Prentiss County Brides


YARBROUGH, Annie MILTON, J B 1899-Dec-08
YARBROUGH, Bulah MORAN, J D 1893-Jan-03
YARBROUGH, Dona BEEDING, Wm A 1893-Jul-11
YARBROUGH, Lou TAYLOR, D W 1881-Mar-08
YATES, Bettie MCDONALD, L F 1880-Dec-20
YATES, Cora BRITTON, James 1888-Oct-20
YATES, Fannie GARDNER, Charley 1895-Dec-24
YATES, Georgia BARNETT, Henry 1878-Dec-11
YATES, Laura BETTS, Jim 1894-Oct-30
YATES, Laura HELENSTEIN, Mat 1899-Jun-06
YATES, Lydia A EATORE, C C 1893-Aug-29
YATES, M B Miss PETTIH, T T 1893-Dec-19
YATES, M L Miss JUMPER, S L 1887-Feb-11
YATES, Mary R JUMPER, John W 1896-May-02
YATES, Rosa CARTWRIGHT, M C 1895-Sep-29
YATES, Zilpha PEELER, Rufus 1889-Dec-18
YEAGER, Alma LYFOL, Robert 1889-Dec-24
YEAGER, Alma LYTOL, Robert 1889-Dec-24
YEATES, Susan CULBERSON, Silas 1881-Apr-29
YEUS, S A Miss EATON, John 1893-Sep-22
YOUNG, A F Miss OAKLEY, G W 1880-Apr-02
YOUNG, Annie BEACHAM, W J 1891-Jun-22
YOUNG, Belle HODGES, King 1880-Mar-04
YOUNG, Betsy TARPLEY, Calvin 1899-Mar-29
YOUNG, Cynthia MAJORS, S F 1880-Apr-07
YOUNG, J R A Miss ROGERS, J M 1879-Aug-20
YOUNG, Jennie HOLMES, Henry 1887-Apr-17
YOUNG, Jennie HOLMES, Henry 1887-May-17
YOUNG, Kate MOORE, Mathew 1892-Feb-06
YOUNG, Lizzie BALDON, Wm 1896-Jul-28
YOUNG, Lucy RICHARDSON, K E L 1892-Aug-24
YOUNG, Mary MORRIS, Jack 1879-Feb-07
YOUNG, Minnie MORRIS, James 1886-Nov-16
YOUNG, Nancy PRICHARD, James 1892-Sep-19
YOUNG, Nancy SLOAN, William 1895-Dec-22
YOUNG, Rebecca LUSK, William 1879-Jan-14
YOUNG, S E Miss DAVENPORT, W H 1880-Dec-22
YOUNG, S V Miss CHILDERS, John 1888-Jan-31
YOUNG, Sallie CLEVELAND, J B 1900-Jun-03
YOUNG, Sarah AGNEW, Wm 1895-Sep-10
YOUNG, Vashti BURRESS, J M 1900-Dec-19
YOUNG, Vina OWENS, Ligon 1879-Jul-05
YOUNGBLOOD, Anna BUCHANAN, Samuel 1880-Oct-25
YOUNGBLOOD, Naoma PARR, A T 1892-Jun-20



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