Prentiss County Brides


TABOR, Belle HARRIS, Pate 1879-Oct-16
TABOR, Sarah PERSONS, Jacob 1878-Jan-27
TARP, Ada WILEMAN, W B 1892-Jan-07
TAYLOR, Amanda MCCOMBUS, A C 1900-Jan-27
TAYLOR, E Miss PHRIS, Thomas L 1893-Feb-08
TAYLOR, E V Miss SPAIN, R C 1893-Dec-21
TAYLOR, Fannie HOLLY, S V 1896-Mar-03
TAYLOR, Isabella CARPENTER, Columbus 1891-Feb-18
TAYLOR, Kelly SIMMONS, Clara 1879-Oct-30
TAYLOR, Laura LESLEY, Squire 1880-Dec-29
TAYLOR, Lottie LYTOL, Benjamin 1892-Oct-12
TAYLOR, M M Miss RENEHART, S S 1900-Feb-21
TAYLOR, Nora DARWIN, R D 1898-Sep-29
TAYLOR, Nora ELLIS, W N 1900-Aug-26
TAYLOR, Ollie WELLS, John 1892-Dec-27
TAYLOR, R E Miss COX, R C 1889-Dec-18
TAYS, Ada WILEMAN, W B 1892-Jan-07
TENNESON, F A Miss SOUTH, J H 1900-Jan-02
TENNISON, Josie HELLIUN, Henry 1897-Oct-30
TENNISON, Josie HELLUNES, Henry 1897-Oct-30
TENNISON, M A Miss HELMS, H J 1891-Sep-10
TENNISON, M C Miss SANDERS, W M 1891-Sep-10
TENNISON, N A Miss HELMS, Henry 1891-Sep-10
THOMAS, Cordelia CARNEY, S F 1879-Mar-01
THOMAS, Eunice PETTET, W B 1897-Aug-11
THOMAS, Francis KEEMUN, James 1881-Apr-05
THOMAS, L B Miss MCCOAL, G H M 1896-Jan-15
THOMAS, Mittie MITCHNER, W C 1888-Aug-17
THOMAS, Nancy HEATHCOCK, Wm 1879-May-31
THOMAS, Nancy KEEMUN, John 1881-Feb-23
THOMAS, P C V Miss PITTMAN, E C 1894-Apr-11
THOMPSON, Anna GARDNER, Jim 1893-Dec-13
THOMPSON, Ellen BOREN, Elbert 1891-Dec-08
THOMPSON, Emma WINDHAM, Albert 1896-Jul-18
THOMPSON, Florence LANGSTON, Ed 1900-Aug-09
THOMPSON, H H Miss SMITH, S R 1877-Sep-18
THOMPSON, I P Miss WALDEN, J A 1878-Dec-17
THOMPSON, Kattie PEARCE, S J 1897-Feb-01
THOMPSON, Lottie MANUS, Sam 1878-May-10
THOMPSON, Lula DILLARD, W B 1897-Feb-09
THOMPSON, N C Miss COOK, T B 1896-Oct-14
THOMPSON, Perla SANDERS, Jonathan 1891-Aug-27
THOMPSON, Rena SANDERS, Jonathan 1891-Aug-27
THORN, R D Miss FLOYD, J W 1894-Nov-20
THORN, Rebecca WILEY, James 1892-Feb-20
THORNTON, Biddy FRANKS, Greenbery 1878-Dec-20
THORNTON, Eugenia SCALES, Martin 1886-Nov-25
THORNTON, Jennie MCGAUGHER, Thomas 1898-Jan-21
THORNTON, Marietta SCROGGINS, John 1896-Nov-09
THREADGILL, Rebecca MOORE, George 1898-Jan-26
TICE, A J Miss HISAW, J B 1895-Oct-12
TIDWELL, Lucinda RANDOLPH, A N 1878-Dec-09
TIMBER, Marrelda WOODRUFF, J M 1896-Dec-23
TIMBES, M C Miss RIDDLE, R V 1889-Jan-29
TIPTON, Laura BROWN, N J 1899-Aug-18
TISON, Celia SORRELL, L A 1880-Mar-22
TISON, Mollie SMITH, J M 1880-Dec-27
TOMKINS, Annie DAVIS, Frank 1898-Dec-22
TOPP, Edwina A NORTON, W W 1898-Dec-19
TOPP, Gus Mrs ALEXANDER, Wesley 1887-Apr-18
TOPP, Mattie CALDRUFF, A W 1899-Jan-30
TRAUTHAM, M E Miss MICHEAL, P H 1893-Sep-20
TRENTHAM, Sophia TALLMAN, J S 1895-May-13
TRIMBLE, Mary JACKSON, C C 1880-Dec-28
TRIMMIER, Minnie TWEEDY, Wm 1889-Nov-29
TRIMMIER, Sallie YARBROUGH, A A 1889-Jul-05
TRUMBER, Mary RUSHING, J M 1880-Dec-30
TUCKER, Carrie NUNLEY, W N 1890-Jan-18
TUCKER, Julie A JONES, M R 1877-Mar-28
TUCKER, M E Miss YATES, James 1891-Dec-22
TUMBLE, F M Miss STORMANT, B M 1900-Dec-27
TURKETT, Ann HOLLEY, R D 1896-Jan-06
TURKETT, E M Miss CROW, W P 1880-Jun-30
TURNER, F E Miss SYKES, R T 1880-Oct-19
TURNER, Laura SEWELL, J R 1895-Aug-16
TURNER, Mary TRINNIER, C T 1893-Sep-27
TYE, Sarah LEE, John 1880-Jan-05
TYLER, Mollie CHAMLIN, Richard 1894-Dec-24
TYRA, V L Miss PATTON, W P 1891-Feb-04



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