Quitman County Grooms

D - E

DANIEL, George BALLENTINE, Roxie 1893-Aug-23
DANIEL, George SHAND, Maggie 1897-Nov-30
DANIEL, William WHITE, Rossee 1895-Jan-10
DANIELS, Nick LOID, Lucy 1882-Dec-08
DAVENPORT, John LOVE, Ella 1896-Jul-15
DAVIS, Andrew GATES, Leanna 1887-Jun-19
DAVIS, H C CHAMBERS, Martha 1894-Feb-22
DAVIS, Henry GREENWOOD, Lizzie 1884-Sep-06
DAVIS, Henry J PARTER, Pattie 1893-Jul-12
DAVIS, James HENRY, Hannah 1898-Apr-07
DAVIS, Jason TODDY, Mary 1892-Sep-14
DAVIS, Jim DEVERS, Tulie 1894-Nov-24
DAVIS, John WALL, Fannie 1900-Nov-29
DAVIS, Mack STANFER, Ann 1883-Aug-25
DAVIS, Martin MILLER, Ellen 1877-Aug-24
DAVIS, William HICKS, Mary 1887-Jul-09
DAVIS, William JONES, Mosella 1898-Jul-10
DAVIS, William SIMPSON, Fannie 1886-Sep-01
DAYLE, Mose CASTWELL, Exline 1888-Jun-09
DENTON, Ira C PARTEE, Birdie B 1899-Nov-26
DENTON, M E PHILLIPS, Blanche 1898-Feb-27
DICKENS, Ike HUBBARD, Georgia 1888-Jun-28
DICKENS, Richard ALLEN, Rose 1889-Jan-09
DICKEY, H O BEASLEY, Sallie 1895-Nov-14
DICKEY, J J SLEETTAN, Bulah 1889-Nov-30
DICKSON, Tom MARTIN, Jane 1879-Aug-29
DIGGS, Frank BRIDGERS, Babe 1898-Nov-25
DIGGS, William JOHNSON, Rosa 1889-Mar-28
DIXON, E D GOLDSON, Charity 1892-May-07
DIXON, R E GRAY, Mary 1900-Feb-09
DIXON, Robert SHANNAN, Frank 1900-Nov-26
DIXON, Warren BRANNON, Alice 1897-Oct-12
DONEGAN, Ben BUMPER, Gertrude 1893-Dec-28
DOSSIE, Alex BRAZEL, Ada 1890-Dec-25
DOUGHERTY, Nathan SMITH, Annie 1895-Sep-30
DOUGLAS, Dennis CLEMONS, Melvina 1892-Jan-29
DOUGLAS, Sam WIGGINS, Bettie Mrs 1890-Dec-24
DOUGLASS, Dennis BRADLEY, Rena 1896-Jan-02
DOUGLASS, Horace PENINGTON, Josephine 1887-May-21
DOUGLASS, Marshall WILSON, Clara 1891-Aug-19
DOUGLASS, Richard REED, Jane 1889-Feb-12
DOUGLASS, Sam PATTERSON, Ada 1900-Jul-28
DOWARD, Edward BOOKER, Bettie 1883-Jan-16
DUKE, J E FRANKS, Lizzie 1893-May-26
DULARD, Joe MCGEE, Lizzie 1897-Jan-21
DULARD, William BOWEN, Maggie 1893-Feb-23
DUMAS, Mose HILL, Laura 1897-Feb-20
DUMAS, Phil SMITH, Susan 1896-Dec-03
DUMAS, Will HILL, Eliza 1896-Dec-30
DUPREE, Mose JONES, Melinda 1898-Jul-17
DUPREE, Mose OWEN, Mandy 1900-Oct-20
DURDEN, Ishmael JACKSON, Sallie 1900-Dec-17
DUTARD, John HATCH, Lizzie 1887-Aug-25
EASAN, Charles SPENCER, Lily M 1880-Mar-18
EASLEY, Sam BRUCE, Mahala 1898-Sep-20
EDMONDSON, R WODALL, Mollie Mrs 1894-Jun-06
EDWARDS, B F RILEY, Katie 1889-Oct-13
ELDRIDGE, W E FISK, Paralee 1899-May-07
ELLIS, Abel CHAMBERS, Joe 1893-Sep-16
ELLIS, Robert RUSHEN, Ella 1898-May-13
ENGLISH, Ephraim PARTEE, Mary Lee 1897-Jul-21
ESTRIDGE, J M HALL, A J Miss 1891-Jan-03
ESTRIDGE, J M TALENT, Nettie 1892-May-14
EVANS, Reuben MCKINNEY, Sallie 1894-Jun-02
EVANS, Reuben PHILLIPS, Rosa 1893-May-03



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