Quitman County Brides


BACKSELL, Encie PARNELL, King 1886-Aug-05
BAILEY, Tilly WARD, Newt 1896-Aug-09
BAKER, Anna CLARKE, Tom 1894-Feb-09
BAKER, Emma PHIPPS, Jake 1890-Jan-16
BALENTINE, Rachel HARDY, Henry 1885-Jan-21
BALLARD, Charlotte JAMES, Monroe 1881-Aug-19
BALLENTINE, Rachel MCCLENDON, Wes 1894-Jan-02
BALLENTINE, Roxie DANIEL, George 1893-Aug-23
BANKHEAD, Victoria JACKSON, John 1886-Sep-18
BANKS, Mattie WATSON, Eugene 1900-Aug-06
BANKSTON, Ida PARKS, William 1889-Nov-05
BANTAM, Patsy HUGINS, Silas 1897-Feb-25
BAR, Ella CHERRY, Alex 1897-Sep-20
BARHAM, Ada TRAHAN, Pomp 1896-Aug-06
BARHAM, Martha POWELL, Ben 1898-Oct-28
BARKSLEY, Lena HARVEY, Robert 1897-Jul-22
BARTLETT, Rose CALDWELL, G W 1894-Dec-09
BATTLE, Nancy JONES, W A 1893-Mar-30
BAYNES, Fannie K MOORE, J G 1881-Aug-14
BEANLAND, Fredie HOUSTON, Ben 1898-Dec-26
BEASLEY, Annie Mrs SMITH, Sam 1889-Sep-29
BEASLEY, Sallie DICKEY, H O 1895-Nov-14
BECK, Delia Mrs WESTBROOKS, Taylor 1892-Feb-16
BEDFORD, Ella SMITH, Will 1899-Apr-23
BERRY, Alice CROFFORD, C W 1890-Dec-21
BERRY, Jessie JONES, William 1895-Mar-09
BERRY, Mary Mrs THOMPSON, Daniel 1896-Dec-27
BINGHAM, Grace WILLIAMS, Sip 1893-Jul-16
BISKS, Carrie TWILLEY, T B 1899-Apr-09
BIVENS, Emerita SMITH, Major 1896-Feb-04
BIVENS, Katie HARRIS, Jim 1889-Apr-29
BIVINS, Liva ANDERSON, George 1892-Feb-26
BIVINS, Mary MARSHALL, Alex 1900-Nov-24
BIVINS, Matlina LESTER, Lee 1886-Dec-27
BLACK, Emma CROFFORD, William 1898-Jan-27
BLOUNT, Rodena MILLER, H M 1891-Jan-16
BOHANNON, Lula MCCOY, Anderson 1899-May-11
BOND, Maggie OLIVER, Ellis H 1885-Feb-22
BOOKER, Bettie DOWARD, Edward 1883-Jan-16
BOOKER, Mariah PERRY, W C 1893-Mar-20
BOOKER, Rosa PRIDE, Monroe 1888-Apr-15
BOON, Alice CAPPAGE, Robert 1887-Dec-08
BOON, Ella SMITH, Frank 1888-Mar-16
BOON, Mollie PHIPPS, Ad 1884-Jun-28
BOONE, Emily BRAMLET, Harry 1896-Feb-18
BOONE, Mary FOX, David 1894-Oct-14
BOSS, Celia FANVILLE, Joe 1892-Feb-06
BOWEN, Lucy Ann CONNELLY, Tolbert 1890-Dec-23
BOWEN, Maggie DULARD, William 1893-Feb-23
BOWER, Lizzie JONES, George 1889-Oct-13
BOWMEN, Alice WHITE, Wesley 1891-Feb-09
BOWNER, Ida MCARTHER, T P 1894-Apr-05
BOWNER, Leola BYRD, J W 1894-Apr-04
BOYD, Bettie REED, William 1888-Mar-17
BOYD, Emma KEYS, Ed 1899-Mar-25
BOYELSTON, A E Miss WILBURN, J W 1880-Jan-28
