Quitman County Grooms

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HACKMAN, W H YOUNGBLOOD, Sarah Ida 1892-Nov-17
HADLEY, John ADAMS, Mattie 1892-Jan-10
HALL, Dave SAULSBERRY, Celia 1879-Nov-19
HALL, Jessie ANDERSON, Cornelia 1895-Dec-28
HAMES, W A RUSH, Emma E 1898-Oct-21
HAMILTON, Samuel WILLIAMS, Anna 1899-Feb-04
HAMMONS, Tyler METCALF, Cora 1900-Mar-25
HAMPTON, Sam OGLESBY, Florence 1897-Dec-23
HANCOCK, Andy GILMORE, Emma 1884-Aug-15
HANEY, Green CARTER, Josie 1888-Dec-25
HANKINS, John SHAW, Lena 1899-Sep-17
HANKS, J H PITTMAN, Laura 1897-Nov-07
HARDIN, J B BRANNUM, Montie 1895-Jun-21
HARDY, Charles MCINTOSH, Mary 1894-Mar-22
HARDY, Henry BALENTINE, Rachel 1885-Jan-21
HARDY, Henry PHIPPS, Callie 1894-Apr-20
HARDY, Will NELSON, Lucy 1888-Apr-05
HARDY, Willie HALL, Georgia 1896-Jan-15
HARPER, G N GLEESON, C L Miss 1896-Jan-12
HARRIS, Bud HUNT, Effie 1892-Jun-29
HARRIS, Charles THORNTON, Mary 1900-Nov-30
HARRIS, Eddie WINSTON, Bettie 1893-Feb-14
HARRIS, Emmett ARNOLD, Luvinia 1900-Jul-11
HARRIS, Frank HUDSON, Carrie 1898-May-20
HARRIS, James NEW, Hattie 1897-Feb-10
HARRIS, Jim BIVENS, Katie 1889-Apr-29
HARRIS, John LEWIS, Lucy 1897-Sep-14
HARRIS, Jordan A PETTY, Laura 1886-Sep-08
HARRIS, M H BROOKS, Hester 1882-Feb-13
HARRIS, Pack WILSON, Newt Mrs 1883-Jan-22
HARRIS, R W HARDIN, Lula 1893-Jun-07
HARSKIN, Joe JACKSON, Hallie 1895-Feb-27
HARVEY, Robert BARKSLEY, Lena 1897-Jul-22
HARVILL, W W THOMPSON, S E Mrs 1879-Sep-28
HATCH, Clay TURNER, Jane 1885-Feb-07
HATCH, Jasper METCALF, Ella 1888-Nov-03
HATCH, Joseph HOLMES, Rosa 1889-Oct-10
HATCH, Sparrow HATCH, Jane 1877-Mar-14
HATCH, Thomas WHITE, Addie 1891-Jun-04
HATCH, William FULLER, Elvira 1899-Sep-14
HATFIELD, H H DAVIS, M E Miss 1880-Jan-31
HAYNES, Alack CARR, Sallie 1893-Jun-01
HAZEN, W E HARPER, Maggie 1882-Jan-30
HEMBREE, T J WILSON, Willie A 1887-Aug-20
HEMINGWAY, Charles JAMES, Leana 1894-Jan-04
HEMINGWAY, Pat JOHNSON, Rosa 1890-Dec-29
HEMINGWAY, Pate WIGGINS, Bettie 1887-Jan-20
HEMINGWAY, Peyton BUCKLEY, Roxie 1897-Aug-23
HENDERSON, Isadore SMITH, S L 1900-May-26
HENDERSON, Marshall JONNIGAN, Rhody 1896-Apr-18
HENDERSON, Tom BRYANT, Mary 1896-Mar-01
HENDERSON, Tom SMITH, Charlotte 1895-Dec-25
HENRY, Mike OLIVER, Mary 1888-Aug-03
HENRY, Mike OLIVER, Mary Mrs 1887-Sep-19
HENRY, Oliver SCOTT, Lizzie 1898-Jan-06
HENRY, Plummer HICKS, Sarah 1900-Feb-22
HERRING, W B PEARSON, Rosie A 1895-Jul-07
HIBBLES, Robert HINTZ, Pearl 1897-Feb-20
HICKMAN, James EPHRAIN, Henrietta 1891-Dec-27
HICKS, Jeff SIMMONS, Sarah 1898-Jul-07
HICKS, R E JONES, Bettie 1898-Sep-14
HIGGINS, Silas GILLESPIE, Delta Ann 1885-Dec-26
HILL, Stanfield HILL, Anna Mrs 1897-Jun-24
HILL, Stephen MCWHIRTER, Jennie 1893-Mar-04
HILL, Thomas DUMAS, Annie 1898-Apr-14
HILL, Thomas SEARGENT, Hannah Mrs 1898-Mar-02
HILL, Tom RUSSELL, Phillis 1899-Apr-06
HIMES, Jim WILSON, Emma 1897-Dec-16
HINES, James TATE, Josie 1889-Feb-14
HINKINS, Sidney LOVE, Anna 1898-Jan-01
HINKLE, Sidney ALSTON, J W Miss 1883-May-07
HOLLY, Clarence WILBERN, Green 1896-Jun-06
HOLMAN, Leandrew JOHNSON, Clorah 1884-Jan-05
HOLMES, Grant HATCH, Bettie 1895-Mar-03
HOUSTON, Ben BEANLAND, Fredie 1898-Dec-26
HOWARD, Isiah VANCE, Ella 1900-Nov-
HOWELL, D H MUSGROVE, Carrie 1891-Dec-07
HUGINS, Silas BANTAM, Patsy 1897-Feb-25
HUMER, Tobe THOMAS, Flora 1893-Mar-30
HUNS, Sam WAMBLE, Amelia 1894-Jun-16
HUNT, Dave SMITH, Eliza 1897-Jan-28
HUNT, Eddy SMITH, Mattie 1896-Jan-02
HUNT, Sidney JARMAN, Georgian 1893-Sep-26
HUNTER, Fred FISHER, Clorena 1882-Jan-26
HUNTER, John Henry MATHEWS, Nancy 1893-Apr-06
HURST, James A TEDFORD, Mary C 1891-Feb-03
HUTCHENS, Wiley SWAFFORD, Jucintha Mrs 1899-Apr-09
IRBY, Lewis METCALF, Ellen 1890-Oct-04



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