Prentiss County Grooms


LACKIE, Wm JONES, Emily 1879-May-02
LACY, W C GUY, M L Miss 1895-May-22
LALK, George PETTY, Marie 1898-Mar-03
LAMBERT, C R GINO, E J Miss 1900-Feb-03
LAMBERT, Charles CARPENTER, Amanda 1891-May-16
LAMBERT, Ab BROWN, John 1889-Aug-08
LAMBERT, F H HARP, Albry 1899-Aug-22
LAMBERT, Hugh JONES, Caldonia 1892-Dec-14
LAMBERT, J F FLANAGAN, Mollie 1891-Jan-14
LAMBERT, J T FLANAGAN, Mollie 1891-Jan-14
LAMBERT, James BEARD, Bettie 1892-Oct-20
LANCASTER, W C WOMACK, Sallie 1880-Nov-10
LANG, L P BILLS, Eva 1895-Oct-31
LANG, Louis JOHNSTON, Ella 1892-Dec-25
LANG, M A JOHNSON, Nora Lee 1896-Aug-07
LANG, Marion HOPKINS, Annie 1896-Oct-29
LANGFORD, Wm E DAVIS, Eliz 1893-Mar-16
LANGSTON, Ed THOMPSON, Florence 1900-Aug-09
LANGSTON, J P LOWRY, Nora 1895-Mar-06
LANGSTON, J W KING, A N Miss 1877-Nov-24
LATHAN, Soloman AVARY, Caroline 1897-Jan-04
LAUDERDALE, E L BRADSHEAR, Harriet L 1894-Sep-24
LAUDERDALE, E L HALE, Lydia 1879-Nov-25
LAUDERDALE, J M MCHAFFEY, Minnie 1896-Nov-28
LAUDERDALE, J N DOLEY, Caroline 1895-Jan-19
LAUGHLIN, P W M HANCOCK, D M Miss 1888-Feb-29
LEATHERWOOD, Duff PICKETT, Molly 1895-May-03
LEDBETTER, J D CARPENTER, Fannie 1890-Dec-16
LEDBETTER, J H MCNAIN, Bessie 1897-Sep-10
LEE, D K MILLER, Lucy 1894-Aug-04
LEE, Joe ARMSTRONG, Zoe 1888-Jul-21
LEE, John TYE, Sarah 1880-Jan-05
LEE, S E MURDOCK, T C Miss 1894-Nov-28
LEECH, Henry WILLIAMS, Hattie 1891-Jan-17
LEITH, J E GALLAHAN, Rosalina 1879-Dec-03
LENTON, Dock MASSEY, Lou 1879-Mar-27
LEROY, W C GRISHAM, Dollie 1896-Mar-16
LESLEY, N J WHITTAKER, Mary 1879-Apr-07
LESLEY, Squire TAYLOR, Laura 1880-Dec-29
LESLIE, David STEVENS, Narcissus 1877-Jul-16
LESLIE, John SWIMEY, Mary 1880-Apr-10
LESLIE, John M BAYSON, Neva 1898-Nov-16
LESLIE, L J WHITE, Margaret 1879-Oct-28
LESTER, Gus CLARDY, Maggie 1880-Jan-07
LESTER, Henderson MCCOY, Mattie 1887-Dec-28
LESTER, Iler HOWELL, C F 1895-Feb-18
LESTER, Isaac BARRETT, Emma 1890-Jan-04
LESTER, J N BARRETT, Dona 1889-Sep-04
LESTER, Willie MCCREAMY, Marion 1898-Feb-06
LESTER, Wm F Jr JONES, Eliza P 1877-Dec-08
LEWALLER, Will LEWIS, Ada 1897-Feb-12
LEWELLEN, F E MCGEE, Sallie 1879-Nov-17
LEWELLEN, J E ARCHER, Mary 1892-Sep-05
LEWELLEN, Jack POLK, Anna 1887-Oct-25
LEWELLEN, W T MAULDIN, Sarah 1889-Nov-27
LEWIS, J M VOYLES, Mary 1889-May-05
LEWIS, John BURRESS, Carrie 1890-Jan-20
