Quitman County Grooms

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JACKSON, Andrew B CARTER, Dorcus Mrs 1889-Jul-13
JACKSON, Burrel HANEY, Patsy 1891-Sep-10
JACKSON, Coy WILSON, Clara 1893-Nov-07
JACKSON, George SMITH, Bettie 1900-Feb-01
JACKSON, George STANFORD, Georgian 1893-Nov-29
JACKSON, George STURDIVANT, Charlotte 1894-Feb-05
JACKSON, George THOMPSON, Perene 1900-Mar-04
JACKSON, Gus MCCARVER, Ora 1900-Jan-23
JACKSON, Henry JONES, Rosie 1886-Dec-29
JACKSON, Ibbie WILLIAMS, Henry 1885-Jun-11
JACKSON, John BANKHEAD, Victoria 1886-Sep-18
JACKSON, John CRAIG, Harriet 1881-May-21
JACKSON, King CARR, Lucindy 1895-Sep-12
JACKSON, Robert HOPE, Willie 1897-Nov-15
JACKSON, Stonewall COABLE, Sarah 1888-Oct-22
JAMES, J T GUEST, E C Miss 1881-Oct-18
JAMES, Monroe BALLARD, Charlotte 1881-Aug-19
JAMISON, Pomp WILLIAMS, Annie 1887-Jul-17
JARMAN, Lee LOGAN, Hattie 1893-Jun-14
JEFFREY, Emma MYERS, Frank 1899-Apr-16
JEFFRIES, William WHITLEY, Jennie 1897-Feb-24
JENNINGS, J T KELLY, Ellen 1891-Nov-22
JOHNSON, A J LOVITTS, Ara 1898-Mar-26
JOHNSON, Albert BROWN, Sarah 1900-Mar-29
JOHNSON, Albert PHILLIPS, Angeline 1899-Apr-20
JOHNSON, Albert WALKER, Jennie 1891-Nov-12
JOHNSON, Andrew JACKSON, Halis 1891-Jul-18
JOHNSON, C J TUMER, Felia 1889-Sep-26
JOHNSON, J E HARDIN, Rosetta 1894-Mar-06
JOHNSON, James JOHNSON, Ophelia Mrs 1900-Jan-04
JOHNSON, James WESTMORELAND, Maggie 1895-Jan-10
JOHNSON, Jerry WESTMORELAND, Lula 1895-Jan-13
JOHNSON, John CODY, Molly 1898-Feb-18
JOHNSON, Robert COLEMAN, Jane 1893-Jan-26
JOHNSON, Steve COLEMAN, Lucinda 1894-Aug-26
JOHNSON, Wesley HUNTER, Elizabeth 1897-Mar-03
JOHNSON, William JOHNSON, Henrietta 1889-Oct-05
JOHNSON, William WILSON, Sarah 1898-Nov-17
JOHNSON, Willie JOHNSON, Addie 1887-Mar-20
JOHNSON, Willie STOKES, Laura 1900-Jan-03
JOHNSTON, Jim RATTLER, Mary 1885-Nov-03
JONES, Americus MOORE, Isabell 1899-Apr-27
JONES, Anderson MORRIS, Ola 1890-Sep-06
JONES, Ben FULLER, Edna 1888-Jan-29
JONES, Bob LEWIS, Ella 1895-Dec-24
JONES, Crawford THOMPSON, Lou 1888-Oct-14
JONES, Gabe MATHEWS, Laud 1895-Dec-11
JONES, George ARMSTRONG, Alice 1890-Feb-13
JONES, George BOWER, Lizzie 1889-Oct-13
JONES, George HARDY, Alberta 1898-Apr-06
JONES, James TARLEN, Mary 1899-Mar-30
JONES, John H CRAWFORD, Ida 1886-Mar-02
JONES, Leroy SMITH, Endie 1893-Jan-18
JONES, Malory SYKES, Paralee 1896-Feb-05
JONES, Sidney ARMSTEAD, Lou 1888-Jan-21
JONES, Tackett MATHIS, Rose 1898-Mar-31
JONES, W A BATTLE, Nancy 1893-Mar-30
JONES, W A PITTMAN, Ida 1897-Feb-21
JONES, W C FARLEY, Hattie 1898-May-08
JONES, William BERRY, Jessie 1895-Mar-09
JONES, Willie JONES, Elvina 1900-May-26
JONSON, John DULARD, Melinda 1897-Jan-11
JOYSE, Andrew JOHNOGAN, Mary 1888-Mar-03
JUDE, Jimmie DYER, Josephine 1897-Jan-01
KELLEY, George LONA, Phillis 1892-Nov-22
KELLEY, Oneal ERELLE, Sirena 1900-Jul-24
KELLEY, Cero MCDOWELL, Susetta 1895-Feb-08
KELLY, Peter KELLY, Mary 1883-Aug-29
KELLY, Sam FENNEL, Missouri 1888-Feb-29
KEYS, C L CAMPBELL, Hattie 1890-Nov-12
KEYS, Ed BOYD, Emma 1899-Mar-25
KIMBLE, Peter CALVIN, Madaline 1879-Nov-19
KINDRICK, Robert DAVIS, Mary 1883-Oct-19
KING, Ambrose FULLER, Margaret 1900-Aug-29
KING, John LEROY, Sarah 1894-Aug-21
KING, Samuel TALIVER, Mariah 1900-Feb-01
KING, Tom ROBERSON, Rose 1897-Dec-25
KOHLHEIM, L KNOX, Candie 1896-Nov-07
KOONS, W F PITTMAN, Florence 1895-Jan-10
LACEY, Matt ARMOUR, Nannie 1894-Oct-05
LACOMBS, C S HELLUMS, N E Mrs 1892-Jan-31
LACOMBS, Seely GRAY, Sarah Ann 1892-Mar-12
LACY, Elbert BROWN, Lucy 1899-Sep-29
LANIGAN, Edward MAHAN, Maggie 1893-Feb-04
LANTRIP, Walter HOPKINS, Myrtle 1895-Jan-17
LARK, Johnie HOKE, Irene 1900-Dec-24
LAWS, Lindsey PHIPPS, Lizzie 1899-Mar-15
LEE, Joe TAYLOR, Lizzie 1895-Apr-29
LEE, Polk CRAIG, Mollie 1895-Mar-24
LEETON, C W JONES, Minnie Lee 1900-Feb-14
LEMANS, John COOPER, Chester 1889-Apr-22
LEWIS, Earnest FRANKLIN, Annie 1895-Aug-26
LEWIS, John SMITH, Emma 1893-Sep-15
LEWIS, Richard HALLEY, Ida 1892-Jan-26
LEWIS, William PRICE, Willie 1899-May-17
LIPSEY, John E GREENE, Katie 1900-Dec-15
LOGAN, D M ABLES, Sarah 1879-Aug-04
LONG, Mitchell BROWN, Rosa 1897-Jan-15
LONG, W E LOUIS, Ida 1895-Oct-23
LOONEY, Andrew HENDERSON, Alice 1897-Jan-21
LOONEY, Wharpins LEMONS, Lula 1897-Jul-29
LOUIS, Emmett WILSON, Hattie 1890-Apr-17
LUCAS, Sam JONES, Ida 1900-Jan-04
LUSK, Henry RANEEL, Lula 1899-Oct-14
LYONS, F L PARKER, Mary Ann 1877-Sep-19



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