Prentiss County Grooms


ADAIR, E H JENNINGS, M E Miss 1888-Jan-03
ADAMS, Rufus COLLIER, Fannie 1889-Sep-14
ADAMS, William CRABB, Paralee 1889-Apr-08
AGNEW, Anthony NELSON, Vester 1889-Oct-10
AGNEW, Ben HAMILTON, Ida 1889-Nov-23
AGNEW, Clifford IRBY, Lige 1895-Jun-11
AGNEW, Duck SULLIVAN, Iley 1900-Nov-10
AGNEW, John PHILLIPS, Mary 1896-Dec-30
AGNEW, Nim MCGEE, Louisa 1880-Dec-20
AGNEW, Nim STUBBS, Queen 1888-Apr-12
AGNEW, Nim STUBBS, Queenie 1888-Apr-12
AGNEW, Samuel LITTLEBEE, Martha 1899-Aug-05
AGNEW, Saur ERBRY, Angeline 1896-Nov-17
AGNEW, Walter HARRELL, Nancy 1900-Sep-01
AGNEW, Wm YOUNG, Sarah 1895-Sep-10
AKER, W P SMITH, Emma 1896-Nov-17
AKERS, Samuel STACY, Minerva 1890-Feb-18
ALDRIDGE, Joseph BALDWIN, Mollie 1891-Jan-03
ALEXANDER, J H CLAMPET, A B Miss 1889-Feb-21
ALEXANDER, K E MITCHELL, Martha 1900-Oct-24
ALEXANDER, Kellis FUGETT, Florence 1895-Dec-24
ALEXANDER, Wesley TOPP, Gus Mrs 1887-Apr-18
ALLEN, C H GAINES, Belle 1879-Dec-16
ALLEN, Calvin ADAMS, Mary 1878-Feb-02
ALLEN, J H B RATLIFF, M B Miss 1886-Nov-16
ALLEN, J L NIX, Atha 1890-Nov-13
ALLEN, J T NIX, Atha 1890-Nov-13
ALLEN, James RATLIFF, M B Miss 1886-Nov-16
ALLEN, Joseph DANIEL, Ella 1889-Feb-02
ALLEN, M L SMITH, Janie 1893-Feb-21
ALLEN, Peter KNOX, Mary 1877-Dec-21
ALLEN, T DUKE, Cinda 1889-Mar-04
ALLIBAG, M DICKEY, S E Miss 1878-Dec-16
ALMON, C D GREEN, Mattie Lou 1894-Dec-26
ALMON, D C MILLER, L Annie 1888-Dec-25
ALRED, A N NEAL, Alto 1898-Sep-22
ANDERSON, A W BILLINGSLY, Fannie 1895-Jul-20
ANDERSON, Jack CAMPBELL, Tennessee 1880-Aug-05
ANDERSON, L H WILLIAMS, Jennie 1895-Sep-27
ANDERSON, Ned BOYONSON, Martha 1897-Oct-27
ANDERSON, R C DUNCAN, Nannie 1888-Aug-22
ANDERSON, R E DUNCAN, Nannie 1888-Aug-22
ANDERSON, W W MORGAN, Minnie 1900-Mar-12
ARCHDALE, Lee HARDIN, Ofillea 1898-Mar-06
ARCHER, J G ALEXANDER, Fannie 1888-May-09
ARMSTRONG, Gordon SMITH, Nettie 1897-Aug-25
ARMSTRONG, Henry ADAMS, Annie 1896-May-16
ARMSTRONG, M L MILLER, A A Miss 1893-Jul-08
ARMSTRONG, Robert WILSON, Mary 1891-May-07
ARMSTRONG, W Y HARBER, Cynthia 1892-Dec-06
ARMSTRONG, Walter MULLINS, Alice 1899-Dec-23
ARMSTRONG, Wilber JONES, Lannie 1898-Aug-24
ARNETT, D W DUBOIS, A G Miss 1897-Dec-05
ARNETT, W C HILL, M C Miss 1892-Jun-11
ARNOLD, J M LEDBETTER, M A Miss 1894-Oct-30
ARNOLD, Jimmy Lee PEELER, Lizzie 1895-Dec-27
ARNOLD, Thomas HOPGOOD, L C Miss 1879-Dec-31
ARNOLD, W T J PITTS, Ella 1889-Dec-05
ARNOLDS, L L ROBERTS, M L Miss 1897-Dec-30
ARRONS, Willie BALDWIN, James 1896-Aug-30
ARTIS, Walter CARTER, M D Miss 1895-Apr-30
ASBELL, J B MULLINS, Ella 1898-Mar-26
ASHLEY, J W DONALDSON, Kate J 1893-Oct-24
ASHMORE, B W OUTLAW, Mattie 1895-Dec-02
ATKINS, Robert POSEY, E L Miss 1895-Apr-29
AURNELISON, A D KENNEDAY, Milley 1891-Aug-26
AUSTIN, W J BURT, M E Miss 1879-Dec-23
AYERS, W A CLAUNCH, Bell 1900-Nov-04
AZBELL, J B PHILPOT, Minnie 1892-Nov-08



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