Prentiss County Brides


RAGAN, Kittie GREEN, A T 1890-Oct-06
RAGAN, L C Miss WARREN, A D 1894-Jan-27
RAMER, Hattie RAY, C S 1898-Feb-26
RAMSEY, Eppie TUCKER, J O 1895-Dec-18
RANDALL, Ella CHRISTIAN, Alfred 1899-Dec-23
RANDALL, Julia WILLIAMS, John 1899-Dec-26
RANDOLPH, Ella STEWART, G H 1896-May-06
RANDOLPH, Georgia CRABB, J H 1894-Nov-04
RANDOLPH, M L Miss STENNETT, W T 1897-Feb-03
RANDOLPH, Paty CLAYTON, J H 1888-Dec-11
RAOFAND, Mary COLLUM, W A 1900-Mar-10
RATLIFF, M B Miss ALLEN, James 1886-Nov-16
RAYNOR, Willie WALKER, George 1889-Dec-28
REDDEN, N E Miss HALLMARK, John W 1887-Nov-03
REECE, Lovie NICHOLS, J R 1890-Sep-30
REED, M M Miss MANNING, A L 1880-Sep-16
REES, Louisa NORRIS, J A 1900-Jan-08
REESE, Eliza RANKIN, Jesse 1880-Oct-23
REESE, Lou Jane KEESE, Frank 1900-Oct-07
REESE, Malissa YOUNG, B F 1880-Nov-03
RESNER, L A Miss RANDOLPH, J B 1879-Dec-12
REYNOLDS, Matilda SMITH, Thomas 1878-Oct-25
RHINEHART, Lena SMITH, Jeff D 1899-Nov-14
RHODES, Sarah ROGERS, J A 1889-Jul-29
RICH, Nan THOMPSON, W B 1891-Jul-11
RICHARDS, Annie BEDFORD, J L 1896-Aug-19
RICHARDSON, Della CLARK, Robert 1887-Oct-12
RICHARDSON, Ella NOLEN, Tobe 1886-Dec-23
RICHARDSON, Ella NOLEN, Tobe 1886-Dec-25
RICHARDSON, Fannie IVY, Rubin 1889-Feb-05
RICHARDSON, Martha PAINTER, George 1888-Mar-12
RICHARDSON, Martha POINTER, George 1888-Mar-12
RICHEY, Mary BROWN, Nathan 1880-Dec-22
RICHIE, Allie CLARK, W A 1899-Jan-04
RICHIE, Allie JONES, Bud 1898-Apr-06
RICHIE, Courtney MANUEL, Bamim 1898-Aug-22
RICHIE, Rosa YATES, H A 1898-Oct-03
RICKARD, M B Miss HARRIS, J L 1898-Aug-25
RICKETTS, Ann SANDERS, G T 1888-Sep-25
RIDDLE, Bettie BURNS, J Sut 1887-Jan-05
RIDDLE, Mattie RAMSEY, J H 1891-Mar-11
RIDDLES, Minerva SMITH, R B 1897-Jun-05
RIDER, Alice WHITE, William 1888-Jan-16
RIEGG, Emma WILLIAMS, Warren K 1898-Nov-02
RIKARD, Lucy SMITH, H J 1898-Sep-20
RINEHART, Della FRAZIER, T N 1896-Feb-25
RINEHART, Dora HODGES, W P 1896-Feb-25
ROACH, Jane WINNETT, W H 1880-Sep-09
ROBERTS, M L Miss ARNOLDS, L L 1897-Dec-30
ROBERTS, Sallie KEETON, Emmet 1891-Jan-17
ROBERTSON, Sylvia SARGEANT, Aaron 1881-Feb-04
ROBINSON, A R Miss MOORE, James 1880-May-29
ROBINSON, Effie BETTS, Martin 1896-Jul-01
ROBINSON, Emma MILLER, Thomas 1895-Mar-06
ROBINSON, Etta TIMBERS, D E 1897-Dec-22
ROBINSON, Fannie CARTER, W T 1881-Jan-25
ROBINSON, Jane CHESSER, S G R 1894-Aug-29
ROBINSON, Lennier SMITH, A T 1893-Aug-23
ROBINSON, Lizzie FOOT, Jo 1895-Feb-12
ROBINSON, Lorkie BAKER, Woody 1896-Aug-29
ROBINSON, Matilda FLANAGAN, H F 1879-Sep-22
ROBINSON, Mollie HARRIS, Wash 1877-Nov-24
ROBINSON, Ora BAUGHSEN, John 1897-May-15
