Prentiss County Grooms


RAFAEN, William AGNEW, Amma 1900-Dec-05
RAGAN, John SIMPSON, L J Miss 1879-Jun-21
RAGAN, Thomas MCGEE, Lucinda 1889-Dec-18
RAGAN, W K RUTHERFORD, Georgia 1890-Dec-06
RAINE, Jacob ATKINS, Mary 1878-Jan-07
RAINES, John W GLOVER, Mary Ann 1896-Jan-13
RAMPLEY, J W S WALLIS, Sallie 1889-Jan-05
RAMSEY, J H RIDDLE, Mattie 1891-Mar-11
RANDALL, J C WILLIAMS, E J Miss 1877-Oct-14
RANDALL, Zeke MOORE, Callie 1880-Aug-17
RANDOLPH, A N TIDWELL, Lucinda 1878-Dec-09
RANDOLPH, J B RESNER, L A Miss 1879-Dec-12
RANDOLPH, S J PALMER, Maggie 1900-Jan-08
RANDOLPH, William CRAYTON, Rebecca 1895-Jun-12
RANKENFORD, James SULLIVAN, Ida 1900-Nov-22
RANKIN, Jesse REESE, Eliza 1880-Oct-23
RANKIN, Wm PERRY, Ozella 1888-Dec-15
RAPER, Robert BARNES, Vincie 1890-Jan-30
RATLIFF, J W BELEW, Joe 1877-Dec-18
RATLIFF, John A PARISH, Ida 1895-Jan-15
RAUKIES, J B MOORELAND, Betty 1877-Feb-14
RAY, C S RAMER, Hattie 1898-Feb-26
RECHEY, David LONG, Easter 1894-Nov-16
REDDLE, Wm BURRELL, Ama Lou 1900-Mar-10
REDFORD, Luther MCGEE, Ella 1899-Jul-01
REE, J R BISHOP, Sallie 1893-Aug-04
REECE, A B NICHOLS, L E Miss 1891-May-30
REECE, H B NICHOLS, L E Miss 1891-May-30
REED, Daniel MCDONALD, Julia 1879-Dec-24
REES, Terry D SMITH, Lillian 1894-Dec-26
REESE, A J OLIVER, Fannie 1888-Nov-17
REESE, J H FLOYD, Mary 1879-Dec-13
REESE, John WEAVER, Adeline 1879-Feb-26
REINHAUC, CHIDESTA, J A Miss 1878-Jan-16
RENEHART, S S TAYLOR, M M Miss 1900-Feb-21
RENFREW, J M GATTEYS, M J Miss 1891-Feb-19
REYNOLDS, J B BRENSON, Minnie 1900-Jun-19
REYNOLDS, J R GOOCH, M L Miss 1881-Jul-01
REYNOLDS, Joseph MCELROY, Ann 1891-Dec-22
REYNOLDS, P J LAUDERDALE, Henreitta 1896-Mar-18
RHAMA, W W ROGERS, Dora E 1894-Dec-14
RHINE, L M HOYLE, Victoria 1880-Sep-11
RICE, Fed DURREN, Laura 1880-Jul-21
RICHARDS, D R SMITH, Mattie 1896-May-02
RICHARDS, J H MANSELL, Melissa 1894-Sep-15
RICHARDS, M HILL, Marietta 1896-Nov-28
RICHARDS, Mcalister BROWNER, Almeda 1888-Oct-26
RICHARDSON, K E L YOUNG, Lucy 1892-Aug-24
RICHARDSON, R E L YOUNG, Lucy 1892-Aug-24
RICHEY, David LONG, Easter 1894-Nov-16
RICHMOND, Daniel DAVIS, Lula 1893-Dec-23
RICKETTS, R C SARTIN, M A Miss 1879-Dec-01
RICKS, A D DOWNING, Sina 1879-Dec-23
RICKS, C C DUKE, Aby 1878-Mar-23
RICKS, J B AVINCHEN, Sallie 1877-Dec-29
RICKS, John MANNS, Verla 1899-Sep-09
RIDDLE, G J PAYNE, Mattie 1893-Jan-17
RIDDLE, Lou HOWELL, G H 1893-Dec-18
RIDDLE, R V TIMBES, M C Miss 1889-Jan-29
RIDDLE, R V TIMBS, M C Miss 1889-Jan-29
RIDDLE, R W BULLORD, M J Miss 1879-Jan-13
RIDER, J D JOHNSON, Mary 1892-Dec-29
RIDER, W L JOHNSON, M L Miss 1897-Oct-08
RIMEHARD, L D HAMILTON, Vergie 1897-Jan-26
RINEHART, J E COOKSEY, N Amiss 1900-Mar-10
RINES, W M HUNT, Mattie 1880-Feb-26
RISNER, J L GENTRY, Ella 1898-Dec-03
RISNER, J S EARWOOD, Gusta 1900-Apr-02
ROACH, John HANCOCK, Sarah 1878-Dec-24
ROBERT, R L CHITTEN, Caster 1898-Dec-23
ROBERTS, Alix E PARKS, America 1897-Nov-30
ROBERTS, J L BRITTON, Jessie 1889-May-31
ROBERTS, J L FILES, E J Miss 1881-Aug-08
ROBERTS, J O CASY, S T Miss 1878-Apr-24
ROBERTS, Thomas WALDEN, Nancy 1899-May-18
ROBERTSON, C H ROSEY, J J Miss 1879-Nov-20
ROBERTSON, Charles BURNCEP, Lena 1877-Dec-26
ROBERTSON, John J SEAY, Mattie Lena 1894-Jul-13
ROBERTSON, O B FULGHAM, Calley 1900-Jan-31
