Prentiss County Grooms

I - J

INGE, Henry HOLLIDAY, Sue 1881-Feb-26
INGRAM, Charlie GARRELL, Sallie 1898-May-21
INMAR, J R MUTBERRY, S A Miss 1897-Oct-05
ISABELL, A C WOODY, S F Miss 1900-Jan-02
ISBEL, George JOHNSTON, Jennie 1889-Feb-01
ISBELL, M B MASSEY, Mary 1886-Dec-22
IVEY, Major BROWN, Ann 1888-May-19
IVEY, Rufus MOOVMAN, Fannie 1896-Oct-25
IVY, Ike WALES, Racheal 1893-Dec-06
IVY, Jim PAYNE, Clarinda 1891-Jun-13
IVY, Rubin RICHARDSON, Fannie 1889-Feb-05
IVY, Rufus WALKER, Allen 1894-Oct-25
JACKSON, Andrew STEWART, Mariah 1888-Dec-26
JACKSON, C C TRIMBLE, Mary 1880-Dec-28
JACKSON, E C GILMON, Rilla 1880-Nov-04
JACKSON, G A B BARRON, Sallie 1892-Dec-14
JACKSON, J S MULLICAN, A D Miss 1877-Dec-22
JACKSON, Jim LINCH, Lizzie 1896-Apr-06
JACKSON, W A MEADOR, P Miss 1894-Nov-17
JACKSON, W H ASBELL, E J Miss 1880-Jul-17
JACKSON, W L WHITE, Eliza 1895-Aug-26
JACOBS, George BURRESS, Samantha 1889-Mar-23
JARNIGAN, Paul LEWELLEN, Eliza 1881-Aug-04
JEFFREY, Stancey WOODRUFF, W J 1899-Feb-28
JENKINS, E M LIVINGSTON, Maggie 1900-Aug-26
JENKINS, Robert WALKER, Georgia 1894-Dec-02
JENKINS, Wilson MOORE, Malinda 1879-Jul-31
JENNINGS, W H STUTTS, Mattie 1892-Dec-14
JOHNSEY, Andrew MARTIN, Sallie 1890-Dec-20
JOHNSON, A J HALL, Nancy 1886-Dec-13
JOHNSON, Alex MOSELY, Susan 1878-Jan-22
JOHNSON, Andrew MARTIN, Sallie 1890-Dec-20
JOHNSON, Arthur STUBBS, Jamie 1896-Nov-07
JOHNSON, Ben CARPENTER, Annie 1890-Apr-12
JOHNSON, Bryant GATTEN, Nina 1898-Feb-27
JOHNSON, Caddie PERKINS, P H 1889-Jul-09
JOHNSON, Cloroney MCGEE, Clarrissa 1880-Apr-23
JOHNSON, D R FREDERICK, A W Miss 1900-Feb-03
JOHNSON, D R FREDERICK, N A Miss 1896-Jan-28
JOHNSON, Dexter STUBBS, Maggie 1897-Dec-29
JOHNSON, Doc HARRIET, Gracey 1899-Mar-14
JOHNSON, Frank BOSEMAN, Rebecca 1878-Jun-15
JOHNSON, G H BARKER, Ella 1891-Aug-01
JOHNSON, J C BELEUT, Lillie 1896-Feb-29
JOHNSON, J D BARNES, Lena 1879-Apr-26
JOHNSON, J H FINCH, S E Miss 1896-Jan-14
JOHNSON, Joe BANKS, Mamie 1896-Aug-06
JOHNSON, John ALSOBROOK, Ada 1878-Dec-31
JOHNSON, Patrick SELLERS, Lucy 1877-Nov-26
JOHNSON, Tom DERRYBERRY, Delpha 1899-Jul-29
JOHNSON, Trotter MALONE, Alice 1878-Sep-21
JOHNSON, W B FREDERICK, Tiney 1900-Mar-10
JOHNSON, Wm SULLIVAN, Jane 1880-Mar-13
JOHNSTON, Andrew GARRETT, Amy 1897-Nov-01
JONES, A A SIMMONS, Emma 1891-Dec-19
JONES, A C WALKER, Effie 1895-May-16
