Quitman County Brides


TALENT, Nettie ESTRIDGE, J M 1892-May-14
TALIVER, Mariah KING, Samuel 1900-Feb-01
TALLEY, Liza PERRY, Sam 1899-Mar-23
TARLEN, Mary JONES, James 1899-Mar-30
TATE, Josie HINES, James 1889-Feb-14
TATUM, Francis BAKER, Ned 1897-Dec-31
TAYLOR, Ida BARR, Jim 1894-Nov-08
TAYLOR, Lizzie LEE, Joe 1895-Apr-29
TEDFORD, Mary C HURST, James A 1891-Feb-03
TEMPLE, Julia ROBERSON, Bedford 1877-Feb-20
TERRELL, Sarah WILLIAMS, John 1890-Aug-03
THOMAS, A B Miss RAY, E L 1891-Mar-08
THOMAS, Bettie Mrs RICHARD, Sy 1890-Sep-05
THOMAS, Flora HUMER, Tobe 1893-Mar-30
THOMAS, Lillie BROWN, Charles 1899-Jan-02
THOMAS, Mattie VEACHER, Lea 1884-Feb-14
THOMAS, Nancy TIMBERLAKE, William 1898-May-11
THOMPSON, Abbie WILLIAMS, D B 1896-Nov-23
THOMPSON, Amanda WEATHERSPOON, Julius 1893-Aug-09
THOMPSON, Hattie WILLIAMS, Walter 1897-Apr-01
THOMPSON, Lou JONES, Crawford 1888-Oct-14
THOMPSON, Millie BALLENTINE, Granison 1889-Dec-14
THOMPSON, Perene JACKSON, George 1900-Mar-04
THOMPSON, S E Mrs HARVILL, W W 1879-Sep-28
THOMPSON, Sarah BENNET, Robert 1897-Dec-26
THOMPSON, Sarah CONNER, Louis 1900-Sep-09
THORNTON, Mary HARRIS, Charles 1900-Nov-30
TIMBLE, Roxyar PINKWOOD, James 1877-May-16
TODDY, Mary DAVIS, Jason 1892-Sep-14
TOLIVER, Gennett PHIPPS, Gus 1899-Nov-23
TOLIVER, Lena BROWN, James 1899-Mar-21
TOLIVER, Manday RANKINS, George 1890-May-17
TOPP, Hannah WALL, R W 1900-May-27
TOPP, Henrietta FISHER, Charles W 1900-Mar-14
TOPP, Mary ROBINSON, Samuel 1895-Dec-31
TOPP, Sallie HILL, Hovey 1897-Jan-21
TOWNS, Lucy ARMSTRONG, Alfred 1896-May-16
TRICE, Emma MILLER, Burtus 1899-Apr-27
TRICE, Sallie WILBERN, Ben 1898-Sep-03
TRIM, Elna RILEY, Jim 1896-Aug-24
TUMER, Felia JOHNSON, C J 1889-Sep-26
TUMER, Lizzie ADAMS, S T 1898-Nov-23
TUMER, Mary Mrs SMITH, King 1889-Nov-20
TUMER, Millie THOMPSON, Jessie 1889-Dec-12
TURMAN, Mattie PHIPPS, Buck 1892-Jan-07
TURNER, Delia SHAW, Timothy 1899-Mar-16
TURNER, Jane HATCH, Clay 1885-Feb-07
TURNER, Mollie BARNES, Arthur 1895-Jan-24
TURNER, Polly BARR, Henry 1896-Aug-29
TURNMAN, Betsie BROWN, Tommie 1894-Nov-11
UMPHRIES, Penny BRADBERRY, Green 1890-Apr-07
VANCE, Ella HOWARD, Isiah 1900-Nov-
VANCE, Florence STRIBLING, Tom 1897-Jan-10
VANHOUSER, Mattie WHITE, J B 1879-Dec-03
VANN, L A Miss WHITFIELD, Holmes 1891-Apr-09
VAUGHN, Ollie Mrs BROWN, Stewart 1890-Nov-10
VAUGHN, Rosie WALTON, Ed 1899-Dec-25
VEACH, Sallie ANDERSON, Robert 1882-Dec-19
VEACHER, Lea THOMAS, Mattie 1884-Feb-14



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