Prentiss County Grooms


FAIRLESS, S Fletcher HUBBARD, Fannie 1891-Jun-18
FALLS, C T SMITH, Irma De May 1897-Oct-11
FARIS, Joseph MORELAND, Elizabeth 1887-Dec-14
FARIS, Josh COOK, Lou 1877-Aug-10
FARLEY, Andrew HONEYCUTT, Nancy 1900-Oct-09
FARMER, G R WALLACE, Bertha 1895-Dec-16
FAULESS, S Fletcher HUBBARD, Fannie 1891-Jun-18
FAYR, Andrews MOORES, Fannie C 1894-Dec-11
FEARS, Joshua AGNEW, Caroline 1877-Oct-11
FERGUSON, Willoughby ALLEN, Belle 1890-Nov-18
FICE, Wm Daniel MASSEY, Lena 1896-Feb-19
FIELDS, Tennis JOHNSON, Georgia 1897-Jan-23
FILES, I C HARRIS, Emma 1887-Nov-28
FILES, J C HARRIS, Emma 1887-Nov-28
FILES, J M GRASHAM, Pearl 1900-Dec-20
FINCH, Felix DENSON, Emma 1893-Jan-26
FINLEY, H Y MOORE, Edna 1900-Sep-24
FINLEY, Henry WELLS, Ludie 1888-Jan-18
FINLEY, Nelson SIMMONS, Henrietta 1890-Aug-20
FLAKE, Arthur NELSON, Lena 1895-Jun-14
FLANAGAN, H F ROBINSON, Matilda 1879-Sep-22
FLANNIGAN, G F MCCOY, Cynthia 1893-Feb-24
FLOYD, Charles BARRETT, Fannie 1889-Apr-09
FLOYD, Charly CHISHOLM, Viella 1897-Aug-26
FLOYD, Ed PEYTON, Hattie 1897-Sep-10
FLOYD, H C CROWDER, S A Miss 1900-Jan-04
FLOYD, J C MOORE, R E Miss 1877-Mar-15
FLOYD, J P STURDIVANT, Martha 1890-Aug-30
FLOYD, J W THORN, R D Miss 1894-Nov-20
FLOYD, R A MOORE, M J Miss 1877-Dec-20
FLOYD, R P MCCOOL, Dora 1889-Dec-25
FLOYD, Thomas FLOYD, Annie 1891-Aug-22
FLOYD, W D ALLEN, R A Miss 1890-Jan-30
FOLDS, Tedro WILLIAMS, Sallie 1891-Mar-07
FONDREN, J C STEVENS, Fannie 1895-Dec-14
FOOD, Ed AGNEUR, Lula 1898-Dec-24
FORD, A R GREEN, M E Miss 1878-Dec-19
FORD, J J WALLIS, H E Miss 1877-Sep-14
FORD, John PALMER, Mary 1887-Jan-06
FOOT, Jo ROBINSON, Lizzie 1895-Feb-12
FORD, T J MILLICAN, Mary 1900-Dec-12
FORD, W Z MOORE, Mary 1877-Sep-13
FORTNER, J R COBB, Mattie 1881-Jun-10
FOSTER, Felix MILLER, Letitia 1879-Jan-01
FOSTER, H C PITTS, Jennie 1887-Mar-19
FOSTER, Henry PITTS, Jennie 1887-Mar-19
FOSTER, Wm WHITTAKER, Francis 1880-Feb-26
FRANKS, Greenbery THORNTON, Biddy 1878-Dec-20
FRANKS, Mark PHILLIPS, Emma 1881-Jul-25
FRASER, J L SIMMONS, Lucy 1888-Aug-02
FRASER, William BUTLER, Florence 1897-Mar-09
FRAUR, Wm G DAVIS, Marcellus 1893-Jan-28
FRAZIER, J A ADAIR, Harriet 1879-Oct-31
FRAZIER, T N RINEHART, Della 1896-Feb-25
FREDERICK, W H ALLEN, S A Miss 1897-Oct-20
FREE, Bird CAVER, Idella 1890-Sep-05
FREE, Frank HAMILTON, L L Miss 1894-Dec-20
FREE, J T HARE, Mattie Loana 1897-Mar-27
FREEMAN, S M MANAHAN, Emma 1878-May-02
FRYAR, Ed ERVIN, Vina 1887-Mar-16
FUGITT, J H HOLLOWAY, Fannie 1887-Oct-04
FUGITT, J W FINCH, Lucy 1887-Sep-13
FUGITT, J W FUGITT, E F Miss 1895-Apr-05
FUGITT, S N JOHNSON, Emma 1894-Oct-13
FUGITT, Wm BOGGS, Mary 1889-Apr-30
FUGITT, Wm COGGS, Mary 1889-Apr-30
FURMAN, John CAMPBELL, Margaret 1879-Feb-13
FURTICK, F M HOLMES, Mollie 1895-Jul-04
FURTICK, W A FURTICK, Belle 1897-Jun-02
FURTICK, W C CHEVES, Alice 1888-Dec-05



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