Prentiss County Brides

P - Q

PACE, Adeline CUMMINGS, John 1878-Dec-30
PAGE, H L Miss BARNES, C B 1898-May-14
PAHAGAN, R A Miss ABBEY, Amanda 1894-Oct-02
PALMER, Annie PANNELL, Wm 1888-Aug-19
PALMER, Corrie MCGEE, B E 1895-Apr-15
PALMER, Lula CHAMBER, George M 1893-Sep-04
PALMER, Maggie RANDOLPH, S J 1900-Jan-08
PALMER, Mary FORD, John 1887-Jan-06
PALMORE, W L Miss HOLT, Ephraim 1881-Mar-30
PANNEL, Catherine BETTS, C L 1886-Dec-08
PANNEL, Catherine BITTS, C L 1886-Dec-08
PANNELL, C L Miss BUTLER, O E 1880-Sep-17
PANNELL, Donie YOUNGBLOOD, Harvey 1891-Aug-08
PANNELL, Julia BROWN, James 1880-May-10
PANNELL, Mattie MCQUILLIAMS, J H 1878-Mar-04
PANNELL, Omie YOUNGBLOOD, Harvy 1891-Aug-08
PARCHMAN, Cassie GILLENWATERS, George 1879-Aug-02
PARDEN, Eliza DENSON, James 1892-Aug-13
PARDEN, Fatimena MARTIN, W A 1879-Nov-29
PARDUE, Emma TURKETT, H T 1891-Feb-16
PARISH, Eva OUTLAW, J W 1895-Jul-09
PARISH, Ida RATLIFF, John A 1895-Jan-15
PARK, Amanda TIGERT, W L 1889-Oct-28
PARK, E T Miss HATSFIELD, M H 1877-May-19
PARK, Letha MORGAN, C M 1895-Dec-24
PARK, Pearl MANGUM, W N 1897-Jul-29
PARK, Sallie BARTLETT, R W 1900-Jan-27
PARKER, E A Miss GRISSOM, L M D 1880-Jan-08
PARKER, Emma HUFFMAN, W F 1887-Aug-10
PARKER, Fannie JONES, John D 1896-Jan-06
PARKER, Julia TRIMBLE, J H 1891-Dec-09
PARKER, Louisa PIPPIN, Henderson 1889-Dec-04
PARKER, Louisa PIPPIN, Henderson 1889-Dec-11
PARKER, Mary TYNES, Henry 1899-Dec-10
PARKER, Sophia HILL, Thomas 1877-Sep-03
PARKER, Susie BATES, J H 1900-Jul-28
PARKS, A T Miss CLARK, A D 1889-Jul-09
PARKS, America ROBERTS, Alix E 1897-Nov-30
PARKS, Mary BARNS, D H 1897-Mar-23
PARMER, Brunette BISHOP, Allen 1893-Dec-13
PARTAIN, Minnie CHAMPION, W O 1894-Nov-26
PATE, Ellen SIMMONS, Eldridge 1877-Oct-31
PATE, Julia SHURBUT, John 1880-Sep-07
PATEN, C A Miss CRABB, James 1897-Jun-22
PATON, Mary NOLAND, Jim 1897-Dec-07
PATRICK, B F Miss PEELER, J J 1877-Dec-19
PATRICK, Eliza MUSE, M P 1889-Jan-01
PATRICK, Mollie DELK, E V 1880-Dec-21
PATTERSON, Harriet KITCHENS, F M 1897-Aug-21
PAYNE, Clarinda IVY, Jim 1891-Jun-13
PAYNE, Mattie RIDDLE, G J 1893-Jan-17
PEARCE, Amanda HOLLEY, Wm 1878-Sep-04
PEARCE, C E Miss DUKE, G W 1892-Sep-10
PEARCE, Caroline CONWAY, Dock 1881-Jan-03
PEARCE, Jennie SWINNEY, D N 1892-Dec-14
PEARCE, Leah HARWELL, Robert 1879-Sep-24
PEARCE, M C J Miss DENSON, C S 1880-Jul-24
PEARCE, Maggie SWINNEY, G A 1892-Dec-14
PEARCE, Pearl STENNET, V A 1896-Aug-25
PEARCE, Sarah COLLUM, W T 1889-Nov-30
PEARSON, Lizzie COX, E A 1881-Jul-19
PECKS, Cora MILLER, W O 1900-Jan-06
PEELER, Lizzie ARNOLD, Jimmy Lee 1895-Dec-27
PEELER, Mary TAYLOR, Lee 1881-Jul-18
PENNA, Mary CHAFIN, B H 1900-Sep-16
PENNY, Elizabeth YOUNGBLOOD, John 1879-Oct-06
PENSON, Alice SHACKLEFORD, W A 1895-Dec-13
PERKINS, Etner PARHAM, Peter 1889-Aug-10
PERKINS, Fannie BROWN, N S 1897-Jan-26
PERKINS, Laura WALKER, Thomas 1880-Mar-25
PERRIGO, Luella ROWDY, James 1896-Dec-17
PERRY, Ozella RANKIN, Wm 1888-Dec-15
PERRY, Tennie KIZER, J S 1892-Feb-18
PERSONS, Beella YATES, Walter 1886-Dec-19
PERSONS, Nancy YATES, David 1893-Jan-07
PERSONS, Sarah WILLIS, Ambrose 1887-Dec-29
PETIL, Margaritt MILLER, J H 1892-Aug-20
PETIT, Amanda J ENGLISH, J W 1893-Dec-15
