Prentiss County Grooms

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NASH, L D MELTON, Martha 1880-Dec-21
NASH, Willis ELLINGTON, Walter 1878-Dec-11
NEELEY, J W BRADSHAW, F S Mrs 1887-Apr-30
NEELY, J W BRADSHAW, F S Miss 1887-Apr-30
NELSON, Adare HARRELL, Etna 1896-Dec-21
NELSON, Green SIDDLE, Rachael 1890-Nov-20
NELSON, Green SIDDLE, Rachall 1890-Nov-20
NEW, Luke HALE, Willie M 1893-Dec-21
NICHLS, J LANDERS, Cynthia 1877-Apr-04
NICHOLS, G W FREE, Elizabeth 1888-Oct-24
NICHOLS, George JONES, Mattie 1891-Sep-03
NICHOLS, George MORLAND, Josie R 1896-Jun-01
NICHOLS, J R BURNS, Ella 1895-Feb-15
NICHOLS, J R REECE, Lovie 1890-Sep-30
NICHOLS, John NICHOLS, V F Miss 1879-Nov-05
NICHOLS, M C CARNES, Paralee 1880-Apr-17
NICHOLS, W M DUNCAN, Linda 1898-Aug-17
NICHOLSON, D W CROUCH, Jennie 1898-Jun-11
NICHOLSON, R A HARRIS, Ellen 1892-Jul-11
NICHOLSON, W L CROUCH, R D Miss 1893-Jan-17
NICHOLSON, W L DENSON, T J Miss 1897-Dec-05
NIMMELY, J A SMITH, Susie 1898-Feb-05
NIX, George ORRICK, Lucy 1892-Sep-02
NIX, George ORWICK, Lucy 1892-Sep-02
NIX, L C ANDERSON, Josie 1887-Nov-28
NIX, L C HARE, Mary 1898-Dec-17
NIX, W M MITCHELL, Millie 1878-Sep-10
NIX, William BENNETT, M D Miss 1890-Jul-17
NIX, William BENNETT, Miriam 1890-Jul-17
NIXON, John WOODLEY, Hattie 1890-Nov-20
NOBLE, W H DAVIS, Susan 1878-Dec-11
NOLAND, Jim PATON, Mary 1897-Dec-07
NOLEN, Tobe RICHARDSON, Ella 1886-Dec-23
NOLEN, Tobe RICHARDSON, Ella 1886-Dec-25
NORMAN, A B CAMPBELL, Anna 1893-Mar-04
NORMAN, Coley STUBBS, Nora 1899-Apr-07
NORMAN, O C BROWN, P I Miss 1881-Jan-03
NORMAN, Willie CAMPBELL, J D F 1886-Dec-15
NORRIS, J A REES, Louisa 1900-Jan-08
NORRIS, W S CROW, Mattie 1889-Nov-19
NORTON, W W TOPP, Edwina A 1898-Dec-19
NUNLEY, W N TUCKER, Carrie 1890-Jan-18
NUNNALLY, John ROLAND, Mary 1894-Oct-10
OAKLEY, G W YOUNG, A F Miss 1880-Apr-02
OAKLEY, J E MCELROY, Mary 1878-Dec-24
ODOM, John JONES, Mary 1880-Nov-06
OGINN, Philip BROOKS, Alma 1894-Dec-11
OLIVA, J L STANFORD, Julia 1897-Nov-04
OLIVE, W R LECRAY, Sallie 1893-Nov-03
ONEAL, A C MELTON, Flora 1889-Dec-25
ONEAL, A C MILTON, Flora 1889-Dec-25
ONEAL, Ezekiel HARREL, Martha 1898-Mar-17
ONGLEHART, J A DENNIS, Dora A 1900-Dec-14
OREAR, George FIELDS, George Ann 1880-Aug-24
ORECK, B H STARKS, Effie 1899-Dec-22
ORICK, Louis BUCHANAN, Anna 1893-Jun-21
OSWALT, Jese ROSS, Tressa 1880-Jun-15
OUTLAW, J W PARISH, Eva 1895-Jul-09
OWEN, A H DAVIS, Annie 1894-Jan-31
OWEN, J R IRMAN, Arme 1894-Nov-12
OWEN, M M SHEMAULT, Maggie 1900-Apr-10
OWENS, A G JONES, Amanda 1891-Feb-14
OWENS, A J GRISSOM, Victoria 1900-Mar-22
OWENS, E M MCCREADY, Anne 1895-Apr-05
OWENS, G W KESLER, Mattie 1892-Nov-19
OWENS, Henderson PORTER, Anna 1887-Sep-24
OWENS, J M GEATES, E J Miss 1877-Feb-13
OWENS, L F HART, Sallie 1894-Aug-20
OWENS, Ligon YOUNG, Vina 1879-Jul-05
OWENS, N J CALTON, Emma 1893-Nov-10
OWENS, O M DAVIS, M E Miss 1896-Dec-26
OWENS, Rhone JOHNSON, Matilda 1881-Jun-02
OWENS, U G JONES, Amanda 1891-Feb-14
OWENS, W A ENIS, S P Miss 1881-Mar-18
OWENS, W F HICKEY, M J Miss 1877-Nov-22
OWENS, W J GRAY, L J Miss 1890-May-05
OWENS, W M O WHITEHEAD, Sarah 1893-Jun-02
OWENS, W R OSBORN, Bettie 1879-Dec-13



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