Quitman County Grooms


SADLER, Jack LUCAS, Mary 1898-Aug-14
SANDERS, Andrew JACKSON, Rocksie 1889-Apr-25
SANDERS, Cal PROPHET, Ella 1898-Mar-08
SANDERS, J H PICKENS, Annabelle 1896-Aug-19
SARGENT, Jack PETTY, Mandy 1887-Oct-06
SAUNDERS, Andrew MCINTOSH, Genette 1900-May-21
SCOTT, Charley RICE, Bettie 1899-Dec-25
SCOTT, George HARRIS, Martha 1897-Dec-02
SCOTT, Richard GARNER, Lizzie 1896-Jun-18
SEALES, Jerre BROWN, Nancy 1886-Jun-15
SEARGENT, Jack BROWN, Hannah 1894-Sep-23
SEARGENT, Pink JOHNSON, Sarah Mrs 1890-Mar-05
SHANNAN, Frank DIXON, Robert 1900-Nov-26
SHANNON, Felix BROWN, Della 1892-Feb-23
SHAW, Mat SIMS, Lucy 1885-Aug-31
SHAW, Timothy TURNER, Delia 1899-Mar-16
SHEGOG, R W ROSEMAN, S L Miss 1900-Feb-08
SHOTWELL, R SIMS, Mary O 1888-Apr-23
SIKES, Jesse RODEN, Disy 1883-Nov-10
SIMMONS, Henry RODGERS, Ida 1889-Jul-20
SIMMS, Plesant KELLY, Martha Jane 1892-Jun-30
SIMS, Louis FRIARSON, Mary Jane 1887-Feb-26
SIMS, Thomas WILLIAMS, Mary 1887-Feb-09
SKILLEN, Charley WILSE, Joetta 1899-Dec-28
SKILLIN, Henry CHAMBLEN, Ada 1888-Mar-03
SLAUGHTER, Jim DYSON, Mary 1894-Jun-07
SMALL, Thomas SMITH, Mary 1888-Jan-12
SMITH, Charley BROOKS, Lillie 1893-Oct-07
SMITH, Charley FLEEMAN, Emma Dale 1883-Sep-24
SMITH, David H SMITH, Etta 1900-Dec-10
SMITH, E J HOLT, Fannie J 1899-Feb-09
SMITH, Frank BOON, Ella 1888-Mar-16
SMITH, George WOODARD, Mittie 1881-Sep-17
SMITH, Giles C COLLIER, Mattie 1897-Apr-22
SMITH, Grant BROWN, Lucindy 1897-Feb-03
SMITH, Henry JACKSON, Lizzie 1896-Sep-02
SMITH, Henry JOHNSON, Georgianna 1889-May-30
SMITH, J B DICKEY, Rosa 1896-Dec-19
SMITH, Jiles C CHAMBERS, Annie 1887-Jul-28
SMITH, Jiles C CHAMBERS, Bettie 1878-Dec-21
SMITH, John ALSTON, Isbel 1899-Jun-02
SMITH, Jonah BROWN, Calline 1896-Feb-12
SMITH, Jonah BROWN, Kalline 1899-Dec-28
SMITH, Joshua IRVIN, Malissa 1898-Dec-24
SMITH, King TUMER, Mary Mrs 1889-Nov-20
SMITH, Luke COLLINS, Isabeella 1896-Jul-09
SMITH, Luke WESTBROOKS, Eda 1886-Sep-23
SMITH, Major BIVENS, Emerita 1896-Feb-04
SMITH, Monroe GATES, Annie 1893-Apr-10
SMITH, Pat JORDAN, Ella 1897-Feb-25
SMITH, S L HENDERSON, Isadore 1900-May-26
SMITH, Sam BEASLEY, Annie Mrs 1889-Sep-29
SMITH, Sam SMITH, Ella Mrs 1890-Oct-03
SMITH, Sellas PORTER, Malinda 1878-Sep-20
SMITH, W A DICKEY, Mary E 1897-Oct-31
SMITH, Will BEDFORD, Ella 1899-Apr-23
SMITH, Willie MCINTOSH, Susie 1900-Apr-07
SNYDER, Perry RANKIN, Mandy Mrs 1900-May-
SNYDER, Perry WIGGINS, Mary 1885-Nov-19
SPEARMAN, Jackson HOPKINS, Georgie 1894-Mar-04
SPEARMAN, Wash HOLEMAN, Clora 1890-Dec-24
SPEARMAN, Wash PERKINS, Harriet 1885-   -19
SPENCER, M N STEADMAN, Laura B 1896-Apr-12
SPENCER, R Q HALE, Mittie 1888-Apr-17
SPIGNER, S J DUKE, Lizzie 1900-Mar-15
SPRADLIN, Archie GRIFFIN, Bettie 1884-Jan-13
SPRINGER, Nelson MAYFIELD, Fannie 1900-Nov-02
STACY, James MOORE, Jane Mrs 1881-Oct-26
STAFF, A T MULLINS, S E Miss 1888-Jun-10
STAPP, H T MULLINS, Mary 1897-Jan-13
STARNES, Frank JOHNSON, Mary 1891-Sep-15
STARNES, James NATHAN, Mary J 1899-Mar-21
STATEN, Andrew BROOKS, Jensie 1897-Mar-20
STATON, James GLADNEY, Indiana 1886-Jul-05
STEEL, James EDWARDS, Emmeline 1879-Aug-29
STEWARD, S D HOPKINS, Fannie 1900-Mar-25
STEWART, James JOHNSON, Fannie 1891-Mar-10
STIFFES, James N MULLINS, Maggie 1887-Dec-21
STINSON, Ed GRAY, Dolly 1894-Jan-14
STOKES, Ed FULLER, Mary 1895-Jan-18
STOKES, John GERMAN, Lillie 1890-Feb-27
STOKES, John SPEARMAN, Lilly Mrs 1889-Apr-07
STOKES, John Jr STRONG, Margaret 1896-Dec-31
STOKES, Will BROWN, Mattie 1897-Dec-22
STOKES, Willie PETTIE, Anna 1893-Feb-11
STRIBLING, Tom VANCE, Florence 1897-Jan-10
STRICKLAND, E M EMBERS, Willie Mrs 1892-Jul-20
STRONG, Clabe JACKSON, Louiza 1897-Sep-22
STRONG, Clabi HARDWICK, Patty 1890-Jun-24
STURDIVANT, H T W INNMAN, Susan 1894-Feb-05
SUGG, Lonie COOPER, Frank 1897-Oct-09
SULTAN, Rufus MCDOWAL, Jane 1889-Feb-28
SUTTON, David HALL, Addie 1889-Apr-05
SUTTON, John L CODY, Birdie 1899-Dec-03



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