-Nov-30
WILSON, R L MAY, S S Miss 1898-May-09
WILSON, William HALL, Lela 1896-Feb-27
WILSON, Willie A HEMBREE, T J 1887-Aug-20
WIMBERLY, William PINKNEY, Jennie Mrs 1890-Apr-08
WINDAM, Richard JONES, Emma 1892-Jul-28
WINSTID, J M ROBERTS, Bettie 1892-Jun-25
WOLF, Aubrey ATKINSON, Beulah 1899-Aug-07
WOODALL, C L STONE, Belle 1899-Dec-06
WOODS, Albert WATKINS, Rachel 1883-Apr-13
WOODS, Sam SHANDELER, Lucy 1897-Apr-28
WRIGHT, Ely PITTMAN, Lettie 1890-Jan-20
WRIGHT, Price COLLINS, Henrietta 1895-Jun-05
YOUNG, Granville BRISCON, Bettie 1896-Sep-15
YOUNG, James DOUGLASS, Malinda 1896-Dec-30
YOUNG, James HENRY, Ida 1895-Apr-09
YOUNG, William FINNELL, Nancy 1891-Jan-14
YOUNGBLOOD, James FAUGHN, Pearl 1899-May-23



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