ROBINSON, Susie GOSLIN, Wm 1889-May-08
ROBINSON, Susie JOSLIN, William 1889-May-08
ROBINSON, Willie WALDEN, Wm 1889-Jan-21
ROBLERS, Emma KEISLER, F 1881-Apr-21
RODDY, Laura ECKFORD, Richard 1893-Dec-13
ROE, Fannie DYSON, Isaac 1878-Jun-01
ROE, Julia GAMBLE, Aaron 1887-Jan-08
ROGERS, Angie MATHEWS, W R 1892-Jul-25
ROGERS, Anna CUNNINGHAM, C H 1895-Jul-30
ROGERS, Anne MAYO, G P 1897-Dec-16
ROGERS, Dora E RHAMA, W W 1894-Dec-14
ROGERS, L A Miss WALKER, J M 1878-Mar-26
ROGERS, Laura VOYLES, A L 1887-Jul-15
ROGERS, Lora ROGERS, E T 1887-May-28
ROGERS, Luna CURLEE, J R 1887-Dec-28
ROGERS, Mary CHASE, Jeff 1893-Jan-03
ROGERS, Mary PRATHER, L D 1900-Jun-07
ROGERS, Nancy CALVERY, T H 1878-Jul-09
ROGERS, Pauline CUMMINS, C M 1887-Oct-31
ROGERS, Pearl LYTOL, Zona 1892-Jan-22
ROGERS, Pearl LYTOL, Zora 1892-Jan-22
ROGERS, Sallie HARRIS, W O 1880-Mar-16
ROGERS, Sarah BREEDLOVE, Robert 1890-Aug-23
ROGERS, Vianna ENGLEHARDT, J A 1889-Oct-19
ROLAND, Mary NUNNALLY, John 1894-Oct-10
RONE, Bertha TAYLOR, Henry 1899-Mar-22
ROP, Roskie ROBINSON, Joe 1897-Dec-22
ROPER, Marion SANDERS, Billie 1897-Dec-14
ROPER, Mary GARRETT, Sammie 1894-Jul-14
ROPER, Nettie LOWERY, Norah 1896-Jul-11
ROSEY, J J Miss ROBERTSON, C H 1879-Nov-20
ROSS, Amer WASHBURN, J T 1891-Oct-16
ROSS, Georgia SCOTT, E F 1879-Oct-25
ROSS, Jane WARREN, John 1899-Jul-26
ROSS, Jennie SURRETT, Neal 1892-Sep-04
ROSS, Lessie GARDNER, J A 1900-May-27
ROSS, Lula HUMPHREY, J F 1881-Jan-31
ROSS, Tressa OSWALT, Jese 1880-Jun-15
ROUSE, Sarah ENGLAND, Thomas 1891-Jun-27
ROWAN, Cornelia WALKER, R S 1888-Dec-25
ROWAN, Lottie MCVAY, B R 1887-Mar-25
ROWAN, Lottie WALKER, Henry 1878-Sep-17
ROWAN, Malinda EVANS, Reuben 1881-Feb-24
ROWAN, Mariah MAGBY, Dan 1878-May-11
ROWAN, Nannie BROOKS, W R 1899-May-22
ROWLEY, Nellie CUMMINGS, C M 1893-Sep-07
RUCAS, Minnie TRICE, Romeo 1899-Nov-21
RUDOLPH, Elizabeth BALDWYN, Wm 1877-Dec-17
RUSHING, A E Miss TIMBER, C F 1887-Feb-05
RUSHING, A E Miss TIMBER, C F 1887-Mar-05
RUSHING, C E Miss TENNISON, J C 1897-Oct-28
RUSHING, Ellen PARKER, W A 1886-Nov-20
RUSHING, L A Miss TIMBER, C F 1888-Oct-31
RUSHING, Mattie WALDRUP, W P 1888-Nov-15
RUSHING, Ollie TENNISON, John 1899-Dec-20
RUSHINGS, Mollie TAYLOR, W L 1900-Nov-01
RUTHERFORD, Emma GRISHAM, Charles R 1894-Oct-31
RUTHERFORD, Georgia RAGAN, W K 1890-Dec-06
RUTHERFORD, M E Miss GARNER, W C 1892-Feb-01
RUTLEDGE, E C Miss WREN, William 1888-Dec-18
RUTLEDGE, Ella SPENCER, Robert 1898-Nov-12
RYAN, Belle CLEMENT, J M 1890-Oct-04
RYAN, Della HUDDLESTON, J H 1892-Jan-21



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