Prentiss County Grooms


GAHAGAN, George FREE, Texana 1897-Mar-11
GAHAGAN, Joseph FOSTER, C C Miss 1878-Jan-03
GAHAGAN, T H JOHNSON, L H Miss 1889-Apr-25
GAINES, J N OSBORN, V B Miss 1879-Jan-25
GAMBILL, J H JOHNSON, W H Miss 1898-Nov-29
GAMBLE, Aaron ROE, Julia 1887-Jan-08
GAMBLE, Ed MATHEWS, Emma 1891-Mar-07
GAMBRELL, Bradley HALFFEY, Nudie M 1893-Nov-18
GANDROS, S S MILLER, M E Miss 1877-Oct-25
GANN, A G SHOOCK, Dana 1894-Nov-29
GANN, Virgil BARRON, Katie 1895-Aug-06
GANNIE, John BILLINGSBY, Corrie B 1894-Jan-10
GARDEN, W H WATERS, M J Miss 1878-Jan-16
GARDNER, Charley YATES, Fannie 1895-Dec-24
GARDNER, J A ROSS, Lessie 1900-May-27
GARDNER, Jim THOMPSON, Anna 1893-Dec-13
GARDNER, R B POWELL, Ola 1898-Jul-18
GARDNER, Robert SHAMBLIN, Julia 1888-Jan-04
GARDNER, S P HESTER, Victoria 1898-Dec-29
GARNER, A L LESTER, Tellie 1895-Dec-24
GARNER, Alfred JUMPER, Lizzie 1898-Feb-14
GARNER, L H PRATT, Florence 1896-Dec-16
GARNER, N L GARDNER, Lilly 1890-Aug-13
GARNER, T F GOODYER, Harriet 1878-Feb-12
GARNER, W C RUTHERFORD, M E Miss 1892-Feb-01
GARRETT, J W WILCOX, M M Miss 1888-Jan-04
GARRETT, John KING, Nancy 1887-Dec-07
GARRETT, Sammie ROPER, Mary 1894-Jul-14
GARRETT, W H BARNES, Eliza 1888-May-19
GARRISON, Joel MOORE, Mary 1879-Aug-30
GARY, D D MCCRAW, Manda 1879-Nov-29
GASKIN, J A CALDWELL, S E Miss 1893-Mar-07
GASKIN, Joseph GASKIN, Mary 1879-Oct-18
GATLINE, J B GREEN, Mary Frances 1894-Sep-22
GENO, John COLE, Hattie 1896-Dec-30
GENO, William WINOHAM, Mollie 1895-Jan-14
GENTRY, B L BOGGS, Ermin 1891-Jul-11
GENTRY, D A CRABBS, N C Miss 1877-Nov-24
GENTRY, J L FELLS, Ardena 1895-Jul-20
GENTRY, Lini GREEN, June 1895-Jan-21
GENTRY, Ella RISNER, J L 1898-Dec-03
GENTRY, Francis Elizabeth CHURCH, Josphe Newton 1896-Nov-04
GENTRY, Melissa HORN, T M 1880-Jun-18
GENTRY, R A CARPENTER, Mary 1878-Mar-04
GHRAM, Samuel FORD, Martha E 1894-Sep-21
GIBSON, J W HAMMONDS, Minnie 1895-Feb-19
GIBSON, R C ALEXANDER, Tempie 1889-Sep-10
GIFFORD, R E DOTY, Emma 1896-Oct-14
GILBERT, E G STEVENS, H E Miss 1879-Jan-01
GILBERT, T O BRATCHER, Ida 1895-Oct-29
GILBERT, W E GILLEY, Annie 1890-Dec-03
GILCHRIST, Robert BARRETT, Paralee 1878-Dec-25
GILLEN, J N HOLLOWAY, Amanda 1896-Jun-28
GILLENWATERS, George PARCHMAN, Cassie 1879-Aug-02
GILLEY, A A FRANKS, Mary 1898-Nov-23
GILLEY, Ben HALLWART, Callie 1900-Aug-12
GILLEY, C B LAUDERDALE, Lottie 1899-Jan-16
GILLEY, John MOORLAND, Isabel 1893-Oct-25
GILLEY, T A WRIGHT, Carrie 1899-Jul-01
GILLEY, W L WREN, Martha 1891-Oct-19
GILMER, Adolphus HARWELL, Carolina 1880-Sep-22
GILMER, Jack SWIMEY, Mary 1880-Jul-01
GILMER, Marcus MOSELEY, M E I N Miss 1879-Feb-17
GILMON, Dolph MOSELEY, Sallie 1878-Feb-07
GILMORE, A C BETTS, Ora 1900-Sep-02
GILMORE, John CROCKETT, Tennie 1891-Oct-15
GILMORE, John JOHNSON, Millie 1887-Jun-22
GILMORE, Si WADE, Ellen 1893-Dec-25
GLASCO, Isaac BARRETT, Mollie 1890-Oct-26
