Quitman County Brides

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HALE, Mittie SPENCER, R Q 1888-Apr-17
HALL, A J Miss ESTRIDGE, J M 1891-Jan-03
HALL, Addie SUTTON, David 1889-Apr-05
HALL, Georgia HARDY, Willie 1896-Jan-15
HALL, Lela WILSON, William 1896-Feb-27
HALLEY, Ida LEWIS, Richard 1892-Jan-26
HALLOWBURTON, Emma Mrs BERKLEY, Sidney 1892-Oct-30
HALLOWBURTON, Lena BOYETT, Sam 1895-Nov-20
HANEY, Patsy JACKSON, Burrel 1891-Sep-10
HARDEMAN, Tabitha FISHER, Dusty 1900-Nov-11
HARDIN, Lula HARRIS, R W 1893-Jun-07
HARDIN, M E Mrs CROSSLAND, Harver N 1900-Oct-27
HARDIN, Rosetta JOHNSON, J E 1894-Mar-06
HARDWICK, Patty STRONG, Clabi 1890-Jun-24
HARDY, Alberta JONES, George 1898-Apr-06
HARDY, Ella COLEMAN, P H 1896-Nov-26
HARDY, Lula CHAMBERS, W L 1897-Dec-30
HARDY, M A Miss CRAIG, Perry C 1897-Nov-12
HARDY, Sarah ARMOR, Robert 1895-Jan-09
HARDY, Sarah ARMOR, Robert 1894-Dec-27
HARPER, Maggie HAZEN, W E 1882-Jan-30
HARRIS, Annie RAGSVILLE, Gabe 1892-Sep-22
HARRIS, Bertha WADKINS, Henry 1899-Apr-09
HARRIS, Elmira BROWN, Charley 1886-Oct-04
HARRIS, Hattie WAMBLE, Hampton 1896-Dec-20
HARRIS, Hester AVERY, Jim 1894-Aug-08
HARRIS, Hester Mrs PINK, Phipp 1888-Feb-21
HARRIS, Lou Mrs MATHEWS, Shed 1898-Mar-02
HARRIS, Martha SCOTT, George 1897-Dec-02
HARRIS, Rosa BALLENTINE, Thomas 1897-Dec-29
HARRIS, Rosie THOMAS, Oscar 1899-Mar-15
HARRIS, Sarah RUFFIN, Henry 1893-Jul-02
HARTLEY, Clara TEAGUE, A E 1890-Dec-23
HARTLEY, F E Miss WILLIAMS, W F 1891-Aug-09
HARTLEY, L V Mrs MOORE, P L 1890-Jan-14
HARVEY, Josie ANDERSON, Isiah 1899-Apr-30
HATCH, Bettie HOLMES, Grant 1895-Mar-03
HATCH, Dora MIDCALF, Andy 1896-Dec-15
HATCH, Jane HATCH, Sparrow 1877-Mar-14
HATCH, Lizzie DUTARD, John 1887-Aug-25
HATCH, Rose PHIPPS, Isabella 1884-Jan-31
HATCH, Rose RAMSY, Delia 1893-Jun-05
HAWKINS, Augusta RHODES, Robert 1896-Nov-25
HAWKINS, Ida TWILLEY, Louis 1893-Feb-09
HAWKINS, Mary E COLLINS, J M 1896-Dec-04
HAWKINS, Mattie ROSS, Randle 1894-Feb-17
HAWKINS, Mollie Mrs VAUGHN, David 1900-May-27
HAYES, Lillie QUEEN, J T 1892-Aug-21
HAYES, Lovie PORTER, Press 1899-Oct-19
HAYNES, Catherine WARD, Henry 1891-Feb-05
HAYNEST, Drummie WEYANT, W T 1895-Dec-22
HAYNEY, Josephine TURNER, Henry 1900-May-14
HEFFNER, L M Mrs PUCKETT, J W 1881-Aug-11
HELLUMS, N E Mrs LACOMBS, C S 1892-Jan-31
HELPLESS, Susie RAGSDALE, James 1895-Apr-04
