Quitman County Grooms

F - G

FANVILLE, Joe BOSS, Celia 1892-Feb-06
FARLEY, Henry BRANCH, Rosalee 1899-Oct-15
FIELDS, George SMITH, Ellen 1890-Feb-21
FIELDS, Gilbert WENDLEY, Jennie 1895-Nov-22
FINCHER, J B PARKER, Fannie Mrs 1900-Sep-20
FISHER, Charles W TOPP, Henrietta 1900-Mar-14
FISHER, Dusty HARDEMAN, Tabitha 1900-Nov-11
FISHER, Marshall GLENN, Lula 1879-Mar-24
FISHER, Van SMITH, Docia 1884-Jan-25
FLEMING, F S CHAPMAN, Hattie Mrs 1898-Aug-27
FLEMINGS, Willie ALCORN, Lithia 1897-Feb-24
FLEMMINGS, James KUYKENDALL, Janie 1897-Dec-30
FORTSON, Arch COLEY, Mary 1899-Mar-13
FORTSON, Arch COLLEY, Mary 1899-Mar-15
FOSTER, Joe F SMITH, Lillie 1899-Jun-18
FOX, David BOONE, Mary 1894-Oct-14
FOX, J R SCURLOCK, Nannie 1895-May-08
FOX, T PARTEE, Mandy 1900-Feb-21
FREEMAN, A J PHILLIPS, Maud V 1895-Jun-02
FRIARSON, Bill MILLER, Mary 1898-Nov-02
FULLER, James HOLMNS, Virginia 1877-Feb-17
FULLER, Ned PHILLIPS, Allice 1898-Jul-07
FURR, C W JACKSON, Fannie 1899-Nov-18
GADE, Henry DENNIS, Allice 1895-Oct-08
GALLMORE, James BRAZIL, Minta Mrs 1897-Feb-27
GATES, Addison BUCHANNAN, Hannah 1900-Apr-17
GATES, Allen KELLEY, Izoo 1899-Dec-24
GATES, Milton ONES, Silva Mrs 1898-Feb-24
GATES, Monroe EARLEY, Bettie 1887-Feb-15
GEORGE, Peter PLESS, Ada 1894-Oct-22
GERMAN, Charles STEELE, Ida 1890-Dec-25
GIBSON, Henry OLIVER, Emeline 1889-May-29
GIBSON, M M BROUGHER, S A Miss 1879-Apr-01
GIBSON, Willie BRADFORD, Alice 1888-Sep-18
GILBERT, Henry SANDERS, Lizzie 1899-Jul-13
GLADDEN, Bunk SMITH, Maggie 1889-Jan-11
GLADNEY, Ell JUDE, Gertrude 1892-Jan-13
GLADNEY, Rufus BROWN, Emily 1896-Apr-05
GLADNEY, Will SMALL, Sarah J 1894-Jan-22
GORDON, Charley CRAWFORD, Bell 1888-Apr-21
GORMAN, Ben WILLIAMS, Mary 1897-Feb-11
GRANGER, J C ROGERS, Annie 1900-Jul-12
GRANGER, Jeff COOPER, Mary 1890-Mar-10
GRAY, Tommie SMITH, Georgia 1897-Dec-18
GREEN, Robert PHIPPS, Eliza 1896-Mar-04
GREGORY, Tommie COLLINS, Rachel 1894-Oct-28
GRIFFIN, James GREGOR, Georgia 1900-Dec-24
GRIFFIN, James WARREN, Jennie 1891-Aug-09
GRINSTON, D RANSIE, Texana Mrs 1897-Mar-14
GRIFFIN, Yancy ANDERSON, Sallie 1900-Jan-



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