Quitman County Brides

J - L

JACKSON, Alice BARNETT, Morris 1879-Feb-06
JACKSON, Ella TRUCKS, Abner 1899-Dec-08
JACKSON, Estelle BERRY, Charles 1900-Apr-26
JACKSON, Fannie FURR, C W 1899-Nov-18
JACKSON, Georgia BRANDYWINE, John 1900-Dec-01
JACKSON, Golden MILTON, Andrew 1898-Dec-28
JACKSON, Halis JOHNSON, Andrew 1891-Jul-18
JACKSON, Hallie HARSKIN, Joe 1895-Feb-27
JACKSON, Lizzie SMITH, Henry 1896-Sep-02
JACKSON, Louiza STRONG, Clabe 1897-Sep-22
JACKSON, Maggie MCCOY, Richard 1900-Oct-18
JACKSON, Mary WARD, Ben 1889-Apr-20
JACKSON, Rocksie SANDERS, Andrew 1889-Apr-25
JACKSON, Sallie DURDEN, Ishmael 1900-Dec-17
JAMES, Fannie NAMBLE, D 1894-Feb-09
JAMES, Leana HEMINGWAY, Charles 1894-Jan-04
JARMAN, Georgian HUNT, Sidney 1893-Sep-26
JENKINS, Maggie PUCKETT, John 1898-Feb-13
JENKINS, Piney THOMAS, John 1899-Sep-16
JENNINGS, Josie CLEMMONS, Ed 1899-Jun-24
JENNINGS, Mariah PHIPPS, Frank 1900-Mar-27
JENNINGS, Octavia COOPER, Charles 1889-Apr-26
JOHNOGAN, Mary JOYSE, Andrew 1888-Mar-03
JOHNSON, Addie JOHNSON, Willie 1887-Mar-20
JOHNSON, Annie REED, Sam 1895-Dec-01
JOHNSON, Clorah HOLMAN, Leandrew 1884-Jan-05
JOHNSON, Elmira ALLEN, William 1889-Aug-29
JOHNSON, Emma BRAZIL, L B 1897-Aug-07
JOHNSON, Fannie STEWART, James 1891-Mar-10
JOHNSON, Georgianna SMITH, Henry 1889-May-30
JOHNSON, Henrietta JOHNSON, William 1889-Oct-05
JOHNSON, Martha MITCHEL, Boston 1877-Jun-11
JOHNSON, Mary PATTERSON, Louis 1898-Jan-13
JOHNSON, Mary STARNES, Frank 1891-Sep-15
JOHNSON, Ophelia Mrs JOHNSON, James 1900-Jan-04
JOHNSON, Rosa DIGGS, William 1889-Mar-28
JOHNSON, Rosa HEMINGWAY, Pat 1890-Dec-29
JOHNSON, Sallie PHIPPS, Joe 1891-Aug-12
JOHNSON, Sarah Mrs SEARGENT, Pink 1890-Mar-05
JOHNSON, Susan ROGERS, Henry 1883-Dec-24
JONES, Ann CARR, Gus 1896-Feb-10
JONES, Annie PHIPPS, Arthur 1890-Dec-20
JONES, Bettie HICKS, R E 1898-Sep-14
JONES, Eliza BUFORD, Ed 1883-Feb-23
JONES, Eliza WILSON, Jake 1889-Nov-22
JONES, Eliza Mrs MATSON, J M H 1898-Sep-29
JONES, Elizabeth BRADY, Ben 1898-Oct-13
JONES, Ella BRADLEY, Perry 1899-Nov-15
JONES, Elvina JONES, Willie 1900-May-26
JONES, Emma WINDAM, Richard 1892-Jul-28
JONES, Emma Mrs WALKER, James 1892-Jul-15
JONES, Ida LUCAS, Sam 1900-Jan-04
JONES, Jenetta ALSTON, Pete 1890-Jan-08
JONES, L E Miss WILLIAMS, J W 1897-Jun-21
JONES, Louiza WIGGINS, Ike 1898-Oct-13
JONES, Maggie QUIRK, William 1898-Jul-10
JONES, Melinda DUPREE, Mose 1898-Jul-17
JONES, Minnie Lee LEETON, C W 1900-Feb-14
JONES, Mollie RAGSDALE, Clinton 1892-Oct-27
JONES, Mollie WEEKS, G A 1898-Jan-10
JONES, Mosella DAVIS, William 1898-Jul-10
JONES, Retta POLLAND, Charles 1888-Jun-15
JONES, Rosie JACKSON, Henry 1886-Dec-29
