Quitman County Grooms


CALAWAY, James COOK, Mary 1895-Aug-19
CALDWELL, G W BARTLETT, Rose 1894-Dec-09
CAMPBELL, David WILSON, Carrie 1896-Dec-31
CAPPAGE, Robert BOON, Alice 1887-Dec-08
CARR, C H QUEEN, Lillie Mrs 1896-Dec-20
CARR, Gus JONES, Ann 1896-Feb-10
CARSON, Walter CROSSLAND, Mary J 1897-Apr-07
CARTER, J W ALSTAN, M J Miss 1889-May-19
CARTER, Miles CHAMBERS, Narcis 1883-Feb-22
CARTER, Miles HUNT, Ellen 1895-Feb-24
CASWELL, John REYNOLDS, Nelly 1889-Jul-25
CATE, Henry WOLF, Cynthia Mrs 1879-Aug-31
CATRELL, Andrew SMITH, Irene 1893-Nov-05
CHAMBERS, Antony STAKES, Nettie 1888-Jul-19
CHAMBERS, James SMITH, Mary 1881-Oct-22
CHAMBERS, Joe ELLIS, Abel 1893-Sep-16
CHAMBERS, Joe LESTER, Maggie 1885-Jul-26
CHAMBERS, John DRAKE, Maggie 1899-Oct-11
CHAMBERS, Joseph KING, Maria 1878-Dec-31
CHAMBERS, Smith PHIPPS, George 1896-Sep-29
CHAMBERS, W L HARDY, Lula 1897-Dec-30
CHAMBERS, William CHAMBERS, Sallie 1888-Jan-12
CHAMBLIN, Andy SKILLEN, Edith 1888-May-06
CHERRY, Alex ALLEN, Elmore 1895-Sep-17
CHERRY, Alex BAR, Ella 1897-Sep-20
CLARK, Walter ALSTON, Elizabeth Pauline 1894-Nov-14
CLARKE, Jack HILL, Ellen 1894-Sep-07
CLARKE, James MOORE, Ella 1893-Dec-06
CLARKE, Tom BAKER, Anna 1894-Feb-09
CLEMMONS, Ed JENNINGS, Josie 1899-Jun-24
CLINTON, George RIGEWAY, Jennie 1890-Nov-26
CLOPTON, John LOCKHART, Julia 1898-Dec-22
COLEMAN, Jim WAGNER, Lucinda 1891-Nov-12
COLEMAN, P H HARDY, Ella 1896-Nov-26
COLEMAN, Toney LACEY, Jennie 1900-May-10
COLLINS, A J ROBBINS, Sallie 1895-Jan-23
COLLINS, B C HUNTER, Jennie 1890-Dec-22
COLLINS, Hartwell ANDERSON, Lilly 1893-Jan-18
COLLINS, J M HAWKINS, Mary E 1896-Dec-04
COLLINS, Sam LOCKHART, 1894-Nov-08
COLLINS, W A HODGES, Henrietta 1885-Apr-12
COLLINS, Willey WURTON, Mary 1899-Mar-21
COLLINS, Willis CRUTH, Callie 1898-Mar-24
CONNELLY, Tolbert BOWEN, Lucy Ann 1890-Dec-23
CONNER, J D P BREWINGTON, Lula 1894-Dec-25
CONNER, Jack WILLIAMS, Lou 1899-Dec-28
CONNER, Louis THOMPSON, Sarah 1900-Sep-09
COOK, Al GREENWOOD, Cynthia 1884-Apr-30
COOPER, Charles JENNINGS, Octavia 1889-Apr-26
COOPER, Chester LEMANS, John 1889-Apr-22
COOPER, F E COLLINS, Ada 1893-Jul-06
COOPER, Frank SUGG, Lonie 1897-Oct-09
COOPER, Henry A STRINGFELLOW, Amanda M 1895-Jun-21
COOPER, J C PERRY, Edna 1899-Dec-17
COOPER, John H COOPER, Mandy Mrs 1900-Oct-11
COOPER, P C MCCRAW, Julia 1897-Jan-08
COOPER, Paul PERRY, Jennie 1899-Jun-
COOPER, Tom OLIVER, Sarah 1892-Apr-14
COOPER, Virgil SIMS, A B 1897-Aug-08
COPELAND, Willis PITTMAN, Mary 1892-Dec-15
CORNWELL, Will FOX, Mary Mrs 1900-Jan-09
CRAIG, James ESTERS, Jenie 1879-Aug-24
CRAIG, Perry C HARDY, M A Miss 1897-Nov-12
CROFFORD, C W BERRY, Alice 1890-Dec-21
CROFFORD, William BLACK, Emma 1898-Jan-27
CROSSLAND, Harver N HARDIN, M E Mrs 1900-Oct-27
CROSSLAND, M T WILLINGHAM, Francis Mrs 1899-Aug-04
CUNNINGHAM, Jessie CARLISLE, Malissa 1887-Dec-29



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