PETIT, Margarett MILLER, J H 1892-Aug-20
PETTS, Hattie HARE, J 1897-Oct-17
PETTY, E T Miss POVALL, W S 1879-Feb-03
PETTY, Marie LALK, George 1898-Mar-03
PETTY, Minnie WILLIAMS, John 1887-Dec-26
PEYTON, Hattie FLOYD, Ed 1897-Sep-10
PHELPS, Levory VUNCANNON, William 1898-Feb-08
PHILLIPS, Bella MOSS, Simmons 1896-Sep-21
PHILLIPS, Emma FRANKS, Mark 1881-Jul-25
PHILLIPS, Mary AGNEW, John 1896-Dec-30
PHILLIPS, Mattie WILCOX, G R 1879-Dec-27
PHILPOT, Minnie AZBELL, J B 1892-Nov-08
PICKENS, M D Miss CARTER, R C 1880-Jan-05
PICKETT, Molly LEATHERWOOD, Duff 1895-May-03
PIERCE, Connie BIGHAM, J C 1898-Jan-16
PILGRIM, Marinda CHURCH, James 1890-Dec-05
PINKERFORD, Lula STUBBS, Andrew 1900-Dec-30
PINSON, Mattie BLAUCHORD, J S 1897-Oct-30
PIPPIN, Nancy MCGARDIN, 1894-Feb-17
PIRCO, Ella HUGGINS, Nathan 1886-Dec-13
PIRES, Ella HUGGINS, Nathan 1886-Dec-13
PITNER, M C Miss DIGGS, E S 1888-Nov-28
PITNER, M C Mrs DIGGS, E S 1888-Nov-28
PITTMAN, E C THOMAS, P C V Miss 1894-Apr-11
PITTS, C N Miss WALDEN, W F 1889-Oct-30
PITTS, Cora SMITH, A W 1900-Jan-27
PITTS, Ella ARNOLD, W T J 1889-Dec-05
PITTS, Emma HILL, E L 1879-Nov-14
PITTS, Jennie FOSTER, H C 1887-Mar-19
PITTS, Jennie FOSTER, Henry 1887-Mar-19
PLARCE, S R Miss LEWIS, W F 1880-Sep-28
PLAXCO, Fannie HAMEN, W C 1878-Oct-05
PLAXCO, Nannie EVERETT, Ezra 1888-Aug-20
PLAXCO, P L Miss LITTLE, Q R 1879-Dec-29
POLK, Anna LEWELLEN, Jack 1887-Oct-25
POLK, Fannie BOND, C W 1897-Jul-10
POLLAND, Nancy TAYLOR, M L 1894-Jan-19
POLLARD, Minnie PITTS, W H 1890-Jan-06
PORALL, Rosa ELLIS, Powhatan 1880-Mar-10
PORTER, Anna OWENS, Henderson 1887-Sep-24
PORTER, Fannie PEPPER, Mose 1895-Dec-21
POSEY, E L Miss ATKINS, Robert 1895-Apr-29
POUNDS, Samantha SANDERS, Alexander 1878-Sep-04
POVALL, Pearl HUFFMAN, Walker 1900-Nov-28
POWELL, Anna PRINT, J F 1895-Mar-20
POWELL, Mary VIMS, George 1891-Sep-12
POWELL, Mary VINES, George 1891-Sep-12
POWELL, Mollie BEASLY, Robert 1897-Oct-23
POWELL, Ola GARDNER, R B 1898-Jul-18
POWERS, Esie JOHNSON, Kesiah 1879-Dec-18
POYNTER, Ida BETTS, A W 1888-Jul-31
POYNTER, Ida BETTS, R W 1888-Jul-31
PRATHER, Bettie CANNEHAN, J W 1894-Jul-17
PRATHER, Edna GULLET, W N 1894-Oct-06
PRATHER, Fannie HUDUX, Jess 1898-Oct-06
PRATHER, Mary H WALLACE, F L 1898-Jan-04
PRATHERS, B R Miss GULLETT, G A 1877-Apr-27
PRATT, Florence GARNER, L H 1896-Dec-16
PRESLEY, Jamie GRAY, G W 1896-Dec-17
PREWITT, Daisy WALKER, Riley 1887-Dec-28
PRICE, Alice KENNEDAY, J D 1889-Dec-09
PRICE, Amy WARREN, James 1891-Dec-31
PRICE, Ava SPAIN, J S 1888-Nov-13
PRICE, Clarinda PREWITT, Ben 1881-Apr-14
PRICE, M C Miss SMITH, V L M 1878-Jan-02
PRICE, Mary E MAHAFFEY, Edward 1895-Mar-13
PRICE, Neely WASHBURN, R L 1895-Nov-22
PRICE, Sharon U/STEVENS, J F 1897-Dec-07
PRICHARD, Ella LUTHER, R L 1898-Aug-09
PRIDDY, Beulah WARREN, N B 1898-Dec-09
PRINCE, Bettie BRAGG, W J 1895-Dec-21
PRINCE, Bettie LONG, Gus 1895-May-28
PRINCE, L G Miss WHITE, S W 1897-Feb-01
PRUE, Ava SPAIN, J S 1888-Nov-13
PUCKETT, Texana BAREFOOT, R R 1877-Nov-21
PUTNAM, Amanda HAMILTON, W S 1880-Oct-04
PUTT, Cassandra BROOKS, C O 1898-Jan-31
QUEEN, A A Miss STANLEY, D H 1880-Feb-11



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