Quitman County Brides


RAGSDALE, Ella MCINTOSH, J A 1897-Feb-04
RAMSY, Delia HATCH, Rose 1893-Jun-05
RANEEL, Lula LUSK, Henry 1899-Oct-14
RANKIN, Mandy Mrs SNYDER, Perry 1900-May-
RANSIE, Texana Mrs GRINSTON, D 1897-Mar-14
RASLEY, Sawalee BILL, Buffaloe 1892-Nov-01
RATTLER, Mary JOHNSTON, Jim 1885-Nov-03
RAY, Francis D ROBINSON, T J 1894-Dec-27
REED, Annie Mrs ALLEN, William 1900-Apr-01
REED, Jane DOUGLASS, Richard 1889-Feb-12
REED, Jane MADISON, James 1893-Aug-19
REED, Leanna MOSS, Dixie 1891-Mar-04
REED, Martha M WHITTED, J W 1894-Aug-05
REYNOLDS, Nelly CASWELL, John 1889-Jul-25
RICE, Bettie SCOTT, Charley 1899-Dec-25
RICHARDSON, Rosa WILLIAMS, Caleb 1891-Mar-27
RICHERSON, Lucy MCKNIGHT, James 1880-Sep-10
RIDLEY, July WARD, Joe 1897-Nov-20
RIGEWAY, Jennie CLINTON, George 1890-Nov-26
RILEY, Katie EDWARDS, B F 1889-Oct-13
ROATEN, Georgianna WATSON, Frank 1884-Aug-16
ROBBINS, Sallie COLLINS, A J 1895-Jan-23
ROBERSON, Amelia MITCHELL, Willis 1893-Jan-14
ROBERSON, Clara BUCKNER, Louis 1897-Dec-12
ROBERSON, Eliza OLIVER, Eddie 1891-Apr-17
ROBERSON, Rose KING, Tom 1897-Dec-25
ROBERTS, B B Mrs NEELY, J L 1895-May-09
ROBERTS, Bettie WINSTID, J M 1892-Jun-25
ROBERTS, Levina ANDERSON, Armor 1896-Dec-24
ROBERTSON, Francis MCCLELLAN, Aleck 1900-Apr-26
RODEN, Disy SIKES, Jesse 1883-Nov-10
RODGERS, Ida SIMMONS, Henry 1889-Jul-20
ROGERS, Annie GRANGER, J C 1900-Jul-12
ROSEMAN, S L Miss SHEGOG, R W 1900-Feb-08
ROSEMAN, S Miss TOWNSON, Charles 1900-Dec-16
ROSEMOND, Addie WILLIAMS, Ed 1897-Apr-13
ROSS, Francis RICE, Will 1900-Oct-27
RUSH, Alice Mrs THURMAN, T H 1899-Apr-23
RUSH, Emma E HAMES, W A 1898-Oct-21
RUSHEN, Ella ELLIS, Robert 1898-May-13
RUSSELL, Phillis HILL, Tom 1899-Apr-06



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