Prentiss County Grooms

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PADGETT, J M BROOKS, Dottie 1900-Oct-12
PAGE, J W HUNT, Mary 1881-May-04
PAINTER, George RICHARDSON, Martha 1888-Mar-12
PAIRRE, Jim EVANS, Nora 1897-Mar-24
PALMER, G A WAGES, Ella 1887-Nov-29
PALMER, Thomas WALKER, Mary 1879-Jun-20
PANE, D L GEORGE, Mattie 1896-Jan-21
PANNEL, Thomas KILGORE, Callie 1891-Aug-26
PANNELL, Bell NELSON, Lizzie 1895-Jan-31
PANNELL, J H HAMBRY, G A Miss 1895-Mar-31
PANNELL, Thomas KILGORE, Callie 1891-Aug-26
PANNELL, W W BRUCE, Vanah 1900-Jul-07
PANNELL, Wm PALMER, Annie 1888-Aug-19
PARDUE, E B COCHRAN, L J Miss 1888-Mar-07
PARDUE, R T CUNNINGHAM, Minnie 1888-Apr-10
PARDUE, W P HART, Annie 1896-Aug-12
PARHAM, James KILGORE, Mittie 1889-Mar-30
PARHAM, Peter PERKINS, Etner 1889-Aug-10
PARK, M A JOHNSON, Janie 1887-Jul-21
PARK, M A JOHNSON, Jannie 1887-Jul-21
PARK, M A OUTLAW, Maggie 1896-Mar-07
PARK, R C OVERTON, Mattie 1879-Sep-16
PARKER, A C BEARD, S Fannie 1890-Oct-25
PARKER, C W BOLT, Lula 1894-Jan-06
PARKER, D E DAVIDSON, Sennie 1896-Jul-20
PARKER, David L STRINGFELLOW, A N Miss 1894-Feb-21
PARKER, Erokin MANISE, Ola 1898-Dec-20
PARKER, H A HICKMAN, Mary 1890-Jan-14
PARKER, J M CHITTON, J A Miss 1898-Dec-20
PARKER, W A RUSHING, Ellen 1886-Nov-20
PARKER, William STUBBS, Hattie 1891-Dec-23
PARKER, William WANECE, Betsey 1900-Feb-01
PARKER, Z T FOSTER, Annie 1898-Jul-27
PARKS, S S KNIGHT, Elizabeth 1879-Jan-10
PARR, A T YOUNGBLOOD, Naoma 1892-Jun-20
PARR, H T YOUNGBLOOD, Waoma 1892-Jun-20
PARSONS, William JONES, Tincy Ann 1893-Aug-18
PATE, Robb BETTS, Lula 1897-Dec-16
PATRICK, A H ELLINGTON, Anna 1890-Dec-23
PATRICK, George MCMILLAN, Martha 1888-Oct-15
PATRICK, R D MARTIN, Arrie 1880-Apr-14
PATRICK, W E FALLS, Minnie Lee 1900-Jan-01
PATT, J F SHEWBART, L B Miss 1898-Aug-30
PATTERSON, J S LACY, E J Miss 1879-Dec-08
PATTON, Doon WREN, Sophronia 1880-Sep-06
PATTON, W P TYRA, V L Miss 1891-Feb-04
PAYNE, Thomas SCOTT, Jennie 1890-Apr-08
PEARCE, B F DAVIS, F A Miss 1879-Aug-30
PEARCE, George STUBBS, Rachael 1880-Oct-27
PEARCE, S J THOMPSON, Kattie 1897-Feb-01
PEELER, J J PATRICK, B F Miss 1877-Dec-19
PEELER, Rufus YATES, Zilpha 1889-Dec-18
PEELER, W C WALTON, Mattie 1888-Sep-25
PENNA, J P LORELLS, S A Miss 1879-Oct-17
PENNLAKER, J J BAYNE, Emma 1897-May-08
PEPPER, Mose PORTER, Fannie 1895-Dec-21
PERKINS, Albert HOYLE, Akie 1890-Oct-30
PERKINS, Albert SUMERVILLE, Julia 1886-Dec-30
PERKINS, Henry JOHNSON, Mary 1895-Nov-01
PERKINS, P H JOHNSON, Caddie 1889-Jul-09
PERRIGO, Torn GENO, Susie 1896-Oct-24
PERRY, W E GAHAGON, M S Miss 1887-Oct-31
PERSONS, Jacob TABOR, Sarah 1878-Jan-27
PETERS, Fred CULORN, Mary D 1894-Jan-01
PETTET, W B THOMAS, Eunice 1897-Aug-11
PETTIH, T T YATES, M B Miss 1893-Dec-19
PETTY, Frank MAJORS, Emma 1878-Feb-13
PETTY, Ragland HODGES, Dinah 1891-Apr-15
PETTY, Ragland HOUGE, Dinah 1891-Apr-15
PETTY, Richard MANISE, Lucinda 1892-Jul-31
