Quitman County Brides


SALES, Barbara Mrs RICHARDSON, Henry 1898-Mar-30
SANDERS, Lizzie GILBERT, Henry 1899-Jul-13
SANDERS, Lizzie PHIPPS, Robert 1899-May-25
SANDERS, Ollie Mrs PULLAM, Eddie 1898-Oct-15
SANDIDGE, Anna ROGERS, Frank 1890-May-26
SAULSBERRY, Celia HALL, Dave 1879-Nov-19
SCOTT, Katie Mrs MADISON, J M 1890-Apr-02
SCOTT, Lizzie HENRY, Oliver 1898-Jan-06
SCURLOCK, Nannie FOX, J R 1895-May-08
SEALES, Francis BOISE, Will 1894-Feb-02
SEARGENT, Hannah Mrs HILL, Thomas 1898-Mar-02
SHAFFER, Sarah Ann PROVENS, Reubin J 1890-Jun-05
SHAND, Maggie DANIEL, George 1897-Nov-30
SHANDELER, Lucy WOODS, Sam 1897-Apr-28
SHARP, Ada PLESS, H F 1893-Apr-01
SHAW, Bonzie PINKNEY, Henry 1897-Feb-05
SHAW, Lena HANKINS, John 1899-Sep-17
SHAW, Louiza PICKLE, Douglass 1900-Apr-12
SHEGOY, Lou WHITE, Henry 1878-Oct-13
SHELTON, Mary PITTMAN, A L 1895-Mar-17
SHIELDS, Polly PEDEN, L P 1894-Feb-02
SIMMONS, Anna BERRY, Moses 1893-Dec-28
SIMMONS, Eliza Mrs PETIT, James 1891-Sep-27
SIMMONS, Sarah HICKS, Jeff 1898-Jul-07
SIMMS, Mary Mrs TODDY, Henry 1877-May-17
SIMPSON, Fannie DAVIS, William 1886-Sep-01
SIMPSON, Jennie S TUMER, W A 1897-Oct-25
SIMPSON, Katie BRONGHER, F M 1893-Mar-23
SIMS, A B COOPER, Virgil 1897-Aug-08
SIMS, Jane Mrs BURDIE, John 1899-Jun-11
SIMS, Lucy SHAW, Mat 1885-Aug-31
SIMS, Mary O SHOTWELL, R 1888-Apr-23
SKILLEN, Caroline BROOKS, James 1894-Dec-19
SKILLEN, Edith CHAMBLIN, Andy 1888-May-06
SLEETTAN, Bulah DICKEY, J J 1889-Nov-30
SMALL, Sarah J GLADNEY, Will 1894-Jan-22
SMALLS, Martha ALSTON, Phillip 1885-Jun-07
SMITH, Alberta WHITE, J V 1900-Apr-10
SMITH, Annie ARMOUR, Anderson 1900-Sep-06
SMITH, Annie DOUGHERTY, Nathan 1895-Sep-30
SMITH, Annie Mrs BOWEN, William 1891-Aug-05
SMITH, Bettie JACKSON, George 1900-Feb-01
SMITH, Charlotte HENDERSON, Tom 1895-Dec-25
SMITH, Docia FISHER, Van 1884-Jan-25
SMITH, Dora WILLIAMS, Henry 1895-Nov-21
SMITH, Eliza HUNT, Dave 1897-Jan-28
SMITH, Ella Mrs SMITH, Sam 1890-Oct-03
SMITH, Ellen FIELDS, George 1890-Feb-21
SMITH, Emma LEWIS, John 1893-Sep-15
SMITH, Endie JONES, Leroy 1893-Jan-18
SMITH, Etta SMITH, David H 1900-Dec-10
SMITH, Fanny BERKLEY, Sidney 1884-Feb-17
SMITH, Georgia GRAY, Tommie 1897-Dec-18
SMITH, Irene CATRELL, Andrew 1893-Nov-05
SMITH, Josie BLACK, Irby 1898-Feb-06
SMITH, Laura BOOTHE, Albert 1894-Jan-06
SMITH, Lewergia OWENS, Josh 1890-Apr-21
SMITH, Lillie FOSTER, Joe F 1899-Jun-18
SMITH, M J Miss MCALISTER, Mack 1890-Dec-20
SMITH, Maggie GLADDEN, Bunk 1889-Jan-11
SMITH, Mary CHAMBERS, James 1881-Oct-22
SMITH, Mary SMALL, Thomas 1888-Jan-12
SMITH, Mattie HUNT, Eddy 1896-Jan-02
SMITH, Sallie ANDERSON, Sam Henry 1893-Jan-18
SMITH, Sallie ROSCOE, Stephen 1881-Sep-20
SMITH, Sue WATKINS, Ed 1896-Apr-11
SMITH, Susan DUMAS, Phil 1896-Dec-03
SPEARMAN, Lilly Mrs STOKES, John 1889-Apr-07
SPENCER, Leila BERRY, Charles A 1900-Aug-27
SPENCER, Lily M EASAN, Charles 1880-Mar-18
STAKES, Nettie CHAMBERS, Antony 1888-Jul-19
STANFER, Ann DAVIS, Mack 1883-Aug-25
STANFORD, Georgian JACKSON, George 1893-Nov-29
STANLEY, Leola Mrs BOWNER, T A 1891-Sep-02
STEADMAN, Laura B SPENCER, M N 1896-Apr-12
STEELE, Dora HILL, Henry 1889-Oct-04
STEELE, Ida GERMAN, Charles 1890-Dec-25
STEVENS, Nettie MCREA, J D 1881-Oct-24
STEWARD, Ira HILL, Pernina 1896-Nov-26
STOKES, Laura JOHNSON, Willie 1900-Jan-03
STONE, Belle WOODALL, C L 1899-Dec-06
STRINGFELLOW, Amanda M COOPER, Henry A 1895-Jun-21
STRONG, Margaret STOKES, John Jr 1896-Dec-31
STRONG, Mary E VEACH, J J 1886-Nov-17
STROTHERS, Angeline LEVELLS, Louis 1897-Aug-18
STURDIVANT, Charlotte JACKSON, George 1894-Feb-05
SWAFFORD, Jucintha Mrs HUTCHENS, Wiley 1899-Apr-09
SYKES, Paralee JONES, Malory 1896-Feb-05
SYKES, Rosa BIVENS, Calvin 1897-Feb-28
SYKES, Rosa BOYCE, Bob 1890-Dec-24
SYKES, Vinnie RICHARDSON, Wesley 1896-Mar-26



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