GLASGO, Morior LYONS, Ellen 1879-Jan-14
GLOVER, A L WEST, Anna 1898-Jan-16
GLOVER, B F BOREN, L P Miss 1894-Sep-15
GLOVER, J C MATHEWS, Lucinda 1880-Jan-10
GLOVER, James DAVIS, Mary 1892-Jul-14
GLOVER, James DAVIS, Mary Ann 1892-Jul-14
GLOVER, Joseph BOWEN, Lydia 1898-Oct-02
GLOVER, Oscar BURNIS, Malvida 1898-Jan-23
GOBER, J M ENGLISH, M A Miss 1880-Oct-27
GODDARD, Charles SEARCY, Carrie 1896-Dec-04
GOOCH, J D WILBURN, M M Miss 1880-Jul-03
GOOCH, Willie HILL, D J 1893-Oct-07
GOODIN, Starley BUTLER, Lou Bell 1900-Oct-07
GOODWIN, Samuel GRAY, M L Miss 1891-Dec-08
GOODWIN, T L HOWELL, Sallie 1896-Dec-04
GOOGE, J H KIZER, Minnie 1890-Apr-01
GORGORY, Jonus LEWALLACE, Josephine 1893-Mar-17
GORN, J W HANKINS, Mollie 1893-Sep-26
GOSLIN, Wm ROBINSON, Susie 1889-May-08
GOST, Harvey SANDERS, Mabel 1900-Aug-13
GRAHAM, D E HARRALSON, Sudie 1898-Nov-10
GRAHAM, Isaac WALLIS, Jennie 1891-Aug-17
GRAMMAR, Henry HOLLY, Amanda 1880-Aug-11
GRAY, E D JOHNSON, Sallie 1895-Nov-02
GRAY, G W PRESLEY, Jamie 1896-Dec-17
GRAY, J W STOKES, Dora 1888-Dec-20
GRAY, Joseph STOKES, Dora 1888-Dec-20
GREEN, A B SMITH, Dora 1888-Nov-20
GREEN, A T RAGAN, Kittie 1890-Oct-06
GREEN, Aaron SMITH, Dora 1888-Nov-20
GREEN, Dan H BAKER, Susie 1900-Jul-08
GREEN, G W ARMSTRONG, Alice 1878-Aug-21
GREEN, Gilbert SMITH, Ella 1880-Apr-16
GREEN, J C MOORE, Della 1900-Dec-21
GREEN, J H JUMPER, A E Miss 1888-Jan-10
GREEN, J H JUMPER, M E Miss 1888-Jan-10
GREEN, J K P BULLARD, Sarah 1888-Aug-17
GREEN, J T WILSON, Louella 1894-Sep-01
GREEN, John W MICHEALS, Florence 1898-Mar-19
GREEN, R E DALTON, Fannie 1898-Jan-16
GREEN, W L MUCKLEROY, M L Miss 1881-Jul-16
GREEN, Wm COTHRAN, Lydia 1881-May-10
GREENWOOD, T G BERTHEY, Cordelia 1891-Dec-10
GREER, Robert SUTHERLAND, Jessie 1890-Sep-20
GREGG, P W DAVIS, Tabitha 1889-Mar-10
GRESHAM, James MOORE, Eliza 1879-Dec-10
GRESHAM, James WALLIE, Ollie 1898-Dec-21
GRICE, George DUNLAP, Amanda 1890-Jan-07
GRICE, Munford STUBBS, Hattie 1899-Oct-11
GRICE, Willis BURRIS, Annie 1897-Dec-26
GRIFFIN, J M HAMILTON, Nancy 1896-Aug-21
GRIFFIN, James KEMP, Fannie 1890-Jan-25
GRIGG, J A JOHNSON, Laura 1888-Feb-06
GRIGG, John JONES, Docia 1887-Jul-08
GRIGG, Marcus HENSON, Bamie 1891-Feb-14
GRIGG, Marcus HENSON, Barnie 1891-Feb-14
GRISCHOL, Wm BALDWYN, Susan 1881-Apr-07
GRISHAM, Charles R RUTHERFORD, Emma 1894-Oct-31
GRISHAM, J H HIGNITE, Ada 1892-Jan-19
GRISHAM, John MCGEE, Mary 1887-Nov-22
GRISHAM, W H MUSE, Lizzie 1888-Dec-24
GRISSOM, George GOODGER, Martha 1896-May-20
GRISSOM, L M D PARKER, E A Miss 1880-Jan-08
GRIZZARD, Aaron SARGENT, Ella 1895-Dec-24
GRIZZARD, Wm WELLS, Cynthia 1889-Jan-26
GULLET, W N PRATHER, Edna 1894-Oct-06
GULLETT, G A MORRIS, S R Miss 1879-Jan-15
GULLETT, G A PRATHERS, B R Miss 1877-Apr-27
GWERS, G W DAY, M J Miss 1878-Jan-19



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