Quitman County Grooms


BAGWELL, John D COLLINS, Kate 1895-Jan-27
BAILEY, R F PITTMAN, Millie 1895-Apr-26
BAIN, Johnson METCALF, Matilda 1897-Jan-07
BAKER, Ned TATUM, Francis 1897-Dec-31
BALLARD, James WASHINGTON, Sophronia 1898-Mar-14
BALLDIN, Albert PARR, M E Mrs 1900-Mar-11
BALLENTINE, Aleck LOGAN, Mattie 1900-Nov-07
BALLENTINE, Granison THOMPSON, Millie 1889-Dec-14
BALLENTINE, Thomas HARRIS, Rosa 1897-Dec-29
BANJO, Sam PERRY, Cherry 1896-May-10
BARHAM, John FENNEL, Martha 1889-Feb-02
BARNES, Arthur TURNER, Mollie 1895-Jan-24
BARNES, Dick METCALF, Angeline 1895-Dec-26
BARNES, George WILLIAMS, Mary 1895-Dec-05
BARNETT, G W DUSE, Annie 1889-Oct-03
BARNETT, Morris JACKSON, Alice 1879-Feb-06
BARR, Henry TURNER, Polly 1896-Aug-29
BARR, Jim TAYLOR, Ida 1894-Nov-08
BARR, Spencer IRBY, Ella 1894-Mar-22
BARRON, Richard MCQUERTER, Julianna 1885-Mar-02
BARRON, Robert GREGORY, Eliza 1898-Nov-11
BATTLE, Sam HUNTER, Amelia 1893-Dec-23
BEAALY, S G PORTER, Lyda 1889-Feb-11
BELL, F T KING, S L Mrs 1881-Jun-01
BENNET, Robert THOMPSON, Sarah 1897-Dec-26
BENNET, Willie HOWELL, Sinie 1897-Jan-20
BERKLEY, Sidney HALLOWBURTON, Emma Mrs 1892-Oct-30
BERKLEY, Sidney SMITH, Fanny 1884-Feb-17
BERRY, Charles JACKSON, Estelle 1900-Apr-26
BERRY, Charles A SPENCER, Leila 1900-Aug-27
BERRY, Moses SIMMONS, Anna 1893-Dec-28
BERRY, Sam PORTER, Jamie 1896-Jan-02
BILL, Buffaloe PASSLEY, Ella 1897-Nov-03
BILL, Buffaloe RASLEY, Sawalee 1892-Nov-01
BIVENS, Calvin SYKES, Rosa 1897-Feb-28
BIVENS, Jim DEAN, Sallie 1895-Feb-04
BIVENS, Theo WILSON, Pinchy 1899-Mar-09
BIVENS, Wheeler CHAMBERS, Josie 1894-Oct-20
BIVINS, Walter LONG, Mary 1895-Aug-21
BLACK, D A DIGGS, Emma 1888-Oct-29
BLACK, Irby SMITH, Josie 1898-Feb-06
BLAKEMORE, Tom BRANLEY, Margaret 1892-Jan-31
BOBO, Charles HILL, Laura 1892-Jan-14
BOISE, Will SEALES, Francis 1894-Feb-02
BOOKER, Tom KELLEY, Izard 1895-Dec-16
BOON, Pinkney WILLIAMS, Lula 1900-Dec-24
BOONE, Will LOGAN, 1900-Apr-05
BOOTHE, Albert SMITH, Laura 1894-Jan-06
BOWEN, Sam DANIELS, Anna 1897-Nov-27
BOWEN, William SMITH, Annie Mrs 1891-Aug-05
BOWLS, Collins WESTBROOK, Mary 1896-Dec-29
BOWNER, T A STANLEY, Leola Mrs 1891-Sep-02
BOYCE, Bob SYKES, Rosa 1890-Dec-24
BOYD, Eddie DOWD, Bettie 1891-Jun-25
BOYETT, Sam HALLOWBURTON, Lena 1895-Nov-20
BRACEY, Oliman PARKER, Angie 1891-Mar-08
BRADBERRY, Green UMPHRIES, Penny 1890-Apr-07
BRADFORD, Willis GRIFFIN, Mary Mrs 1892-Jan-06
BRADLEY, Perry JONES, Ella 1899-Nov-15
BRADLEY, William CLARK, Mary 1896-Mar-01
BRADLEY, William KEITH, Arrena 1889-Feb-15
BRADY, Ben JONES, Elizabeth 1898-Oct-13
BRAMLET, Harry BOONE, Emily 1896-Feb-18
BRANDYWINE, John JACKSON, Georgia 1900-Dec-01
BRANNUM, George MARTIN, Willie 1899-Apr-20
BRANNUM, Montie HARDIN, J B 1895-Jun-21
BRANNUM, W B MARTIN, Vallie Mrs 1898-Jul-01
BRAZIL, Ephram WOMACK, Rosa 1888-May-17
BRAZIL, L B JOHNSON, Emma 1897-Aug-07
BRIGHT, Miles PITTMAN, Ludie 1896-Mar-07
BRIGHT, Miles F BRIGHT, Emma 1891-Jul-01
BRONGHER, F M SIMPSON, Katie 1893-Mar-23
BROOKS, James SKILLEN, Caroline 1894-Dec-19
BROOKS, West DICKENS, Eliza 1890-May-03
BROWN, C HUGGINS, Bettie 1889-Oct-04
BROWN, Charles BROWN, Margaret 1896-Jan-23
BROWN, Charles THOMAS, Lillie 1899-Jan-02
BROWN, Charley HARRIS, Elmira 1886-Oct-04
BROWN, F MITCHELL, Salina 1893-Jul-05
BROWN, Foster LEE, Emma 1900-Mar-05
BROWN, James TOLIVER, Lena 1899-Mar-21
BROWN, Marshall PAYNE, Mattie 1894-May-31
BROWN, Stewart ESTRIDGE, Ellie 1887-Jul-27
BROWN, Stewart VAUGHN, Ollie Mrs 1890-Nov-10
BROWN, Thomas PHIPPS, Pink 1888-Feb-19
BROWN, Tommie TURNMAN, Betsie 1894-Nov-11
BROWN, Walter OWEN, Julia 1899-Mar-25
BRUNTON, Claudy HILL, Pearly 1900-Sep-02
BRUTON, Eugene ARMSTRONG, Hannah 1899-Feb-26
BUCKNER, Louis ROBERSON, Clara 1897-Dec-12
BUFORD, Andrew PORTER, Clara 1879-Jul-25
BUFORD, Ed JONES, Eliza 1883-Feb-23
BUFORD, Pate COLLIER, Aletha 1900-Nov-19
BUFORD, Pate WIGGINS, Roda 1883-Oct-03
BUFORD, Richard LESTER, Henrietta 1887-Jan-21
BURDIE, John SIMS, Jane Mrs 1899-Jun-11
BURLEYSON, B GREEN, Tempie 1891-Jun-07
BURLEYSON, Ben PHIPPS, Antoinette 1885-Apr-16
BURLEYSON, Charles CARLILE, Nanna E 1894-Feb-15
BURLEYSON, Oscar ELDRIDGE, Jennie 1900-Jun-06
BURLEYSON, Oscar LIVINGSTON, Annie 1899-Mar-06
BURLUPON, Gaither DAVIS, E M 1898-Mar-16
BYRD, J W BOWNER, Leola 1894-Apr-04
BYRD, Robert AUSTIN, Sallie 1895-Jan-23



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