PHARR, J N T CLEMENTS, M A Miss 1890-Jan-09
PHILLIPS, B S DAVIS, Virginia 1900-Nov-04
PHILLIPS, E L WILLIAMS, Kate N 1893-Apr-20
PHILLIPS, Emery STATEN, William 1889-Jan-23
PHILLIPS, J W BILLS, C S Miss 1880-Feb-14
PHILLIPS, J W VERDEN, Naomi 1898-Jan-04
PHILLIPS, James LUCAS, Maggie 1898-Dec-22
PHILLIPS, John BARNETT, Inlas 1897-Feb-02
PHILLIPS, L M STREET, Eva 1889-Jun-24
PHILLIPS, Norman JONES, Annie 1878-Oct-09
PHRIS, Thomas L TAYLOR, E Miss 1893-Feb-08
PIPPIN, Beal STEWART, Nancy 1888-Dec-15
PIPPIN, Henderson PARKER, Louisa 1889-Dec-04
PIPPIN, Henderson PARKER, Louisa 1889-Dec-11
PIPPIN, Isaiah BROCK, Rena 1892-Jul-18
PIPPIN, Isaiah BROCK, Rna 1892-Jul-18
PIPPIN, Major HARREN, Alice 1893-Dec-28
PIPPINS, Charles GANN, Martha A 1897-Jun-12
PITTS, Thomas H HOPPERS, Gertrude 1900-Mar-12
PITTS, W H POLLARD, Minnie 1890-Jan-06
PLAXCE, G A HARROLD, M J A Miss 1878-Jan-22
PLAXCO, J B MORROW, Leah 1898-Jul-11
POINTER, George RICHARDSON, Martha 1888-Mar-12
PONDER, W L JUMPER, A V Miss 1889-Dec-22
PONDER, W L JUMPER, D V Miss 1889-Dec-22
POPE, J M BROWN, Elizabeth 1877-Oct-01
POPE, James W BANKS, Minnie Lee 1893-Apr-20
POPE, Joseph EDMONDS, Amy 1890-May-31
POPE, Joseph EDMUNDS, Amy 1890-May-31
PORTER, Charles STEWART, Bell 1893-May-20
PORTER, Turner M JOHNSON, T M 1877-Apr-09
POSEY, C B SPENCE, Malinda 1881-Apr-01
POSEY, J C JONE, L J Miss 1880-Dec-27
POUNDS, J A MCCREARY, Sarah 1890-Dec-18
POUNDS, James WILLIAMS, L A Miss 1887-Dec-23
POUNDS, James WILLIAMS, Lemmie 1887-Dec-23
POUNDS, R C GILLEY, Amanda 1895-Dec-11
POUNDS, W M GANN, Nancy 1890-Jul-29
POVALL, W S PETTY, E T Miss 1879-Feb-03
POWELL, Berry GRIGGARD, Eliza 1895-Jan-31
POWELL, G M DAVIS, Mary 1891-Oct-27
POWELL, R BAKER, Ola 1894-Sep-17
PRATHER, John WHITAKER, Lucy 1881-Jun-08
PRATHER, L D ROGERS, Mary 1900-Jun-07
PRATHER, Rod MORGAN, Carrie 1895-Aug-19
PRATHER, T W MOORE, Martha 1899-Jul-18
PRENTICE, S D KITCHENS, Amanda 1892-Jan-26
PRESLY, J F AVARY, Rosie 1898-Mar-17
PREWITT, Ben PRICE, Clarinda 1881-Apr-14
PRICE, J S MORGAN, Angie 1898-May-18
PRICE, John ALLEN, Senie 1887-Apr-10
PRICE, John ALLEN, Senie 1887-May-10
PRICE, John CLARK, Harriet 1898-Sep-23
PRICE, John WILLIAMS, Hattie 1898-Dec-22
PRICE, R H MAY, George 1899-Jun-23
PRICE, Tom HOOPER, Callie 1895-Dec-24
PRICE, W B MCCOY, Tennie 1900-Nov-25
PRICE, W W MULLINS, Florence 1900-Jan-16
PRICHARD, B F HILL, M J Miss 1877-Dec-29
PRICHARD, D L GRISHAM, H L Miss 1888-Feb-07
PRICHARD, James YOUNG, Nancy 1892-Sep-19
PRIDDY, James BASDEN, Maud 1888-Dec-19
PRINCE, Jason HUNTSFIELD, Hannah C 1877-Mar-03
PRINCE, W JONES, Mattie 1896-Jul-21
PRINT, J F POWELL, Anna 1895-Mar-20
PRUETT, A G COOK, Addie 1888-Jun-30
PRUETT, L G STORNEUT, M L Miss 1896-Jun-20
PRUITT, A G COOK, Addie 1888-Jun-30
PUTMAN, C W WATENS, Iva 1899-Nov-20
PUTT, Hubie WEST, Lydia 1898-Dec-21
PUTT, J W ELLIOTT, Dora 1898-Feb-00
PUTT, J W MOORE, Essie 1899-Jan-31



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