Quitman County Brides

P - Q

PANKEY, Georgia WILLINGHAM, Charles 1900-Apr-22
PARKER, Angie BRACEY, Oliman 1891-Mar-08
PARKER, Fannie Mrs FINCHER, J B 1900-Sep-20
PARKER, Mary Ann LYONS, F L 1877-Sep-19
PARKER, Sarah J MURPHY, R 1888-Dec-17
PARR, M E Mrs BALLDIN, Albert 1900-Mar-11
PARTEE, Birdie B DENTON, Ira C 1899-Nov-26
PARTEE, Emma TRICE, Adam Jr 1896-Apr-22
PARTEE, Lina ROSS, Isham 1896-Feb-10
PARTEE, Mandy FOX, T 1900-Feb-21
PARTEE, Mary Lee ENGLISH, Ephraim 1897-Jul-21
PARTER, Pattie DAVIS, Henry J 1893-Jul-12
PASS, Eliza Mrs PORTER, Texas 1881-Jun-16
PASSLEY, Ella BILL, Buffaloe 1897-Nov-03
PATTERSON, Ada DOUGLASS, Sam 1900-Jul-28
PATTERSON, Mattie NEAL, Andrew 1899-May-14
PAYNE, Mattie BROWN, Marshall 1894-May-31
PEARSON, Rosie A HERRING, W B 1895-Jul-07
PEEPLES, Mary RAGLAND, B S 1881-Mar-13
PENINGTON, Josephine DOUGLASS, Horace 1887-May-21
PERKINS, Caralee TUCKER, John 1900-Nov-01
PERKINS, Harriet SPEARMAN, Wash 1885-   -19
PERRY, Cherry BANJO, Sam 1896-May-10
PERRY, Edna COOPER, J C 1899-Dec-17
PERRY, Jennie COOPER, Paul 1899-Jun-
PETTIE, Anna STOKES, Willie 1893-Feb-11
PETTY, Laura HARRIS, Jordan A 1886-Sep-08
PETTY, Mandy SARGENT, Jack 1887-Oct-06
PHILLIPS, Allice FULLER, Ned 1898-Jul-07
PHILLIPS, Angeline JOHNSON, Albert 1899-Apr-20
PHILLIPS, Blanche DENTON, M E 1898-Feb-27
PHILLIPS, Maud V FREEMAN, A J 1895-Jun-02
PHILLIPS, Rosa EVANS, Reuben 1893-May-03
PHIPPS, Angeline PARKER, Grant 1894-Sep-27
PHIPPS, Antoinette BURLEYSON, Ben 1885-Apr-16
PHIPPS, Berta ALLEN, George 1893-Jun-09
PHIPPS, Callie HARDY, Henry 1894-Apr-20
PHIPPS, Eliza GREEN, Robert 1896-Mar-04
PHIPPS, Hannah WILEY, Henry 1898-Dec-26
PHIPPS, Isabella HATCH, Rose 1884-Jan-31
PHIPPS, Julia MURDOCK, Henry 1899-Feb-02
PHIPPS, Lena WILEY, Robert 1899-Jan-05
PHIPPS, Lizzie LAWS, Lindsey 1899-Mar-15
PHIPPS, M E Miss TYLER, George 1899-Sep-14
PHIPPS, Mandy THREET, Mack 1890-Jan-11
PHIPPS, Pink BROWN, Thomas 1888-Feb-19
PICKENS, Annabelle SANDERS, J H 1896-Aug-19
PICKLE, Fannie RASCO, Steve 1888-Jun-10
PICKLE, Jannie PARTEE, Charles 1889-Oct-24
PICKLE, Peggy PHIPPS, Peter 1884-Apr-04
PINKNEY, Jennie Mrs WIMBERLY, William 1890-Apr-08
PITTMAN, Florence KOONS, W F 1895-Jan-10
PITTMAN, Florence V ALLEN, Lawson 1882-Jun-13
PITTMAN, Ida JONES, W A 1897-Feb-21
PITTMAN, Laura HANKS, J H 1897-Nov-07
PITTMAN, Lettie WRIGHT, Ely 1890-Jan-20
PITTMAN, Ludie BRIGHT, Miles 1896-Mar-07
PITTMAN, Mary COPELAND, Willis 1892-Dec-15
PITTMAN, Millie BAILEY, R F 1895-Apr-26
PLESS, Ada GEORGE, Peter 1894-Oct-22
POLLARD, Omie WILLIAMS, Smalley 1900-Feb-04
PORTER, Bettie ROSS, Isham 1882-Jun-05
PORTER, Clara BUFORD, Andrew 1879-Jul-25
PORTER, Jamie BERRY, Sam 1896-Jan-02
PORTER, Lyda BEAALY, S G 1889-Feb-11
PORTER, Malinda SMITH, Sellas 1878-Sep-20
PRICE, Willie LEWIS, William 1899-May-17
PROPHET, Ella SANDERS, Cal 1898-Mar-08
QUEEN, Lillie Mrs CARR, C H 1896-Dec-20



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