Prentiss County Grooms


TALLMAN, J S TRENTHAM, Sophia 1895-May-13
TALLY, Smith BALDWIN, Ada 1888-Nov-02
TANNER, Daniel HALL, Josephine 1881-May-10
TARPLEY, Calvin YOUNG, Betsy 1899-Mar-29
TATE, Steve BROWN, Nancy 1891-Sep-09
TATOM, Thomas WOODARD, Lucinda 1889-Feb-28
TAYLOR, D W YARBROUGH, Lou 1881-Mar-08
TAYLOR, F L SMITH, Fannie 1897-Jan-05
TAYLOR, Fluen MILLER, Laura 1877-Mar-17
TAYLOR, Henry RONE, Bertha 1899-Mar-22
TAYLOR, J A ELDER, Nora 1895-Apr-24
TAYLOR, J F LEE, W F Miss 1877-Aug-24
TAYLOR, J J HAMILTON, Minnie 1890-Dec-29
TAYLOR, J M HAWKINS, Sallie 1887-Mar-29
TAYLOR, James HAWKINS, Sallie 1887-Mar-29
TAYLOR, Jim HASTINGS, Mary 1897-Nov-27
TAYLOR, John EVANS, Vira 1892-Dec-03
TAYLOR, Lee PEELER, Mary 1881-Jul-18
TAYLOR, Lem FIELDS, Mary 1899-Jan-29
TAYLOR, Lem MOORMAN, Malissa 1893-Jan-03
TAYLOR, Louis NICHOLS, Virginia 1881-Jan-12
TAYLOR, M L POLLAND, Nancy 1894-Jan-19
TAYLOR, W L RUSHINGS, Mollie 1900-Nov-01
TAYLOR, Wm JONES, Rosa 1880-May-06
TENNISON, Allen HELMS, Raymond 1889-Jul-31
TENNISON, C G GRAY, Narcissa 1879-May-10
TENNISON, J C RUSHING, C E Miss 1897-Oct-28
TENNISON, John RUSHING, Ollie 1899-Dec-20
TERRELL, Henry BARTLETT, Nancy 1888-Oct-26
THOMAS, J C WRIGHT, S E Miss 1879-Dec-18
THOMAS, J H NELSON, Annie 1897-Dec-28
THOMAS, James HUGHES, Jennie 1890-Mar-27
THOMAS, Joe BELSHER, Mittie 1881-Feb-21
THOMAS, John MCDONALD, Alice 1881-Mar-12
THOMAS, Reubin HASTINGS, Emma 1886-Dec-13
THOMAS, Reubin HOYLE, Rena 1891-Dec-01
THOMPKINS, Charles KARRS, Alice 1877-Apr-19
THOMPSON, David SESSUM, Mary 1896-Apr-25
THOMPSON, Jack EARL, Millie 1898-Mar-27
THOMPSON, James SORRELL, Letitia 1890-Dec-17
THOMPSON, John W ENGLISH, Lela 1897-Dec-12
THOMPSON, Lee ELMORE, P C Miss 1888-Sep-24
THOMPSON, Lee ELMORE, P C Miss 1888-Sep-29
THOMPSON, R L WALLACE, Minnie 1897-Feb-26
THOMPSON, Reuben GRAYSON, Sallie 1897-Jul-21
THOMPSON, Robert MASSEY, Hattie 1880-Dec-08
THOMPSON, W B RICH, Nan 1891-Jul-11
THOMPSON, Walter LORETT, Mary 1899-Feb-02
THORNBERY, R L LESTER, Mary 1892-Dec-09
THORNE, T C H HILL, Alabama 1881-Jun-22
THORNTON, Charles SMITH, Mariah 1879-Jan-25
THORNTON, George GANN, Mary 1881-Jan-03
THORNTON, J J LAMAR, M D Miss 1894-Dec-13
THORNTON, John H BOLTON, Viola 1897-May-28
THREADGILL, John COX, Lou 1889-Oct-02
THREADGILL, W T BARNES, Hanna 1900-Jan-12
TIGERT, W L PARK, Amanda 1889-Oct-28
TIMBER, C F RUSHING, A E Miss 1887-Feb-05
TIMBER, C F RUSHING, A E Miss 1887-Mar-05
TIMBER, C F RUSHING, L A Miss 1888-Oct-31
TIMBER, J N LITTLE, A V Miss 1894-Jun-19
TIMBERS, C A NIXON, Lissy 1897-Dec-22
TIMBERS, D E ROBINSON, Etta 1897-Dec-22
TIMBES, J E SMITH, Amy 1891-Jun-29
TISON, J C LEETH, Julia 1881-Feb-23
TOLBERT, Isaac STUBBS, Almina 1879-Aug-20
TOLER, L A MCCOY, J L Miss 1893-Feb-03
TOLSON, John ADELE, Minnie 1880-Mar-13
TOPP, G BANKS, Gusta 1878-Feb-02
TOPP, Granville CARROWAY, Margaret 1887-Oct-17
TOPP, S P STEPHENSON, S E Miss 1887-Oct-08
TOURNELL, D R FERGUSON, Sallie 1898-Apr-13
TRANTHAM, S T EATON, Emma 1892-Nov-29
TREE, John MOORE, M F Miss 1879-Oct-15
TRENTHAM, S T EATON, Emma 1892-Nov-29
TRICE, Romeo RUCAS, Minnie 1899-Nov-21
TRIMBLE, J H PARKER, Julia 1891-Dec-09
TRINNIER, C T TURNER, Mary 1893-Sep-27
TRIPLETT, S C W CARPENTER, Mahala 1877-Dec-13
TRUMBLE, Joseph CRAN, Ella 1897-Mar-01
TUCKER, D J GRESHAM, Nancy 1878-Nov-23
TUCKER, J O RAMSEY, Eppie 1895-Dec-18
TURKETT, H T PARDUE, Emma 1891-Feb-16
TURNER, Allen GOFF, Lula 1898-Feb-26
TURNER, J C HENSON, Mollie 1895-Oct-18
TURNER, N C AKIN, S A Miss 1880-Dec-27
TWEEDY, Wm TRIMMIER, Minnie 1889-Nov-29
TYLER, Charles JENKINS, Sallie 1894-Dec-26
TYNES, George BUCHANAN, Amanda 1879-Jan-24
TYNES, Henry PARKER, Mary 1899-Dec-10
TYRA, E T LOLLAR, Louella 1890-Jul-01
TYRA, M D L HARPER, N J Mrs 1892-Jun-20
TYRA, W D MASSEY, S A R Miss 1891-May-09
TYRA, W D L HARPER, W J Mrs 1892-Jun-20



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