Quitman County Brides


CALE, Rachel MELCHOO, Paul 1884-Mar-21
CALVIN, Madaline KIMBLE, Peter 1879-Nov-19
CAMPBELL, Hattie KEYS, C L 1890-Nov-12
CAMPBELL, Johanna MAYSE, Charley 1884-Oct-21
CARLILE, Nanna E BURLEYSON, Charles 1894-Feb-15
CARLISLE, Malissa CUNNINGHAM, Jessie 1887-Dec-29
CARLTON, Fannie WHITE, Ira 1895-Dec-25
CARMICHAEL, Ida TEDFORD, Arthur 1900-Apr-29
CARR, Lucindy JACKSON, King 1895-Sep-12
CARR, Sallie HAYNES, Alack 1893-Jun-01
CARSON, Sallie WILLIAMS, Ben 1895-Oct-27
CARTER, Dorcus Mrs JACKSON, Andrew B 1889-Jul-13
CARTER, Josie HANEY, Green 1888-Dec-25
CARUTHERS, Dillie PRIDE, Monroe 1897-Feb-17
CARUTHERS, Onie ADAMS, William 1898-Feb-28
CASTWELL, Exline DAYLE, Mose 1888-Jun-09
CHAMBERLAIN, Edie OLIVER, Eddie 1898-Oct-13
CHAMBERS, Annie SMITH, Jiles C 1887-Jul-28
CHAMBERS, Bettie SMITH, Jiles C 1878-Dec-21
CHAMBERS, Gacie THOMAS, Henry 1893-Nov-07
CHAMBERS, Josie BIVENS, Wheeler 1894-Oct-20
CHAMBERS, Martha DAVIS, H C 1894-Feb-22
CHAMBERS, Mindie MCWHIRTER, Eldridge 1897-Jan-25
CHAMBERS, Narcis CARTER, Miles 1883-Feb-22
CHAMBERS, Nellie WALLS, Hayes 1894-Apr-26
CHAMBERS, Sallie CHAMBERS, William 1888-Jan-12
CHAMBLEN, Ada SKILLIN, Henry 1888-Mar-03
CHAPMAN, Hattie Mrs FLEMING, F S 1898-Aug-27
CLARK, Mary BRADLEY, William 1896-Mar-01
CLEMENS, Harriet TAYLOR, Samuel 1877-Jun-11
CLEMONS, Melvina DOUGLAS, Dennis 1892-Jan-29
COABLE, Sarah JACKSON, Stonewall 1888-Oct-22
COAKALOW, Emma BELL, James 1889-Jan-06
CODY, Birdie SUTTON, John L 1899-Dec-03
CODY, Molly JOHNSON, John 1898-Feb-18
COLEMAN, Artelia PALMORE, Phil 1900-May-04
COLEMAN, Jane JOHNSON, Robert 1893-Jan-26
COLEMAN, Lucinda JOHNSON, Steve 1894-Aug-26
COLEY, Mary FORTSON, Arch 1899-Mar-13
COLLEY, Mary FORTSON, Arch 1899-Mar-15
COLLIER, Aletha BUFORD, Pate 1900-Nov-19
COLLIER, Mattie SMITH, Giles C 1897-Apr-22
COLLINS, Ada COOPER, F E 1893-Jul-06
COLLINS, Henrietta WRIGHT, Price 1895-Jun-05
COLLINS, Isabeella SMITH, Luke 1896-Jul-09
COLLINS, Kate BAGWELL, John D 1895-Jan-27
COLLINS, Ollie WESTEN, James 1895-Oct-27
COLLINS, Rachel GREGORY, Tommie 1894-Oct-28
COOK, Mary CALAWAY, James 1895-Aug-19
COOPER, Mandy Mrs COOPER, John H 1900-Oct-11
COOPER, Mary GRANGER, Jeff 1890-Mar-10
CRAIG, Harriet JACKSON, John 1881-May-21
CRAIG, Mollie LEE, Polk 1895-Mar-24
CRAWFORD, Bell GORDON, Charley 1888-Apr-21
CRAWFORD, Ida JONES, John H 1886-Mar-02
CRAWFORD, Rosa Lee HILL, H D 1897-Nov-28
CROSS, Lillie PERRY, R M 1896-Sep-13
CROSSLAND, Mary J CARSON, Walter 1897-Apr-07
CRUTH, Callie COLLINS, Willis 1898-Mar-24
CUMEN, Prunella THOMPSON, William 1896-Jan-11
CUNNINGHAM, Annie MULLINS, J R 1896-Mar-03



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