LEWIS, W F PLARCE, S R Miss 1880-Sep-28
LINDSEY, J L WILSON, Nancy 1900-Jun-04
LINDSEY, John HUNKAPILLAR, Ora 1892-Oct-07
LINDSEY, John NELSON, Burge 1897-Jul-07
LINDSEY, Robert CUMMINGS, Lizzie 1894-Nov-21
LITTLE, J T WAGES, C E Miss 1898-Jul-08
LITTLE, Q R PLAXCO, P L Miss 1879-Dec-29
LIVINGSTON, B F LIVINGSTON, Beatrice 1896-Jan-25
LIVINGSTON, John HARDY, Sarah 1878-Jul-25
LIVINGSTON, W E GEORGE, Maggie 1900-Jan-20
LLOYD, Ben BONDS, Jane 1880-Aug-12
LOCKRIDGE, Will HOWELL, Mattie 1892-Jul-01
LOFTES, Edmund BISHOP, Julie 1877-Oct-20
LOFTIS, James JOHNSON, Jessie 1891-Aug-01
LOFTIS, Jim JOHNSON, Jessie 1891-Aug-01
LOLLAR, J F JONES, Kindness 1890-Feb-22
LONG, Gus PRINCE, Bettie 1895-May-28
LONG, Louis JOHNSTON, Ella 1892-Dec-25
LONG, T D DAVIS, Mary E 1877-Feb-20
LONG, W D BROWN, Nancy 1879-Jan-07
LONG, William HARRELL, Willie 1897-Feb-20
LORICK, J H KENDALL, May 1897-Dec-26
LORIDGE, George FLOYD, Lula 1894-Jan-15
LOURY, Saun MITCHELL, Mary 1897-Feb-02
LOVELL, B F STACY, Minnie R 1893-Mar-11
LOVELL, Columbus DICKINSON, Louisa 1892-Nov-16
LOVELL, Lou WILLIAMS, Lucy 1897-Nov-30
LOWELL, John Walker HOLLOWAY, Gamie 1896-Jul-06
LOWERY, Ed ELLIO, Carrie 1899-Oct-28
LOWERY, Norah ROPER, Nettie 1896-Jul-11
LOWRY, Grant DOCKINS, Grace 1887-Mar-14
LOWRY, Grant DOCKINS, Grace 1887-May-14
LOWRY, Henry HARRIS, Sallie 1889-Sep-13
LOWRY, Sandy SMITH, Lula 1895-Dec-24
LOYLES, J H HONDON, D E Miss 1879-Dec-18
LUCAS, Alex HAMILTON, Nancy 1894-Nov-10
LUCAS, G W WALKER, Artie M 1896-Aug-30
LUCAS, Henry MARSHALL, Tilda 1898-Apr-16
LUCAS, Thomas LEWELLEN, Elizabeth 1893-Jan-20
LUCAS, Thomas MCDOUGAL, Nancy 1887-Feb-14
LUCY, Houston BRADFORD, Irma 1896-May-23
LUSK, E A KILTONS, A A Miss 1877-Apr-19
LUSK, Rufus ALLEN, Phelia 1898-Feb-22
LUSK, William YOUNG, Rebecca 1879-Jan-14
LUTHER, R L PRICHARD, Ella 1898-Aug-09
LYFOL, James WILLIAMS, S A Miss 1890-Jan-18
LYFOL, Robert YEAGER, Alma 1889-Dec-24
LYRA, E T LOLLAR, Louella 1890-Jul-01
LYTOL, Ben TAYLOR, Lottie 1892-Oct-12
LYTOL, Benjamin TAYLOR, Lottie 1892-Oct-12
LYTOL, J W GATES, M E Miss 1892-Jul-27
LYTOL, James WILLIAMS, S A Miss 1890-Jan-18
LYTOL, R A MOORE, Alice 1891-Oct-19
LYTOL, Robert YEAGER, Alma 1889-Dec-24
LYTOL, Elizabeth MORRIS, Will 1890-Apr-12



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