Quitman County Brides

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WAGNER, Lucinda COLEMAN, Jim 1891-Nov-12
WAGONER, N F Miss VEMOR, St H 1878-Dec-28
WALKER, Dixie WILSON, Cora 1890-Dec-30
WALKER, Dora MILLER, R B 1899-Apr-06
WALKER, Eliza Mrs MADISON, J M 1891-Sep-16
WALKER, Emiline Mrs THOMPSON, Daniel 1892-Aug-03
WALKER, Jennie JOHNSON, Albert 1891-Nov-12
WALKER, Rainey PHIPPS, Matt 1895-Feb-26
WALL, Cora PETTY, Tom 1899-Nov-30
WALL, Fannie DAVIS, John 1900-Nov-29
WAMBLE, Amelia HUNS, Sam 1894-Jun-16
WAMBLE, Louiza ANDERSON, Frank 1896-Dec-31
WARD, Susie MCCALL, Jack 1898-Oct-16
WARREN, Jennie GRIFFIN, James 1891-Aug-09
WASHINGTON, Sophronia BALLARD, James 1898-Mar-14
WATKINS, Rachel WOODS, Albert 1883-Apr-13
WENDLEY, Jennie FIELDS, Gilbert 1895-Nov-22
WESTBROOK, Mary BOWLS, Collins 1896-Dec-29
WESTBROOKS, Eda SMITH, Luke 1886-Sep-23
WESTMORELAND, Lula JOHNSON, Jerry 1895-Jan-13
WESTMORELAND, Maggie JOHNSON, James 1895-Jan-10
WHEELER, Emma MCCOY, Frank 1897-Dec-12
WHITE, Addie HATCH, Thomas 1891-Jun-04
WHITE, Allice WHITE, J C 1897-May-02
WHITE, Ressie WATSON, R W 1898-Jul-06
WHITE, Rossee DANIEL, William 1895-Jan-10
WHITFIELD, Moriah ALSTON, Peter 1887-May-28
WHITLEY, Anna B PARNELL, King 1895-Dec-29
WHITLEY, Jennie JEFFRIES, William 1897-Feb-24
WHITTEN, Rachel ALCORN, Harry 1897-Dec-23
WIGGINS, Bettie HEMINGWAY, Pate 1887-Jan-20
WIGGINS, Bettie Mrs DOUGLAS, Sam 1890-Dec-24
WIGGINS, Mary SNYDER, Perry 1885-Nov-19
WIGGINS, Roda BUFORD, Pate 1883-Oct-03
WILBERN, Green HOLLY, Clarence 1896-Jun-06
WILBOURN, Becky PHILLIPS, J M 1900-Nov-16
WILEY, Emma RICE, Willie 1898-Jan-27
WILKINS, Rhody RUSSELL, Anderson 1898-Feb-17
WILLIAMS, Anna HAMILTON, Samuel 1899-Feb-04
WILLIAMS, Annie JAMISON, Pomp 1887-Jul-17
WILLIAMS, Annie Mrs WILLIAMS, Tom 1890-Feb-04
WILLIAMS, J F Miss PEARSON, G W 1889-Jul-21
WILLIAMS, Lizzie PROCTOR, Irvin 1880-May-20
WILLIAMS, Lou CONNER, Jack 1899-Dec-28
WILLIAMS, Lula BOON, Pinkney 1900-Dec-24
WILLIAMS, Mary BARNES, George 1895-Dec-05
WILLIAMS, Mary GORMAN, Ben 1897-Feb-11
WILLIAMS, Mary SIMS, Thomas 1887-Feb-09
WILLIAMS, Nancy MAHAN, J F 1895-Feb-12
WILLIAMS, Nancy MORRIS, Tephen 1893-Jan-20
WILLIAMS, R A Mrs ADAMS, C D 1894-Aug-09
WILLIAMS, Rosa MARTIN, Henry 1898-Dec-15
WILLIAMS, Sarah WASHINGTON, Jim 1899-Jan-22
WILLIAMS, Susan Mrs WHITE, John 1890-Sep-10
WILLINGHAM, Francis Mrs CROSSLAND, M T 1899-Aug-04
WILLSON, Hattie WELLS, Ike 1892-Dec-25
WILSE, Joetta SKILLEN, Charley 1899-Dec-28
WILSE, Louiza TOLBERT, Richard 1897-Nov-24
WILSON, Carrie CAMPBELL, David 1896-Dec-31
WILSON, Clara DOUGLASS, Marshall 1891-Aug-19
WILSON, Clara JACKSON, Coy 1893-Nov-07
WILSON, Cora WALKER, Dixie 1890-Dec-30
WILSON, Emma HIMES, Jim 1897-Dec-16
WILSON, Harriet THORNTON, Henry 1896-Sep-02
WILSON, Hattie LOUIS, Emmett 1890-Apr-17
WILSON, Mealie ROBERTS, John 1900-Oct-18
WILSON, Newt Mrs HARRIS, Pack 1883-Jan-22
WILSON, Pinchy BIVENS, Theo 1899-Mar-09
WILSON, Sarah JOHNSON, William 1898-Nov-17
WINSTON, Bettie HARRIS, Eddie 1893-Feb-14
WODALL, Mollie Mrs EDMONDSON, R 1894-Jun-06
WOLF, Cynthia Mrs CATE, Henry 1879-Aug-31
WOMACK, Rosa BRAZIL, Ephram 1888-May-17
WOODARD, Alice ARMOR, Willie 1900-May-19
WOODARD, Lucy POLK, Joe 1899-Jan-03
WOODARD, Mittie SMITH, George 1881-Sep-17
WORD, Lou Mrs WALKER, Will 1891-Jan-03
WRIGHT, March WILEY, 1898-Feb-17
WRIGHT, Mary PORTER, Richard 1895-Jan-19
WURTON, Mary COLLINS, Willey 1899-Mar-21
YATES, Sarah ROSS, Isham 1885-Sep-03
YOUNG, Roda Mrs WIGGINS, George 1879-Jun-27
YOUNGBLOOD, Sarah Ida HACKMAN, W H 1892-Nov-17



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