Quitman County Brides

M - O

MAHAN, Maggie LANIGAN, Edward 1893-Feb-04
MAHON, Emma PENDERGRASS, D P 1893-Sep-23
MALONEY, Georgia TYLER, Louis 1900-Feb-01
MANUEL, Lula MCCOLLOUGH, William 1887-Dec-25
MARTIN, Jane DICKSON, Tom 1879-Aug-29
MARTIN, Mittie AUSTIN, Gid H 1895-Dec-01
MARTIN, Vallie Mrs BRANNUM, W B 1898-Jul-01
MARTIN, Willie BRANNUM, George 1899-Apr-20
MATHEWS, Laud JONES, Gabe 1895-Dec-11
MATHEWS, Nancy HUNTER, John Henry 1893-Apr-06
MATHEWS, Sharlotte WALLACE, Ed 1890-Mar-05
MATHIS, Rose JONES, Tackett 1898-Mar-31
MATHIS, Sallie WILLIAMS, Ike 1889-Jun-02
MAY, S S Miss WILSON, R L 1898-May-09
MAYFIELD, Fannie SPRINGER, Nelson 1900-Nov-02
MCARTHUR, Mary Ella WILSON, B F 1893-Jun-07
MCCARVER, Ora JACKSON, Gus 1900-Jan-23
MCCOY, Mary MORMON, Jim 1900-Sep-06
MCCRAW, Julia COOPER, P C 1897-Jan-08
MCDOWAL, Jane SULTAN, Rufus 1889-Feb-28
MCDOWELL, Susetta KELLEY, Cero 1895-Feb-08
MCGEE, Chainey PETERS, Arthur 1898-Mar-03
MCGEE, Janie MCCOBBLE, 1897-Feb-17
MCGEE, Lizzie DULARD, Joe 1897-Jan-21
MCINTOSH, Genette SAUNDERS, Andrew 1900-May-21
MCINTOSH, Mary HARDY, Charles 1894-Mar-22
MCINTOSH, Susie SMITH, Willie 1900-Apr-07
MCKAY, Fannie Mrs PARKER, Charley 1898-Jun-06
MCKINNEY, Sallie EVANS, Reuben 1894-Jun-02
MCNEAL, Listie MILTON, Willie 1900-Jan-18
MCNEIL, Rosetta MONROE, James 1879-Jan-28
MCQUERTER, Julianna BARRON, Richard 1885-Mar-02
MCWHIRTER, Jennie HILL, Stephen 1893-Mar-04
MEDLEY, Lucy PARKER, James 1896-Oct-11
MEHANS, R A Miss WILLIAMS, I O 1890-Aug-21
METCALF, Angeline BARNES, Dick 1895-Dec-26
METCALF, Cora HAMMONS, Tyler 1900-Mar-25
METCALF, Cora OLIVER, Calvin 1888-Nov-13
METCALF, Ella HATCH, Jasper 1888-Nov-03
METCALF, Ellen IRBY, Lewis 1890-Oct-04
METCALF, Matilda BAIN, Johnson 1897-Jan-07
MILLER, Ellen DAVIS, Martin 1877-Aug-24
MILLER, Louisa ABLES, O S 1889-Nov-03
MILLER, Mary FRIARSON, Bill 1898-Nov-02
MILLS, Sallie Mrs PAMELL, E L 1898-Sep-11
MILTON, Fannie Mrs ALLEN, Warren 1899-Feb-26
MITCHELL, Mamie Mrs MILLER, Henry M 1900-Nov-19
MITCHELL, Mary RICHMOND, Stephen 1881-Sep-11
MITCHELL, Salina BROWN, F 1893-Jul-05
MITCHELL, Sophronia WASHINGTON, George 1895-Feb-10
MOORE, Ella CLARKE, James 1893-Dec-06
MOORE, Isabell JONES, Americus 1899-Apr-27
MOORE, Jane Mrs STACY, James 1881-Oct-26
MOORE, Victoria ACKLEN, J D 1879-Aug-02
MORE, Florence TEAGUE, E 1890-Feb-05
MORRIS, Mattie PATTERSON, Henry 1894-Nov-01
MORRIS, Ola JONES, Anderson 1890-Sep-06
MOSELY, Ella BELL, Clark 1898-Jun-23
MULLINS, Fannie Mrs NIVENS, Richard 1900-Jun-20
MULLINS, Maggie STIFFES, James N 1887-Dec-21
MULLINS, Mary STAPP, H T 1897-Jan-13
MULLINS, S E Miss STAFF, A T 1888-Jun-10
MURPHEY, Mary ARMOR, Willie 1896-Jan-09
MUSGROVE, Carrie HOWELL, D H 1891-Dec-07
MUSGROVE, Lula MCCOLLUM, Joe 1893-Jan-03
NATHAN, Mary J STARNES, James 1899-Mar-21
NELSON, Lucy HARDY, Will 1888-Apr-05
NEW, Hattie HARRIS, James 1897-Feb-10
NEW, S E Miss PARIS, W H 1899-Sep-17
NEWMAN, Mattie Mrs TAYLOR, William 1891-Dec-22
NEWSOM, Anna Belle PATE, C J 1897-Jul-25
NICHOLAS, L L Miss NICHOLAS, R L 1897-Jan-26
OBRYAN, Mollie WILLIFORD, O P 1879-Sep-14
OGLESBY, Florence HAMPTON, Sam 1897-Dec-23
OLIVER, Birdie RICHMOND, Lane 1893-Jan-15
OLIVER, Emeline GIBSON, Henry 1889-May-29
OLIVER, Mary HENRY, Mike 1888-Aug-03
OLIVER, Mary Mrs HENRY, Mike 1887-Sep-19
OLIVER, Sarah COOPER, Tom 1892-Apr-14
ONES, Silva Mrs GATES, Milton 1898-Feb-24
ORR, Holly MARTIN, Ed 1899-Mar-06
ORR, Mattie V MARTIN, Thad W 1898-Dec-27
ORR, Mollie MCARTHUR, T P 1897-Dec-23
OUTLAW, Josie PHIPPS, Boss 1898-Dec-24
OUTLAW, Lucy WARD, Joe 1896-Apr-09
OWEN, Julia BROWN, Walter 1899-Mar-25
OWEN, Mandy DUPREE, Mose 1900-Oct-20



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