ROBINS, Alf HARBER, Hattie 1887-Dec-17
ROBINS, D BAKER, Della 1897-Nov-04
ROBINS, William JOHNSON, Rosa 1895-Apr-20
ROBINSON, Aaron SIMMONS, Rosetta 1891-Dec-24
ROBINSON, B S JUSTICE, Alice 1880-Feb-19
ROBINSON, David MCDONALD, Nancy 1894-Jul-04
ROBINSON, J R KING, Minnie 1896-May-23
ROBINSON, James SHORT, Rachael 1892-Aug-12
ROBINSON, Jeff WILLIAMS, Frankie 1880-Oct-07
ROBINSON, Joe ROP, Roskie 1897-Dec-22
ROBINSON, Joseph SITTON, Rachael 1890-Oct-18
ROBINSON, R N WIRES, Maggie 1877-Nov-22
ROBINSON, Shuck BREWER, Emma 1900-Dec-31
ROGERS, A T MOORLAND, Silla A 1893-Sep-02
ROGERS, B F KITCHENS, Martha 1889-May-05
ROGERS, Chaney HOWELL, Henry 1879-Jul-09
ROGERS, David GATES, Mary E 1877-Jun-23
ROGERS, E T ROGERS, Lora 1887-May-28
ROGERS, G O FRANKS, Alice 1897-Jun-08
ROGERS, H L SANDERS, Daisy 1900-Oct-28
ROGERS, H T LANGFORD, Bess 1899-Sep-09
ROGERS, H W WILSON, Lou 1890-Oct-25
ROGERS, Hanibal STUBBS, Scilla 1878-Sep-06
ROGERS, Henry HAMILTON, Biddie 1879-Mar-08
ROGERS, Isaac JUSTICE, N J Miss 1878-Oct-31
ROGERS, J A RHODES, Sarah 1889-Jul-29
ROGERS, J L BURCHAM, Amanda 1896-Jan-24
ROGERS, J M YOUNG, J R A Miss 1879-Aug-20
ROGERS, Joe HOWARD, Minnie 1886-Dec-18
ROGERS, John GRESHAM, Willie 1880-Sep-16
ROGERS, Joseph GOODWIN, Rosa 1889-Dec-13
ROGERS, Joseph HOWARD, Minnie 1886-Dec-18
ROGERS, Lee LEE, Lizzie 1895-Apr-13
ROGERS, Nathan WILEY, Mary 1889-Nov-30
ROGERS, Richard BETTS, Emily 1879-Jan-31
ROGERS, Robb GOOCH, Mollie 1878-Jan-07
ROGERS, Robert BURNS, Angie 1879-Oct-06
ROGERS, S W WILLIAMS, Mary 1892-Mar-14
ROGERS, W F HENSON, Nannie 1879-Mar-26
ROGERS, W F SHAMLIN, E A Miss 1894-Nov-20
ROGERS, W T FONDREW, Ronie 1897-Dec-07
ROGERS, William FLOYD, Maggie 1897-Dec-18
ROGERS, Wm MILLER, Ellen 1879-Feb-20
ROGERS, Z A BULLARD, Cora 1890-Apr-26
ROGERS, Z D BULLARD, Cora 1890-Apr-26
ROLLINS, John MCCARVER, Alice 1897-Aug-03
RONE, L C FULGHAM, Mollie 1879-Apr-15
ROP, J D WASHBURNE, E O Miss 1897-Jul-31
ROP, James BAILEY, Alice 1877-Oct-15
ROP, W M MCDONALD, Eliza J 1877-Nov-20
ROS, Frank KINGSLEY, Willie 1895-Jul-27
ROSS, Fred HENDRICKS, Maggie 1892-Aug-30
ROSS, G W STUBBS, C O Miss 1899-Oct-05
ROSS, R B STUBBS, Charity 1892-Nov-25
ROUNDS, John BUCHANAN, Alice 1879-Jan-03
ROUSE, E L JOHNSON, Bettie 1899-Mar-06
ROWAN, J B WHITE, S C Miss 1879-Feb-01
ROWAN, Wess GILMORE, Maggie 1893-Dec-25
ROWDY, James PERRIGO, Luella 1896-Dec-17
ROWLAND, A G BLEYLOCK, Sarah 1891-Jan-26
ROWLAND, D T NELSON, M M Miss 1900-Oct-31
ROWLAND, John D KITCHENS, Lula 1899-Jan-28
ROWLAND, R G BLEYLOCK, Sarah 1891-Jan-26
ROWLAND, T A DAVIS, Mattie 1880-Mar-13
ROWSOM, Jim JONES, Louisa 1889-Jan-11
RUFF, James LANG, Hemetta 1895-Feb-02
RUSHING, J M TRUMBER, Mary 1880-Dec-30
RUSHING, James HELMS, Nannie 1891-Sep-12
RUSHING, R WOODRUFF, M E Mrs 1888-Jan-24
RUSSELL, M SANDERS, Alice 1899-Jun-28
RUTHERFORD, J S NABOR, Effie 1896-Aug-26
RUTHERFORD, Richard GIVAN, Willie 1890-Jan-07
RUTHERFORD, W F OUTLAW, Carrie 1896-Oct-16
RUTHERFORD, W J STRANGE, Addie 1899-Jan-07
RYAN, F M BOX, Anna Belle 1891-May-23
RYAN, James ARRANS, E A Miss 1890-Sep-10
RYAN, John GLOVER, Mary 1891-Dec-18
RYAN, Robert HUNT, Mollie 1892-Jul-16
RYAN, W P ANDERSON, Sessie 1900-Dec-28
RYAN, W W SHOOK, Fannie E 1894-Sep-15



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