BOYLES, Sarah TOLBERT, Boyles 1881-Jun-08
BRADFORD, Alice GIBSON, Willie 1888-Sep-18
BRADFORD, Callie ORR, Tom 1897-Mar-03
BRADLEY, Rena DOUGLASS, Dennis 1896-Jan-02
BRANCH, Rosalee FARLEY, Henry 1899-Oct-15
BRANLEY, Margaret BLAKEMORE, Tom 1892-Jan-31
BRANNON, Alice DIXON, Warren 1897-Oct-12
BRANNUM, Martha MCDANAL, James 1889-Mar-30
BRAZEL, Ada DOSSIE, Alex 1890-Dec-25
BRAZIL, Minta Mrs GALLMORE, James 1897-Feb-27
BREWINGTON, Lula CONNER, J D P 1894-Dec-25
BRIDGERS, Babe DIGGS, Frank 1898-Nov-25
BRIGHT, Emma BRIGHT, Miles F 1891-Jul-01
BRIGHTMAN, Frances THOMPSON, John 1899-Apr-19
BRISCON, Bettie YOUNG, Granville 1896-Sep-15
BRITTAN, Kinsetta RAGSDALE, Colonel 1891-Jan-20
BROOKS, Amanda Mrs THOMPSON, William 1887-Sep-11
BROOKS, Hester HARRIS, M H 1882-Feb-13
BROOKS, Jennie NEWSOM, F P 1897-Dec-01
BROOKS, Jensie STATEN, Andrew 1897-Mar-20
BROOKS, Lillie SMITH, Charley 1893-Oct-07
BROUGHER, S A Miss GIBSON, M M 1879-Apr-01
BROWN, Alice REID, Pat S 1894-Oct-03
BROWN, Calline SMITH, Jonah 1896-Feb-12
BROWN, Della SHANNON, Felix 1892-Feb-23
BROWN, Emily GLADNEY, Rufus 1896-Apr-05
BROWN, Emily MITCHELL, Willis 1900-Nov-22
BROWN, Hannah SEARGENT, Jack 1894-Sep-23
BROWN, Kalline SMITH, Jonah 1899-Dec-28
BROWN, Lillie PAPASAN, J A 1899-Dec-10
BROWN, Lucindy SMITH, Grant 1897-Feb-03
BROWN, Lucy LACY, Elbert 1899-Sep-29
BROWN, Ludia Mrs WHITE, F T 1891-Oct-05
BROWN, Margaret BROWN, Charles 1896-Jan-23
BROWN, Martha MCCULLOUGH, William 1897-Sep-04
BROWN, Mary WARD, Will 1893-Apr-01
BROWN, Mattie STOKES, Will 1897-Dec-22
BROWN, Nancy SEALES, Jerre 1886-Jun-15
BROWN, Rosa LONG, Mitchell 1897-Jan-15
BROWN, Sarah JOHNSON, Albert 1900-Mar-29
BRUCE, Mahala EASLEY, Sam 1898-Sep-20
BRYANT, Mary HENDERSON, Tom 1896-Mar-01
BUCHANNAN, Hannah GATES, Addison 1900-Apr-17
BUCKLEY, Roxie HEMINGWAY, Peyton 1897-Aug-23
BUFORT, Eliza MONTGOMERY, William 1898-Oct-23
BUMPER, Gertrude DONEGAN, Ben 1893-Dec-28
BURLEYSON, Beulah PATTERSON, J R 1900-Jul-16
BURLEYSON, Callie PIERCE, J M 1897-Dec-12
BURLYSON, Nettie OWEN, David 1894-Dec-19
BURNES, Caroline WALLACE, W H 1890-Nov-02
BURNS, Francis RICHARDSON, Henry 1896-Jul-04
BUSH, Charley GLADNEY, Gertrude 1897-Mar-31
BYRD, Josie PHIPPS, W D 1889-Oct-29
BYRD, Mary POE, J W 1897-Oct-07



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