HENDERSON, Alice LOONEY, Andrew 1897-Jan-21
HENDERSON, Eliza Mrs MORGAN, Thomas 1898-Jun-28
HENRY, Hannah DAVIS, James 1898-Apr-07
HENRY, Ida YOUNG, James 1895-Apr-09
HILL, H D CRAWFORD, Rosa Lee 1897-Nov-28
HILL, Henry STEELE, Dora 1889-Oct-04
HILL, Hovey TOPP, Sallie 1897-Jan-21
HICKS, Bettie Mrs MADISON, Thomas J 1900-Dec-09
HICKS, Mary DAVIS, William 1887-Jul-09
HICKS, Sarah HENRY, Plummer 1900-Feb-22
HILL, Anna Mrs HILL, Stanfield 1897-Jun-24
HILL, Annie PHIPPS, Ellis 1898-Oct-10
HILL, Eliza DUMAS, Will 1896-Dec-30
HILL, Eliza TABOR, Sanford 1894-Dec-27
HILL, Ellen CLARKE, Jack 1894-Sep-07
HILL, Fannie MORRIS, Reddick 1898-Oct-09
HILL, Judy MCCONNER, Wesley 1893-Feb-19
HILL, Laura BOBO, Charles 1892-Jan-14
HILL, Laura DUMAS, Mose 1897-Feb-20
HILL, Mattie NEWMAN, Miles 1889-Mar-27
HILL, Pearly BRUNTON, Claudy 1900-Sep-02
HILL, Pernina STEWARD, Ira 1896-Nov-26
HILL, Sallie Mrs REDIE, Richard 1900-Dec-
HILLIARD, Belle ANNIS, A J 1899-Apr-16
HINTZ, Pearl HIBBLES, Robert 1897-Feb-20
HOBSON, Tamer TATE, John 1890-Dec-31
HODGES, Henrietta COLLINS, W A 1885-Apr-12
HOKE, Cora WILCHER, Lem 1894-Aug-19
HOKE, Irene LARK, Johnie 1900-Dec-24
HOLEMAN, Clora SPEARMAN, Wash 1890-Dec-24
HOLIDAY, T C Mrs TEAGUE, H E 1879-Dec-25
HOLLIDAY, M A Miss WARD, P J 1894-Dec-16
HOLLIDAY, Mary OBRIEN, James 1890-Feb-05
HOLMES, Rosa HATCH, Joseph 1889-Oct-10
HOLMNS, Virginia FULLER, James 1877-Feb-17
HOLT, Fannie J SMITH, E J 1899-Feb-09
HOPE, Willie JACKSON, Robert 1897-Nov-15
HOPKINS, Fannie STEWARD, S D 1900-Mar-25
HOPKINS, Georgie SPEARMAN, Jackson 1894-Mar-04
HOPKINS, Myrtle LANTRIP, Walter 1895-Jan-17
HORTON, Annie ROBERTSON, Jessie 1889-Jan-11
HOWELL, Carrie NEWSOM, F P 1900-Jan-28
HOWELL, Sinie BENNET, Willie 1897-Jan-20
HUBBARD, Georgia DICKENS, Ike 1888-Jun-28
HUDSON, Carrie HARRIS, Frank 1898-May-20
HUDSON, Harriet MCNEASE, Henry 1878-Oct-14
HUGGINS, Bettie BROWN, C 1889-Oct-04
HUNT, Callie OLIVER, Mose 1896-Feb-03
HUNT, Effie HARRIS, Bud 1892-Jun-29
HUNT, Ellen CARTER, Miles 1895-Feb-24
HUNTER, Amelia BATTLE, Sam 1893-Dec-23
HUNTER, Elizabeth JOHNSON, Wesley 1897-Mar-03
HUNTER, Jennie COLLINS, B C 1890-Dec-22
INGRAM, Middie WILLIAMS, Robert 1897-Aug-28
INNMAN, Susan STURDIVANT, H T W 1894-Feb-05
IRBY, Ella BARR, Spencer 1894-Mar-22
IRVIN, Malissa SMITH, Joshua 1898-Dec-24



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