Quitman County Brides

F - G

FARLEY, Hattie JONES, W C 1898-May-08
FAUGHN, Pearl YOUNGBLOOD, James 1899-May-23
FENNEL, Loveannie RICHARDSON, Allen 1884-Nov-27
FENNEL, Martha BARHAM, John 1889-Feb-02
FENNEL, Missouri KELLY, Sam 1888-Feb-29
FIELDS, Ellen WILLIAMSON, Clabe 1896-Nov-18
FINNELL, Nancy YOUNG, William 1891-Jan-14
FISHER, Clorena HUNTER, Fred 1882-Jan-26
FISK, Paralee ELDRIDGE, W E 1899-May-07
FLANAGIN, Mollie ASHMORE, John N 1890-Nov-08
FLEEMAN, Emma Dale SMITH, Charley 1883-Sep-24
FLETCHER, Winnie ROBERTSON, Robert 1885-Oct-21
FOSTER, Myrtle WATSON, Charlie 1897-Jan-11
FOX, Mary Mrs CORNWELL, Will 1900-Jan-09
FRANKLIN, Annie LEWIS, Earnest 1895-Aug-26
FRANKLIN, Sarah ANDERSON, Isiah 1898-Dec-17
FRANKS, Lizzie DUKE, J E 1893-May-26
FREEMAN, Mary OWEN, Richard 1895-Mar-04
FRIARSON, Mary Jane SIMS, Louis 1887-Feb-26
FRY, Edith ROBERTS, Henry 1900-Jul-31
FULLER, Edna JONES, Ben 1888-Jan-29
FULLER, Elvira HATCH, William 1899-Sep-14
FULLER, Lena RHODES, Marion 1900-May-10
FULLER, Margaret KING, Ambrose 1900-Aug-29
FULLER, Mary STOKES, Ed 1895-Jan-18
GARNER, Lizzie SCOTT, Richard 1896-Jun-18
GATES, Annie SMITH, Monroe 1893-Apr-10
GATES, Leanna DAVIS, Andrew 1887-Jun-19
GATES, Mattie MCCLELLAN, Aleck 1893-Feb-06
GATTIS, Annie MORE, Robert 1892-Jan-25
GERMAN, Lillie STOKES, John 1890-Feb-27
GIDEN, Bettie WHITE, Joseph B 1893-Apr-16
GILLESPIE, Delta Ann HIGGINS, Silas 1885-Dec-26
GILMORE, Emma HANCOCK, Andy 1884-Aug-15
GLADNEY, Emoline ADAMS, Alford 1895-Dec-26
GLADNEY, Gertrude BUSH, Charley 1897-Mar-31
GLADNEY, Indiana STATON, James 1886-Jul-05
GLADNEY, Roberta TWILLY, Napoleon 1892-Feb-08
GLADNEY, Sallie PHIPPS, Lawrence 1895-Oct-13
GLADNEY, Sallie RICE, Jasper 1900-Nov-24
GLEESON, C L Miss HARPER, G N 1896-Jan-12
GLENN, Lula FISHER, Marshall 1879-Mar-24
GOLD, Annie AUSTIN, Joe 1889-Aug-06
GOLDSON, Charity DIXON, E D 1892-May-07
GOODMAN, Rosa PULLUM, William 1898-Nov-10
GORDON, Emma Mrs WARD, Emmanuel 1896-Dec-24
GORDON, Jennie Mrs MOORE, J W 1899-Oct-05
GRAY, Dolly STINSON, Ed 1894-Jan-14
GRAY, Mandy RICHARDSON, Charles 1894-Sep-11
GRAY, Mary DIXON, R E 1900-Feb-09
GRAY, Sarah Ann LACOMBS, Seely 1892-Mar-12
GREEN, Ella ANDREWS, J D 1888-Sep-04
GREEN, Tempie BURLEYSON, B 1891-Jun-07
GREENE, Katie LIPSEY, John E 1900-Dec-15
GREENWOOD, Cynthia COOK, Al 1884-Apr-30
GREENWOOD, Lizzie DAVIS, Henry 1884-Sep-06
GREGOR, Georgia GRIFFIN, James 1900-Dec-24
GREGORY, Eliza BARRON, Robert 1898-Nov-11
GREGORY, Sallie MILLS, A J 1891-Mar-29
GRIFFIN, Bettie SPRADLIN, Archie 1884-Jan-13
GRIFFIN, Mary Mrs BRADFORD, Willis 1892-Jan-06
GRUBBS, Mollie RICKS, J S 1888-Dec-19
GUESS, Blanche WHITE, J H 1897-Apr-29
GUEST, E C Miss JAMES, J T 1881-Oct-18
GUY, Anna WILS, Bob 1893-Jan-29



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