Quitman County Brides

D - E

DANIELS, Anna BOWEN, Sam 1897-Nov-27
DAVIS, Alice Mrs MORPHIS, Dick 1883-Jan-20
DAVIS, E M BURLUPON, Gaither 1898-Mar-16
DAVIS, Julia VIERS, James 1889-Feb-28
DAVIS, Lucy WHITE, Henry 1892-Jun-07
DAVIS, M E Miss HATFIELD, H H 1880-Jan-31
DAVIS, Mary KINDRICK, Robert 1883-Oct-19
DEAN, Catherine PITTMAN, James 1894-Jan-16
DEAN, Sallie BIVENS, Jim 1895-Feb-04
DEESE, M E Mrs POTTS, W H 1891-Sep-27
DENNIS, Allice GADE, Henry 1895-Oct-08
DEVERS, Tulie DAVIS, Jim 1894-Nov-24
DICKENS, Eliza BROOKS, West 1890-May-03
DICKEY, Mary E SMITH, W A 1897-Oct-31
DICKEY, Rosa SMITH, J B 1896-Dec-19
DIGGS, Emma BLACK, D A 1888-Oct-29
DOGETT, Bettie Mrs PAGE, Polk 1886-Jun-27
DOUGLASS, Malinda YOUNG, James 1896-Dec-30
DOUGLASS, Pearl MCCOLLOUGH, William 1897-Jan-25
DOWD, Bettie BOYD, Eddie 1891-Jun-25
DRAKE, Maggie CHAMBERS, John 1899-Oct-11
DRIBARD, Frances ALEXANDER, Thomas 1894-Dec-24
DUBARD, Clara MITCHELL, John 1887-Feb-19
DUKE, Lizzie SPIGNER, S J 1900-Mar-15
DULARD, Francis ALEXANDER, Thomas 1894-Dec-24
DULARD, Melinda JONSON, John 1897-Jan-11
DULARD, Polly Mrs TURNER, Alford 1885-Aug-06
DUMAS, Annie HILL, Thomas 1898-Apr-14
DUNLAP, Ada WILEY, Mose 1900-Dec-27
DUSE, Annie BARNETT, G W 1889-Oct-03
DYER, Josephine JUDE, Jimmie 1897-Jan-01
DYSON, Holly ORR, Henry 1886-Feb-11
DYSON, Mary SLAUGHTER, Jim 1894-Jun-07
EARLEY, Bettie GATES, Monroe 1887-Feb-15
EATON, Patsy WILSE, Johnnie 1896-Dec-19
EDMONSON, Rebecca MATTHEWS, George 1889-Mar-28
EDWARDS, Emmeline STEEL, James 1879-Aug-29
EDWARDS, Kate WILLIAMS, Tony 1877-Mar-20
ELDRIDGE, Jennie BURLEYSON, Oscar 1900-Jun-06
ELDRIDGE, Nancy MUSGROVE, R L 1893-Jan-29
ELDRIDGE, Ora Belle MUSGROVE, Murry 1900-Jul-16
EMBERS, Willie Mrs STRICKLAND, E M 1892-Jul-20
EPHRAIN, Henrietta HICKMAN, James 1891-Dec-27
EPPS, Lizzie PREWIT, Pleas 1889-Jun-06
ERELLE, Sirena KELLEY, Oneal 1900-Jul-24
ESTERS, Jenie CRAIG, James 1879-Aug-24
ESTRIDGE, Ellie BROWN, Stewart 1887-Jul-27



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