JONES, A J HOLMES, Laura 1890-Dec-15
JONES, Anderson NANSE, Angeline 1888-Nov-25
JONES, Anthony OWENS, Ida 1899-Jun-03
JONES, Bill FERRELL, Annis 1896-Apr-10
JONES, Bud RICHIE, Allie 1898-Apr-06
JONES, David WOOD, Hester 1896-Dec-18
JONES, E M COX, Mariah 1893-Jan-23
JONES, Glen D DAVIS, W V 1900-Dec-12
JONES, Harvey CUNNINGHAM, Mary 1899-Dec-26
JONES, Issac DAVIS, Ophelia 1900-Jul-21
JONES, J A FALLS, Mollie 1891-Jul-31
JONES, J B MORAIS, Ida 1896-Dec-22
JONES, J M WHITE, Ella 1891-Apr-13
JONES, J P CRABB, Martha 1896-Jul-28
JONES, Jackson WHITE, Ella 1891-Apr-13
JONES, James BURGE, Nettie 1890-Mar-10
JONES, James HOWELL, Rosella 1879-Oct-31
JONES, John ANDERSON, Mary 1886-Nov-23
JONES, John D JONES, F D Miss 1900-May-06
JONES, John D PARKER, Fannie 1896-Jan-06
JONES, Joshua JONES, Ruth 1879-Mar-27
JONES, King CRATON, Amanda 1887-Apr-25
JONES, Luke NIX, Dorothy 1887-Dec-12
JONES, M R TUCKER, Julie A 1877-Mar-28
JONES, P T CHAMPION, Aldorado 1879-Feb-27
JONES, Riley NICHOLSON, Leona 1896-Nov-28
JONES, Thomas LEWIS, Lorena 1889-Nov-05
JONES, W J GOOCH, Mollie 1880-Dec-20
JONES, W S SHERBET, Emma 1890-Dec-27
JONES, Warren ERBY, Annie 1889-Jan-23
JONES, William HOWELL, Vina 1890-Jul-23
JONES, William WOODS, M A Miss 1891-Dec-04
JONES, Wm GOOCH, M J Miss 1880-Jul-01
JONES, Wm WOODS, M A Miss 1891-Dec-04
JORDAN, D B KIZER, Elmira 1880-Dec-15
JORDAN, Ed FOSTER, Mollie 1886-Dec-27
JORDAN, H T JONES, Annie B 1896-Dec-26
JORDON, Enoch HENLEY, N C Miss 1897-Jul-25
JORDON, F J NEWSOM, E E Miss 1877-Nov-05
JOSLIN, J W BAKER, Ida 1887-Nov-24
JOSLIN, William ROBINSON, Susie 1889-May-08
JOURDAN, W F NICHOLSON, Dora Dean 1890-Aug-25
JOURDON, W F NICHOLSON, Dora 1890-Aug-25
JUDD, Alonzo BURRESS, Mary 1888-Dec-12
JUMPER, Augustus CROCKET, Mattie 1879-Jan-14
JUMPER, George OGIVINA, M A Miss 1877-Nov-27
JUMPER, J D JUMPER, Cora 1892-Aug-20
JUMPER, John WINDHAM, M E Miss 1887-Nov-28
JUMPER, John W JUMPER, Alverda 1893-Aug-26
JUMPER, John W YATES, Mary R 1896-May-02
JUMPER, Joseph MULLINS, Vina 1880-Jan-08
JUMPER, Moses NELSON, Annie 1886-Dec-23
JUMPER, P J BEATY, Margarett 1890-Mar-18
JUMPER, S L YATES, M L Miss 1887-Feb-11
JUMPER, W A BYAS, Dollie 1879-Apr-09
JUMPER, Wesley MANIS, Paulina 1886-Dec-23
JUSTICE, Eli SULLIVAN, Lottie 1893-Dec-27
JUSTICE, George MONTGOMERY, Ada 1887-Jun-22



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