JONNIGAN, Rhody HENDERSON, Marshall 1896-Apr-18
JORDAN, Ella SMITH, Pat 1897-Feb-25
JUDE, Gertrude GLADNEY, Ell 1892-Jan-13
KEITH, Arrena BRADLEY, William 1889-Feb-15
KEITH, Susan WELCHER, George 1889-Aug-05
KELLEY, Izard BOOKER, Tom 1895-Dec-16
KELLEY, Izoo GATES, Allen 1899-Dec-24
KELLY, Ellen JENNINGS, J T 1891-Nov-22
KELLY, Henrietta WILSON, Phil 1887-Nov-30
KELLY, Martha Jane SIMMS, Plesant 1892-Jun-30
KELLY, Mary KELLY, Peter 1883-Aug-29
KENARD, Bettie WILSON, Esaw 1900-Nov-26
KENNETT, S E Mrs NEWMAN, S C 1894-Nov-14
KILLEBREW, Cora PERRY, Ed 1887-May-27
KIMBROW, Mattie WATKINS, E W 1892-Apr-22
KING, Maria CHAMBERS, Joseph 1878-Dec-31
KING, Mary THOMAS, Sandy 1900-Jul-29
KING, S L Mrs BELL, F T 1881-Jun-01
KIRKWOOD, Aggie ALEXANDER, Thomas 1884-Apr-05
KNOX, Candie KOHLHEIM, L 1896-Nov-07
KUYKENDALL, Addis WILLIAMS, Jordan 1895-Dec-05
KUYKENDALL, Henrietta WILLIAMS, Arthur 1896-Feb-06
KUYKENDALL, Janie FLEMMINGS, James 1897-Dec-30
LACEY, Jennie COLEMAN, Toney 1900-May-10
LACEY, Rosa MCLELAND, Dave 1898-May-12
LANGFORD, Hester WHITFIELD, John 1889-Feb-04
LANIER, J A Miss MORGAN, W D 1879-Dec-11
LANSTRIFE, Ida ROBINSON, Curtis 1889-Mar-03
LAWRENCE, Millie MITCHELL, J H 1895-Oct-27
LAWRENCE, Sallie PHIPPS, Webster 1892-Mar-08
LEE, Alice TATE, Garrison 1890-Jun-09
LEE, Annie WILLIAMS, Will 1900-Mar-04
LEE, Emma BROWN, Foster 1900-Mar-05
LEE, Rosa ANDERSON, Bill 1893-Feb-25
LEE, Vinie THOMPSON, Peter 1887-Mar-03
LEMONS, Lula LOONEY, Wharpins 1897-Jul-29
LEROY, Sarah KING, John 1894-Aug-21
LESTER, Henrietta BUFORD, Richard 1887-Jan-21
LESTER, Lee BIVINS, Matlina 1886-Dec-27
LESTER, Maggie CHAMBERS, Joe 1885-Jul-26
LEVELLS, Louis STROTHERS, Angeline 1897-Aug-18
LEWELLYN, Alice TEAGUE, E 1895-Sep-28
LEWIS, Ella JONES, Bob 1895-Dec-24
LEWIS, Lucy HARRIS, John 1897-Sep-14
LIVINGSTON, Annie BURLEYSON, Oscar 1899-Mar-06
LOCKHART, COLLINS, Sam 1894-Nov-08
LOCKHART, Julia CLOPTON, John 1898-Dec-22
LOFTON, Miranda WILLIAMS, Albert 1894-Sep-08
LOGAN, BOONE, Will 1900-Apr-05
LOGAN, Hattie JARMAN, Lee 1893-Jun-14
LOGAN, Lillie MATHEWS, C W 1898-Mar-14
LOGAN, Mattie BALLENTINE, Aleck 1900-Nov-07
LOID, Lucy DANIELS, Nick 1882-Dec-08
LONA, Phillis KELLEY, George 1892-Nov-22
LONEY, Patsy VANCE, Frank 1898-Aug-30
LONG, Mary BIVINS, Walter 1895-Aug-21
LOUIS, Ida LONG, W E 1895-Oct-23
LOVE, Anna HINKINS, Sidney 1898-Jan-01
LOVE, Ella DAVENPORT, John 1896-Jul-15
LOVITTS, Ara JOHNSON, A J 1898-Mar-26
LUCAS, Georgia PHIPPS, King 1888-Dec-27
LUCAS, Hattie PHIPPS, Arthur Jr 1898-Jan-28
LUCAS, Mary SADLER, Jack 1898-Aug-14



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